AC Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: What about my hand?

The emanated scent of blood caused anyone who smelled it feel disgusted. A bloody figure that had just coagulated together appeared within the encirclement of the crowd.

Although the bloody figure’s face was fuzzy, making it impossible to distinguish his face, the crimson-colored sickle in its hand had left a deep impression on everyone present. The black-robed youth that suddenly appeared not long ago had entered a forbidden zone. The scene of it almost killing Sunless surfaced in the minds of the crowd.

“No good, quickly stop it!”

Someone screamed.

Others had already begun taking action.

The bloody figure was less than ten meters away from Shi Xiaobai. If it were to suddenly attack, who could prevent it?

At this moment, the bloody figure was coagulating its blood at a visible rate, as though it was going to be completely ‘revived’!

Mu Yuesheng was constantly on alert, so she was the first to react. A thick icy-blue lightning bolt shot out from her feet as it snaked through the ground to attack the bloody figure.

Pulp Farmer was similarly not slow to react. His spear thrust towards the bloody figure as though it was a dragon’s strike that flashed a cold beam!


With the pincer attack threatening the bloody figure, it raised its head and roared, producing a crimson barrier which shielded it. However, the crimson barrier began to produce ripples as though it was struggling to defend its conjurer.

“It’s very weak!”

“Its strength has yet to fully recover!”

“Come on, kill it!”

Everyone finally responded and raised their weapons as they began bombarding the bloody figure with various attacks!

“Boom! Boom! Boom…”

The crimson shield constantly flickered and trembled before it finally shattered. However, the bloody figure’s body had finished coagulating into a solid being of blood. A layer of fresh skin was halfway done with wrapping the solid blood.

“Hurry, it’s about to revive soon!”

“My God, what the hell is this thing? It’s disgusting!”

“I’m having goosebumps all over. Quickly destroy it!”

The bloody figure’s appearance looked as though it had half of its skin ripped off. The block of blood had turned into thick flesh. It was nauseating.

Mu Yuesheng frowned slightly as she shot out an electro-cannon beam that was much thicker than usual.

Pulp Farmer had a cold expression as he thrust a Tyrant Spear, producing a large and domineering spear phantom image.

Feng Yuanlin kept shouting as a silver shield appeared in his hand. He did not have any long-ranged attacks and could not come too close to the bloody figure. He began throwing the silver shield in his hand as a projectile weapon!

Liu Yu waved his whisk and a vague gas, that resembled an immortal’s aura, floated out. He roared, “Monster, die!” Suddenly, he took out a paper charm and threw it at the bloody figure!

An Mo blew his flute. As the music permeated the region, everyone felt their spirits lifted, but when the bloody figure heard it, it suddenly became more violent.

Zhou Chuchu frowned and, with an expression as though she wanted to puke, she flailed her whip angrily as a surging force struck the bloody figure.

The innermost circle of rookies spared no mercy for the bloody figure that was about to fully revive. The black-robed youth was too strong and strange. Everyone did not dare imagine what it would do after it revived, so they were naturally using all their strength to prevent it from reviving.


Incessant explosions filled the area as dust flew up, resulting in poor visibility. Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “The bloody figure has disappeared!”

Indeed, in the dusty air, the bloody figure’s fuzzy outline had suddenly disappeared from the barrage of attacks of the crowd!

Could it have been blasted into a pool of blood?

But looking at the ground, there were only drops of blood. Where was the pool of blood?

“It’s dead? Has it been completely destroyed by us?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they thought of this possibility. They immediately felt overjoyed. Who knew that the bloody figure was so weak before it revived!

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “No, it’s still not dead! Look there!”

Everyone traced the direction in which the person pointed. Far in the distance, there was a bright red patch on the ground like a carpet. The red carpet was not obvious on a cursory look, but on a careful look, it was a pool of blood!

And the pool of blood had sneaked out of the crowd’s encirclement. At this moment, it was moving extremely quickly on the ground, escaping into the distance!

“Why did it run away?”

“It’s escaping, quickly chase it!”

“We can’t let it escape. If it fully revives later, none of us can stop it!”

The rookies fell into chaos as the outermost rookies rushed over. However, the pool of blood suddenly drilled into the ground as it was in the middle of moving. The crowd momentarily lost track of its whereabouts.

“Fuck, this monster can even drill into the ground?”

“We’re finished. We can’t catch up!”

“Damn it, who knows when that monster will be fully revived. Everyone, be mentally prepared.”

The scene turned chaotic as everyone felt the burden of a repressed atmosphere. It was not as simple to put a perfect period to the end of the protection of Shi Xiaobai as they imagined.

And at the most chaotic moment, a small crossbow arrow shot towards Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder. It was nearly transparent in color, and the angle it shot out from was chosen in a cunning manner. The choice of timing was perfect. It was the moment when everyone’s mind was in a buzz!

This arrow had accumulated a lot of strength and had waited for a prolonged period of time. It shot towards the Death Epaulette on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder. It was as fast as lightning and its goal was clear!

However, no one noticed the sudden shot of the crossbow arrow. Even if they discovered it, they would not be able to react in time.

In the next instant, the arrow would stab Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder. It would detonate once it hit its target, definitely shattering the epaulette, but it might also blow apart Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder who was completely without any defense!

But so what?

In the crowd, a rookie revealed a wide sneer. He secretly backed away. He was in the middle of the crowd, so he was not too far, but not too close to the point of not being able to escape.

At the moment the explosion was heard, everyone would fall into extreme panic. At that moment, he could easily escape and he would be transported to the sixth level three seconds later!

So what if he stirred the rage of the masses?

The trials were competitive to begin with. Failure makes a rebel, success makes a king. There was nothing wrong with obtaining victory at all costs!

As the arrow shot forward, a sharp-eyed person discovered the nearly transparent arrow, but before the person could even scream, the arrow had arrived in front of Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder!

A hand suddenly reached out to grab the arrow!

It was a slender, white hand with a layer of icy-blue bolts of lightning coiling around her fingers. The arrow was just a few centimeters away from Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder!


The arrow exploded but the icy-blue lightning seemed to completely wrap around the explosion like a cage!

The explosion rampaged through the icy-blue cage like a wild beast. It nearly broke through, but was eventually unable to affect a distance a few centimeters away before it was extinguished in the icy-blue cage.

The sounds of gasps were heard.

They saw a white, slender hand bleeding because of the blast, injured to the point of it being charred.

Even though she had used Psionic Hardening to protect her hand, it had compressed the entire explosion, so the power of the explosion was more than several times stronger.

So how could she defend properly against that?

How much pain was the owner of that hand feeling?

Everyone traced the hand and saw the brown-haired girl that had always been standing beside Shi Xiaobai. Not only did she not grimace from the pain, she had a relieved expression.

Mu Yuesheng was relieved. An accident had nearly happened. If not for her remaining vigilant throughout the most chaotic moments while remaining wary of insidious rookies sneakily attacking, this arrow would have been hard to defend against!

Shi Xiaobai nearly got into an accident!

Just thinking of this made Mu Yuesheng feel a sense of belated fear. Immediately, she focused on her surroundings once again.

Slowly, she finally had the time to care about the pain coming from her right hand. Mu Yuesheng only turned to give it a glance. Her gaze was indifferent, as though it was not even her hand. Immediately, she swept the crowd with an angry and vigilant gaze. She softly said, “Who was it?”

Everyone in the crowd was shaken out of their stupor as they suddenly felt infinite wrath.

“Fuck, which bastard was it!?”

“Damn it, which despicable person sneaked an attack?”

“Indeed, there is a wretch who stayed behind with an insincere heart. What shamelessness. He is not to be easily let off!”

The situation turned into a mess but the rookie that sneaked the attack had hidden himself well. The moment he shot the arrow was when the surrounding people were looking in the direction of the escaping pool of blood. Furthermore, the crossbow was hidden in his sleeve, so it was not revealed at all.

The rookie that had sneaked the attack mimicked the indignation of the rest. No one could tell that it was him.

At this moment, a gentle-looking girl walked out of the crowd and walked straight towards Mu Yuesheng. She had stepped into the ten meter radius from Shi Xiaobai.

Mu Yuesheng immediately frowned and coldly shouted, “Stop, you are not to come!”

Everyone turned their heads and gave a judgemental look to the girl.

The girl immediately stopped and used a gentle tone to say, “You are mistaken. I study healing. I only want to treat your hand.”

Mu Yuesheng shook her head and said, “There’s no need!”

The girl anxiously said, “No, your hand needs to be treated immediately, if not the injury would worsen… Furthermore, even if the injury would not worsen, a scar will be left behind if it’s not properly treated. Your hand is so beautiful. I believe you do not wish for your hand to be scarred, right? Let me treat you. It will be very fast.”

When Mu Yuesheng heard this, she shook her head resolutely. “There’s no need. Go back.”

The girl frowned and whispered, “Why are you so stubborn?”

Mu Yuesheng seriously looked the girl in the eye and said, “Because I don’t trust you!”

After Mu Yuesheng said this, she surveyed the crowd and said with a deep voice, “Or it should be said that I cannot trust anyone of you here. I do not know which one of you wants to protect Shi Xiaobai from the bottom of your heart or which person is just being a hypocrite and will sneak an attack at any time. No matter how sincere you appear, I will not believe it. Because, I cannot believe! It may even be the tiniest risk, but I will definitely not use Shi Xiaobai’s future or even shoulder to take that risk! Therefore, if anyone steps within the ten meter radius, I will automatically view that person as an enemy. If you are truly sincere about your good will towards Shi Xiaobai, quietly stand there and be on the lookout of the people beside you at all times. That would be the greatest help. My hand is fine. Compared to Shi Xiaobai, what’s a tiny scar?”

The girl gaped and took a deep glance at Mu Yuesheng before retreating in silence.

Everyone immediately felt their moods repressed. Their eyes were filled with admiration as they looked at Mu Yuesheng.

At this moment, a rookie with shifty eyes had an idea as he suddenly shouted, “You keep insisting that you do not trust us, but why do we need to trust you? We do not even know who you are. What gives you the right to stand beside Shi Xiaobai from the beginning to the point of not letting anyone near? Who knows, you might also be putting on a show? You might be waiting for everyone to relax before you secretly destroy the Death Epaulette? Since you don’t trust us, why should we trust you? Everyone, isn’t that so?”

With this statement made, the atmosphere suddenly turned stifling.

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