AC Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: The avenger that waited for the opportunity

By saying those words, the shifty rookie was clearly trying to sow discord. At worst, he wanted to break the situation of no one being able to approach Shi Xiaobai. He believed his timing was not bad, hoping that other rookies that were in ‘hiding’ would echo him.

However, not only did the scene not become chaotic, it ended up becoming silent. Everyone was giving him strange looks.

It was most frightening when everything suddenly turned quiet.

The shifty rookie’s heart skipped a beat as he felt a sense of ominous foreboding. He chuckled, “What are all of you looking at me for?”

Feng Yuanlin rolled his eyes and said, “Do you treat us as fools, or are you trying to tell us that you are a complete fool?”

The shifty rookie immediately broke out into cold sweat as he forcefully found his composure, “Did I say something wrong? We don’t even know her identity, so why must we trust her?”

Pulp Farmer said, “I don’t know her name, but I know she’s a Gaia rookie. She comes from the same organization as Shi Xiaobai.”

The shifty rookie’s face turned paler as he insisted, “It’s not necessarily that they are close even if they come from the same organization, right?”

Feng Yuanlin said with a sneer, “If their relationship isn’t close, then why would Shi Xiaobai pull out a pair of shoes from her chest?”

Everyone immediately had an odd look. Pulling out a pair of shoes from the chest was indeed too much of a wonder. To be able to do such a thing, describing their relationship as intimate might be lacking.

The shifty rookie trembled in his heart. In his haste, he had forgotten about the matter. But having everything said and done, he could only remain stubborn and refuse to admit his error. “The saying goes that the birds in one grove are husband and wife, but they each fly away during danger. If a marital couple can betray each other, I just think that we cannot trust her fully. What if she destroyed the epaulette during a critical moment? Everyone should be treated equally. No one should be able to come within ten meters of Shi Xiaobai!”

Feng Yuanlin coldly said, “If no one is allowed to come within ten meters, the chances of you being able to destroy the epaulette amid chaos would be higher, right?”

The shifty rookie’s face changed drastically as he angrily said, “Don’t you slander me!”


Pulp Farmer thundered angrily as he said, “Look at her hand. Even I am touched by her friendship towards Shi Xiaobai. Are you fucking blind or is your heart made of dog shit?”

The shifty rookie took a step back from Pulp Farmer’s thundering. His face turned liver-colored as he was at a loss for words.

Feng Yuanlin rolled his eyes and looked towards the crowd. He said, “This person is an idiot. None of you have any other opinions, right?”

Everyone shook their heads blankly.

Feng Yuanlin coldly said, “Since he acted as an idiot, we will look at him as an idiot. How do you think we should handle him?”

Immediately, people began suggesting.

“Beat the hell out of him then kick him out?”

“Eliminate him straight away. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. If this kind of idiot can continue jumping here like that, I’ll definitely not be able to sleep at night.”

“I suggest giving him a happy corner!”

“I think we should let him know why the flowers are so red.”

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to educate a fool. Let me bring him to the woods to have an intimate encounter with the trees!”


Upon hearing these malicious words and the sinister gazes from the crowd, the shifty rookie finally realized. I’m doomed, I played myself to death!

He thought it was a brilliant maneuver that he could carry the situation well, but unexpectedly, this wave of maneuvers was the maneuver of an idiot.

No one could doubt Mu Yuesheng at this moment. No one had the qualifications!

His series of doubts had not only failed to stir any emotions. Instead, it exposed himself in a retarded manner. The ‘hidden companions’ he had had cleverly betrayed him!

Although the shifty rookie did not suffer the physical pain, his Life Epaulette was destroyed by someone beside him. He was eliminated in indignation.

Everyone jokingly cursed the person’s idiotic idea, but their moods became heavy.

The person that had shot the crossbow arrow and the idiot who tried to sow discord but ended up exposing himself proved one thing—amid the hundred rookies gathered here to ‘protect Shi Xiaobai’, there were despicable people who had impure thoughts and were scheming to shatter Shi Xiaobai’s epaulette.

There were definitely more than one of these despicable people, but as for how many there were, it was likely a very heavy figure.

At this very moment, only one idiot had been revealed. However, it was unknown how many people were waiting in hiding with sketchy thoughts, waiting for the opportunity. The wretch that used a crossbow to launch a sneak attack had yet to be found!

It was also unknown when the bloody figure that had escaped would fully revive. At that moment, the people would have to resist the bloody figure’s assault, and they would have to be wary of someone sneaking in an attack during the chaos. It was truly trouble both internally and externally, making it extremely difficult!

And the most important problem was that other than Mu Yuesheng, the rookies present were unqualified to approach closer than ten meters from Shi Xiaobai. This placed the arduous task of defending Shi Xiaobai on this girl.

Mu Yuesheng’s nerves were tight. She was in complete concentration. Her eyes were filled with firm resolve, making others pain their hearts for her.

Feng Yuanlin chuckled and comforted the crowd, “Actually, we should look on the bright side of things. Maybe ten minutes would pass before the bloody figure fully revives?”

Just as Feng Yuanlin’s words faded away, there was a commotion in the fringe of the crowd. Someone screamed, “It’s here! The bloody figure is back!”

The blood figure that returned could no longer be called a blood figure. This was because his skin had completely rejuvenated. A black robe covered him once again. He looked just like when he first appeared.

However, his face was still as ugly as before. People could not help but lament. Man, since you have revived yourself, can’t you do some alterations to your look?

Feng Yuanlin was figuratively smacked in the face nearly instantly, so angrily, he cursed at the black-robed youth, “It’s not your fault to look ugly, but it’s your fault for coming here to scare the shit out of us!”

The black-robed youth ignored him. His eyes were scarlet. His gaze penetrated the crowd and landed straight on Shi Xiaobai.

“Shi Xiaobai, kill!”

The hoarse voice seemed to howl from an abyss.

“Kill your sister. You only know about killing all day!”

Feng Yuanlin stood with the crowd and with a wave of his hand, he loudly said, “Brothers, charge! Destroy him!”

The outermost rookies did not charge ahead with the winds of his command. Instead, they shivered back in fear. Immediately, the crowd was suddenly squeezed together.

The black-robed youth was holding a blood-colored sickle. Standing outside the crowd, it seemed as though he was considering how to deal with the crowd present. It was as though a bloody butcher was considering how to deal with a herd of sheep.

The outermost rookies could clearly smell the rich smell of blood and could deeply sense the terrifying aura of the black-robed youth that seemed to come from the deepest abyss. It struck fear to their very souls.

“Don’t retreat. Why are all of you retreating?”

The rookies behind created a din in puzzlement. The crowd slowly squeezed together into a huddled bunch. The person closest to the interior was about to be squeezed into the ten-meter forbidden zone.

And at this moment, the black-robed youth finally moved. His legs lifted off the ground and like an arrow, he charged at the rookies. Lifting the blood-colored sickle high, he was like the Grim Reaper here to harvest souls.

“Come on, we have so many people, there’s no reason to be afraid of him!”

The expressions of the rookies along the periphery changed drastically when they saw the black-robed youth rush at them. Without any room for retreat, they could only bite the bullet and clash head on!

The black-robed youth brandished his sickle as a sanguinary storm stirred, hitting the rookies standing in the first row!

“Ah, ah, ah…”

Loud screams followed one after another. The rookies that were struck by the sanguinary storm had their psionic barriers instantly shattered. As though they were being soaked in boiling water, their bare skin began producing ulcers. Immediately they felt excruciating pain as they screamed aloud!

At the same time, the epaulettes on their shoulders quickly melted away. They transformed into beams of golden light before being transported out of the trial.

The black-robed youth did not kill anyone. This was because his master had ordered him to kill at most twenty people. He had failed to curb himself, killing nine people on the first level. Removing the few that had to be killed on the list, the number of people he could kill as he wished was already few in number.

Shi Xiaobai was considered one. The rest of those present lacked the qualifications!

Thankfully in this level, the epaulette could be used to represent their lives. Destroying their epaulettes was equivalent of clearing these irritating bugs!

The black-robed youth continued advancing.

The second row of rookies had already gathered their powers and were ready. When the first row of rookies was instantly eliminated, they were extremely frightened, but felt furious at the same time.

The second row of rookies attacked in anger!

However, when their attacks landed on the flickering red barrier around the black-robed youth, it was as if they were swallowed by lava. Instantly, the blows vanished.

The black-robed youth waved his sickle once again, producing a sanguinary storm. The second row of rookies did not dare to use their psionic barriers to resist like the first row of rookies. They scattered and fled.

A rookie tripped and was struck by the sanguinary storm with his mouth open. With a shrill scream, he spewed out hot blood from his mouth. Even his innards were nearly spat out. Before his epaulette melted, he was already dead. He died terribly.

The death of this rookie made the black-robed youth let out a frustrated roar. This was also the final blow to the other rookies.

“We are not his match at all. Run!”


“People in front, run faster. I don’t want to be eliminated. I don’t want to die!”

To most of the rookies present, protecting Shi Xiaobai was an impulsive move due to the emotional stirring of the people around them. They did not have the strong obligation to risk their lives and futures.

They could curb themselves from taking advantage of Shi Xiaobai’s perilous state and could waste ten minutes to support a campaign of ‘protecting Shi Xiaobai’, but they would not participate in an escapade that threatened their lives!

The rookies pushed and shoved as they escaped. A few rookies that had been long in hiding finally could not endure it. Taking advantage of the chaotic situation, they wanted to sneakily destroy Shi Xiaobai’s epaulette.

However, regardless of how chaotic the situation was, Mu Yuesheng, who maintained her calm and vigilance, did not give them any chance. Mu Yuesheng showed them no mercy by eliminating all of these rookies that had taken the risk!

The black-robed youth did not chase after them. He waited for the bugs to leave by themselves. Since he could not brutally trample these cockroaches, he no longer had the desire to even look at these cockroaches.

In a few moments, more than a hundred rookies had dispersed, leaving a few people behind.

Mu Yuesheng obviously did not leave.

None of the five that were forecast to be in the top ten left. They were Pulp Farmer, Feng Yuanlin, Zhou Chuchu, Liu Yu, and An Mo.

At this moment, three other unfamiliar rookies stayed behind.

These nine people became the last line of defense for Shi Xiaobai!

A kilometer away from Shi Xiaobai, in the shade of a large tree, Sen Senyuan hid within. He only revealed half a head and a muzzle.

His right arm had been ripped off from the middle, leaving him only with his left hand. As such, his combat ability had been greatly reduced.

He no longer appeared mightily in front of everyone while treating them in contempt.

A fall into the pit, a gain in his wit. He now knew the pertinence of being sinister.

Therefore, he hid a kilometer away in preparation to snipe.

He had waited six minutes for this shot!

However, he was very patient. He was accumulating his hatred, intending to vent it completely at the moment of his revenge!

He wanted vengeance. Of course, it would not be as simple as destroying the epaulette. He wanted this shot to blast Shi Xiaobai into meat pulp!

Sen Senyuan was engrossed in the commotion that was happening a kilometer away. His eyes grew brighter and he started to look more and more eager!

The black-robed youth’s appearance was the opportunity he had been waiting for!

As long as Pulp Farmer, Feng Yuanlin and the top ten rookies ranked in the forecast ran away or  fought the black-robed youth, there would be only Mu Yuesheng alone near to Shi Xiaobai to defend against his bullet!

It was absolutely impossible for a person to defend against the terrifying bullet he would use at an enormous cost!

In a few more seconds, he could use the explosion and the piles of ground meat on the ground to celebrate the success of his revenge!

“Go to hell, Shi Xiaobai!”

Sen Senyuan could not help but growl, “Shi Xiaobai, I’ll definitely tear you apart!”

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