AC Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: The Best Protector

The nine rookies became Shi Xiaobai’s final line of defense.

Feng Yuanlin looked at Pulp Farmer and company as he exclaimed, “I never expected that the bunch of you would stay behind.”

With the black-robed youth returning after his resurrection, he had eliminated more than a dozen people in a few seconds. Furthermore, he had killed one of the rookies. At this moment, staying behind to protect Shi Xiaobai was risking elimination or their lives. Ordinary relations were not enough to keep people persisting to take such a huge risk.

However, Pulp Farmer and a few rookies who did not have intimate relationships with Shi Xiaobai had chosen to stay behind. It was quite an inexplicable thing.

Pulp Farmer raised his spear and said with a deep voice, “The reason why I stayed behind is not to protect Shi Xiaobai. I was sent retreating by the bloody figure just now. If I were to leave now, wouldn’t that be tantamount to fleeing? My pride does not allow me to do this. Furthermore, I don’t believe that this person can be so much stronger than me, considering we are all at the Psionic Mortal Realm!”

An Mo gave a gentle smile and said, “Agreed.”

Zhou Chuchu smacked her lips, “Agreed.”

Liu Yu shook his whisk and said, “Agreed. Furthermore, the slaying of demons is the duty of This Penniless Priest.”

The other three rookies no one knew did not break the combo as they immediately responded with “agreed”.

Feng Yuanlin nodded in satisfaction and said, “Very well, everyone’s reasons are excellent. Then let’s stick to the end. Remember, our goal is to stall for time. There’s no need to fight to the death. Everyone can use any dirty means appropriately, as long as we can stall for time!”

Zhou Chuchu rolled her eyes and said, “Hey, Feng Yuanlin, why did a joke like you suddenly become our leader?”

Feng Yuanlin shrugged and said, “Because I’m handsome.”


Zhou Chuchu said repulsively, “It seems you haven’t looked into a mirror since you were born. I say, Feng Yuanlin, aren’t you the most afraid of dying? I even see your legs trembling. So why would you even stay behind?”

Feng Yuanlin stared widely at her and said, “Shi Xiaobai is my daddy… Oops, slip of the tongue. Shi Xiaobai is the boss I have acknowledged. I, Feng Yuanlin, am a man of indomitable spirit, so how can I do such disloyal things as running?”

Zhou Chuchu stared back, prepared to taunt him again. Just as the two jokers were chatting about, the black-robed youth, who had waited for around ten seconds, finally made a move again!

Feng Yuanlin immediately widened his eyes as he shouted, “Fuck, here he comes, kill him!”

Pulp Farmer was the bravest. He led the charge towards the black-robed youth. He thrust his spear in an awe-inspiring manner, as though he was a courageous general!

The other seven rookies fanned out after him. Standing at different spots, they began launching their attacks on the black-robed youth.

Mu Yuesheng, who was standing afar, did not charge to do battle. She had to stand by Shi Xiaobai’s side to be wary against anyone from launching a sneak attack by staying behind.

Pulp Farmer’s spear stabbed into the crimson barrier in front of the black-robed youth, but it felt like he was stabbing into mud. His force was completely dispersed and he could not even pull out his spear.

When the black-robed youth brandished his blood-colored sickle, a sanguinary storm immediately surged forward. Pulp Farmer’s expression drastically changed as he retracted his spear and quickly retreated. However, the sanguinary storm’s motions seemed instantaneous as it clung on to him.

Pulp Farmer hurriedly conjured his psionic barrier to defend against the sanguinary storm. His strength was much stronger than the rookies in the first row, so he was not taken down by the sanguinary storm. However, the redness seemed to pollute his psionic barrier, turning it red.

Pulp Farmer did not dare to make any unnecessary motions, nor did he dare to remove the psionic barrier. He could only stand in his original spot while entering a stalemate with the sanguinary storm.

The black-robed youth ignored Pulp Farmer because the attacks of the others had arrived.

A melodious tune of a flute, a vigorous whip, a slamming shield, a mysterious paper charm… All sorts of attacks struck the black-robed youth simultaneously!

However, all the attacks that hit the blood-colored barrier sunk into it, like rocks falling into a lake. Even An Mo’s flute tune turned silent at the moment it struck the blood-colored barrier.

“Holy shit, what is this thing? Isn’t such a defensive barrier too exaggerated?”

“It’s not that his defensive barrier is exaggerated, it’s that his defense far exceeds my offensive power.”

“Why can this happen? Isn’t he at the Psionic Mortal Realm? How can there be such a huge gap within the Psionic Mortal Realm? There are so many of us attacking together, yet we can’t even crack his defense?”

Everyone exclaimed.

The black-robed youth’s blood-colored sickle was brandished once again. Sanguinary storms began surging towards the remaining seven, like red locusts. These storms were very fast and appeared to have tracking abilities.

The seven immediately ran, but not one of them escaped unscathed. They were hit by the sanguinary storm one after another and had to conjure their psionic barriers to enter a stalemate with the sanguinary storm.

Pulp Farmer, Feng Yuanlin, Liu Yu, An Mo, and Zhou Chuchu were after all forecast to be the top ten rookies. They were able to withstand the sanguinary storms for a moment, but the other three unfamiliar rookies were not as lucky. They lasted for a second before being eliminated.

In less than ten seconds, only Mu Yuesheng was left as Shi Xiaobai’s last line of defense!

The black-robed youth’s strength was terrifying!

The black-robed youth did not continue using the sanguinary storms as an attack towards the quintet. To him, these bugs would not last much longer. He could not trample the bugs to death, so he could not be bothered to do anything to these bugs that could no longer do a thing.

The black-robed youth turned his head towards Shi Xiaobai. His scarlet eyes were filled with killing intent. This hateful person was his target.

Mu Yuesheng silently walked in front of Shi Xiaobai. Icy-blue electric bolts began jumping around. She was the last person defending Shi Xiaobai. Her ‘Lightning Flashstep’ was unable to carry anything beyond 10kg during her movement. It was also unlikely the black-robed youth would turn his aggro on her.

Therefore, she could only face him in face-to-face battle.

Every second counted!

But with her strength, how many additional seconds could she buy?

In the woods, a petite vermilion haired girl with a blond youth were running. Their speed was not very fast, and their expressions looked like they were short of breath. They were completely exhausted, but they were still gritting their teeth while running full speed ahead.

To Mozzie, the past ten or more minutes of running were at full speed. Her body had reached its limits, but with Sunless and Shi Xiaobai consecutively becoming ‘fugitives’, she had to grit her teeth and constantly surpass the limits of her physique. She forced herself to accelerate time and time again.

Kevin was in a better situation, but it was not optimistic either. He was running ahead of Mozzie by a short distance. This was because he knew the importance of a pacer in front of someone during a marathon. However, with Mozzie becoming faster and faster, he had to accelerate as well. Maintaining such a speed for more than ten minutes was a difficult trial for Kevin, who was the only one who failed to complete the hundred laps during the mini-collective training. At this moment, he was panting, and wavering about his tipping point.

The location they were in was too far away from where the crowd was gathered. They had to cross nearly the entire mountain range. The rookies who were in their vicinity chose not to run there because they knew they would not make it in time.

However, the Gaia trio had to rush there. Midway, Mu Yuesheng woke up from her breakthrough coma. Moving ahead of them, she used Lightning Flashstep to reach the battle scene at an exaggerated speed. As for the two of them, they could only follow behind while gritting their teeth running.

They were far too late for Sunless’ Life and Death Assault.

But immediately following that, the fugitive of the next Life and Death Assault was Shi Xiaobai. Furthermore, from the ten seconds of imagery shown in their heads, Shi Xiaobai looked extremely weak, to the point of having fallen unconscious.

This made Mozzie and Kevin run even more desperately.

They did not know if they could arrive in time.

They did not know if their strength could do anything even if they could make it in time.

Maybe, the effort they were putting in at this moment was in vain.

However, they continued doing so without any hesitation. They ran away with full determination!

This was because back when Shi Xiaobai guided them and lured the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign away, he did so without any hesitation or doubt!

Even if they could do something extremely trivial, or even if their strength could restrain the person who wanted to harm Shi Xiaobai for a second, they had to rush there. They were resolute in their run there!

And at this moment, they had finally arrived close to Shi Xiaobai’s location!

Suddenly, the duo that were running full speed ahead simultaneously heard a voice filled with hate:

“Go to hell, Shi Xiaobai. I’ll definitely tear you apart!”

The quiet mountain woods accentuated the voice. Mozzie and Kevin came to a halt in shock. Turning their heads, they looked towards the direction where the voice came from.

They saw half of a head and half of a gun’s barrel propping out of the shade of tree dozens of meters to their side.

An unfamiliar rookie hiding in a tree?

The firearm he was holding looked like a sniper rifle?

Did that person just say, “go to hell, Shi Xiaobai”?

These three thoughts immediately flashed in the duo’s minds. In addition to the kilometer distance away from Shi Xiaobai, they immediately came to an appalling conclusion.

This unfamiliar rookie was hiding in the tree in preparation to snipe Shi Xiaobai!

Mozzie immediately turned anxious, but she did not act rashly. The rookie in the tree appeared extremely focused and had failed to notice their arrival. Mozzie knew that they could not make any sound, or it might sound off an alarm and scare him away.

Mozzie looked at Kevin, but did not say a word but mouthed the words, “What… do… we… do?”

Kevin considered for a moment and immediately thought of a solution. He gestured an ‘ok’ to Mozzie, indicating for her not to move. He then started looking around him and searching for something.

Soon, Kevin’s eyes lit up slightly. Tiptoeing to the side, he tried to suppress any sound he made.

Kevin picked up a gigantic boulder.

Mozzie’s eyes lit up and she gave Kevin a big thumbs up.

Kevin gave a delighted smile. He looked around for a spot which would not be blocked by trees. Aiming at the head that was exposed from the tree’s shade, he augmented his body with the [Price of Might] before throwing the boulder.

The boulder shot out like an artillery shell, but it was as fast as a bullet!

This move was a long-ranged ‘offensive skill’ self-created by Kevin when he faced the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign and Titan Ape because he did not dare to go close!

You don’t say, this move might seem to be just a throwing of a boulder, but with the augmentation of the Price of Might, the power was not to be underestimated. It even gave Kevin a baffling illusion that this was the most suited fighting technique for a genius like him.

At this moment, Sen Senyuan was completely engrossed in looking for the opportunity to shoot. His finger was lodged to the trigger, so he did not discover the appearance of the duo dozens of meters away to his side.

Sen Senyuan was feeling very excited because his opportunity was here. Pulp Farmer and company had been defeated, with only Mu Yuesheng left. However, in order to end it in one shot, he could not take the risk. Sen Senyuan decided to patiently wait for the moment Mu Yuesheng charged to do battle with the black-robed youth.

He had waited for so long, so it did not matter even if he waited for a few more seconds.

“Although you are definitely doomed, I have to be the one who kills you with my own hands, Shi Xiaobai!”

Sen Senyuan gritted his teeth and lodged his finger tightly on the trigger. He was waiting for that second of revenge!

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew at him. Sen Senyuan sensed danger as he turned his head in alarm. However, the boulder was already at hand. There was no time for him to even react.

Sen Senyuan was completely astounded.


A loud bang was heard as Sen Senyuan’s head was directly hit by the boulder!

Sen Senyuan’s head went dizzy. He was about to faint the next moment, but the indignation in his heart fueled him. He made his last move!

He pulled the trigger!

“Go to hell! Shi Xiaobai!”

Sen Senyuan’s eyes rolled over as he fell down from the tree. However, his avenging bullet had already shot out!

However, having been hit by a boulder, his body had wavered slightly, causing the gun’s barrel to shake as well.

As such, the direction of the bullet…

In the next moment, a bullet flew past Shi Xiaobai and Mu Yuesheng’s bodies. With a strange trajectory, it hit the black-robed youth!


Author’s Note: I realize when the plot lacks Shi Xiaobai being active, I’m scolded as writing filler. I think I’ll stop messing around and finish this arc as soon as possible with all my primordial powers.


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