AC Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: This King will follow shortly

Tu Dahei’s sudden appearance beside Sen Senyuan truly gave him a scare. Although his fury had made him lose his mind, his eyes were still sharp. His gaze was constantly fixated on Tu Dahei and Sunless.

But in a blink of an eye, Tu Dahei had suddenly gone from a distance of more than a thousand meters away to appearing in the air about ten meters from where he was.

What had just happened?

Did Tu Dahei know how to teleport!?

The rookies who were also watching Tu Dahei had seen the entire process, but they were more shocked than Sen Senyuan!

This was because they saw Tu Dahei retrieve a pair of icy-blue shoes from the brown-haired girl’s chest. As he quickly wore them, he burst forward like an electric bolt. Following behind him were electric bolts that seemed to boost Tu Dahei up into the air. In the time it took to blink, he had rushed beside Sen Senyuan, high in the air!

With the black sword held horizontally with respect to the ground, the sunlight illuminated an icy-cold sheen as sword beams filled with Shi Xiaobai’s wrath surged brazenly. At the moment the situation underwent a reversal, Shi Xiaobai finally could not tolerate any further and began his counter attack!

“This King has tolerated you for long enough!”

Shi Xiaobai roared as he slashed out!

With his Sword Truth activated, his strongest Beginner Sword seemed to be tearing the space itself by sheer force.

Sen Senyuan could not retreat in time. With a roar, he forcefully conjured a psionic shield!


The psionic shield was no match for the power of the strike as Sen Senyuan was sent flying. His body shot through the air like a cannonball before slamming into the ground with an explosive boom.

The ground cratered as dust flew into the sky. Sen Senyuan lay limp like a dead dog in the crater as he spat a mouthful of blood. His eyes looked slightly glazed.

Shi Xiaobai landed and sneered before slowly walking towards Sen Senyuan.

Everyone turned silent. Tu Dahei’s counterattack was too sudden and powerful. Even they who had seen the entire process were stunned, much less Sen Senyuan being able to react in time.

How was Tu Dahei so powerful?

Sen Senyuan was seriously wounded with a single strike. As a person who was rarely injured, he had fallen into a trance due to the pain, but when he heard the footsteps, he suddenly felt fear and was instantly woken up.

Sen Senyuan struggled to get up as he hurriedly turned around and escaped!

He was the imposing and mighty young master of the Sen family. He always stood far away or somewhere high to kill his enemies. Once the distance was closed, his combat strength would plummet.

Therefore, he wanted to escape. He needed to escape far away and summon the firearms that filled the sky. He would then use his most powerful move and tear the bastard Tu Dahei, who had injured him, to pieces. He wanted to blow all the rookies who had seen his pathetic state to pieces!

Huff, puff, huff…

Sen Senyuan ran like mad as the pain he felt made him angrier. He vowed to make Tu Dahei pay a painful price!


Suddenly, Sen Senyuan heard the sizzling sounds of electric currents. An icy-blue bolt flashed as Tu Dahei instantly appeared in front of him.

“Want to run?”

The sarcastic sneer pushed Sen Senyuan’s anger to the limits. At the same time, he realized that he could not escape this time.

Sen Senyuan’s eyes flashed a glimmer of hysteria. A purplish-gold pistol appeared in his right hand. Just as he wanted to grab it, a sword beam came slashing over. Sen Senyuan, alarmed, retracted his hand as the purplish-gold pistol was split into two!


Sen Senyuan stared with his eyes opened widely. This purplish-gold pistol was an extremely precious treasure even to the Sen family.

It was destroyed just like that?

“You deserve death!”

Sen Senyuan gritted his teeth as yellow halos appeared behind him and priceless firearms emerged.

However, before Sen Senyuan could control the firearms to shoot out the deluge of bullets, the sound of sizzling electric currents was heard. It brushed past his shoulder with a gust of wind.

Following that, successive sounds of metal being broken were immediately heard from behind him.

Sen Senyuan turned his head aghast, but he saw Tu Dahei darting through the air like lightning. Sword beams flew in every direction, shattering all the valuable firearms!

In a few seconds, all the firearms were shattered!

Sen Senyuan’s expression immediately turned pale as his lips trembled violently. This was the first time he felt that he had provoked someone he shouldn’t have.

Shi Xiaobai turned his body indifferently and slashed at Sen Senyuan with a stupendous speed!

“It’s over!”

With a flash of a sword beam, the sword slashed down on the Life Epaulette above Sen Senyuan’s shoulder!


Sen Senyuan stared with widened eyes as he tried to slant his body and use Psionic Hardening at the same time, while a steel-like color suffused his right hand!


Sen Senyuan successfully dodged the strike. The sword beam failed to shatter the epaulette on his shoulder, but due to him desperately turning to the side, it had struck his arm!


Sen Senyuan cried out. With his average defense, there was no way he could withstand that strike. His right arm was severed from the middle!

As blood spewed out, half his arm fell to the ground.

Sen Senyuan screamed as his eyes were filled with killing intent. As his left hand covered his stump, he screamed in a low tone, “Tu Dahei, you deserve death! You will be subject to the Sen family’s incessant pursuit. I will make you die without a proper burial ground!”

Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly. His strike was only targeted at Sen Senyuan’s epaulette. Although he was loathsome, Shi Xiaobai would not have gone as far as directly threatening his life. However, in order to protect his epaulette, Sen Senyuan in his panic had used his arm to receive the strike!

The outcome of his arm being chopped off was all because he asked for it!

Upon hearing the killing intent in Sen Senyuan’s words, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes gradually turned cold. Although he was a kind and decent person, he was not a silly goody two shoes.

But at this moment, Shi Xiaobai suddenly felt an intense sense of danger.

He turned his head and saw a black-robed youth holding a bloody sickle suddenly appearing far in the distance. The youth was heading straight for Sunless at an extremely fast speed!

Shi Xiaobai’s pupils contracted slightly. His intuition told him that the black-robed youth was very, very dangerous!

He was after Sunless!

Sunless was in grave danger!

When Shi Xiaobai realized this, he no longer had the mind to bother with Sen Senyuan. Immediately, he rubbed the skating shoes and charged straight at Sunless!

The black-robed youth came too suddenly, and his speed was ridiculously fast. Everyone had their attention focused at Shi Xiaobai and Sen Senyuan, and by the time they reacted, the black-robed youth was already in front of Sunless!

The bloody sickle slashed down at Sunless!

No one could help stop this strike but Sunless herself. She bit her lower lip and slashed out with her sword while enduring the injuries of her body!

Shi Xiaobai, who had foreseen the danger, had already taken action. With the speed of Lightning Flashstep, he had arrived beside Sunless at the most critical moment!

Shi Xiaobai slashed out at the crimson sickle at almost the same time as Sunless!

A black and white combination, swords in unison!


The black and white swords clashed with the crimson sickle. The heavily injured Sunless and Shi Xiaobai, who had hurriedly slashed out, could not put up a fight. After half a second of deadlock, the duo was sent flying back!

Shi Xiaobai frowned. At the moment of him flying back, he directed force towards the back and with even faster speed, came behind Sunless, grabbing her from behind.


The duo opened up a deep ravine in the ground. Shi Xiaobai was beneath Sunless, so his back tore through the ground for dozens of meters. As for Sunless, who had been placed in front of Shi Xiaobai, she was not stained even by the dust.

Sunless exclaimed as she turned her head to look. Her eyes flashed a look of pain.


The black-robed youth growled. He did not stop and continued rushing towards the fallen duo.

At this moment, the others finally reacted. They were alarmed by the black-robed youth’s terror, but the few people who were nearest charged at the black-robed youth without any hesitation!

The black-robed youth raised his sickle and spun it once. A gust of wind filled with the smell of blood blew as Mu Yuesheng, Pulp Farmer, An Mo, and Liu Yu surrounded the black-robed youth. When they bumped into the blood-red hurricane, they were powerless to resist and were sent flying.

It was as if the black-robed youth was in no-man’s land as he charged towards Shi Xiaobai and Sunless!

The black-robed youth’s appearance was too sudden, and with the savageness he effused, before the crowd snapped out of their trance, he had already backed Shi Xiaobai and Sunless to the wall!

Mu Yuesheng and company had been blown backwards, so they could no longer stop the black-robed youth. The others were too far away, and similarly could not rescue them in time!

No one could save Sunless and Shi Xiaobai!

However, at this moment, Shi Xiaobai, who had fallen to the ground, had already stood up. With sword in hand, he charged at the black-robed youth!

There was no need for anyone to rescue him. Shi Xiaobai could save himself!

“One Second Shura!”

Shi Xiaobai had swallowed one of the two remaining golden pills, having all his psionic power compressed!

At the same time, the golden light around his body was focused on the tip of the black sword like a burning hot sun!


His psionic power was compressed dry, so what was left was his life to be compressed. His lifeforce was rapidly drained as a golden sword projection condensed which slashed down at the black-robed youth!

One Second Shura and Excalibur were nearly the strongest means of attack Shi Xiaobai had. The two moves were his trump cards, a final shot that required him to compress all his strength. The two moves were each extremely costly, but when stacked together, the power was immeasurable, and the cost was unimaginable!

Shi Xiaobai knew very well that without being able to use the Pig Slaughtering Knife due to his sealed right hand, this strike was the only chance of victory against the black-robed youth that suddenly appeared in front of him!


Golden light burst out and filled the world as golden beams of light shot into the sky. The entire mountain was dyed golden as everyone stared with widened eyes. Even though the golden light was glaring, they wanted to see this shocking scene clearly!



The sounds of heavy breathing could be heard through the dazzling golden light. Everyone fell silent as they held their breaths.

Slowly, the golden light dispersed.

Shi Xiaobai was leaning on the sword, having great difficulty even standing.

As for the black-robed youth, he had long disappeared. There was a pool of blood scattered on the ground.

He had won?

The sudden thrilling battle that was a few short life and death rounds that made everyone’s heart jump ended with Tu Dahei winning?

Shi Xiaobai stood up while leaning onto his sword. The people behind him gasped.

They saw the clothes on Shi Xiaobai’s back tattered. His back was full of lacerations due to the friction against the ground. Blood was flowing and looked somewhat frightening.

At this moment, an authoritative voice boomed:

“This round of Life and Death Assault has ended. Death Epaulette wearer, Sunless Ye, successfully ‘survived’ and will be transported to the sixth level after three seconds.”

It was finally over. The long ten minutes, the extremely long last minute had finally come to an end.

Shi Xiaobai turned his head slowly and grinned at Sunless. “Go ahead first. This King will follow shortly.”

Sunless, whose eyes were glazed, finally could not bear it as she covered her mouth. As tears streamed down her eyes. She nodded heavily.

Shi Xiaobai suddenly thought of something and said softly, “Don’t wait on the sixth level. This King likes the number seven. Let us meet on the seventh level, alright?”

Sunless sobbed and just as she wanted to say something, she suddenly transformed into a golden beam of light that shot into the sky, leaving the fifth level.

Shi Xiaobai smiled as his eyes were filled with exhaustion. He finally could not handle it any longer.

His physical condition was terrible to begin with. Now, having used the two extremely costly moves, One Second Shura and Excalibur, his body could no longer take it. Even Unleaking Turtle Aura was unable to withstand the weakness he felt.

Shi Xiaobai felt like he needed to sleep…

He did not know when he would wake up. He knew that if he did not say something, Sunless would definitely wait for him at the sixth level adamantly. Therefore, he came up with a very lame excuse.

“Why is This King so tired…”

Shi Xiaobai murmured as he slowly closed his eyes.

Shi Xiaobai was standing while leaning on the sword. Although he had fainted, his body did not collapse, as though he was just resting with his eyes closed.

Everyone was startled as they looked at Shi Xiaobai blankly.

No one noticed that the splattered blood on the ground was slowly gathering together…

Suddenly, the authoritative voice resounded through the world, breaking the solemn silence:

“The thirty-third round shall begin immediately. Death Epaulette wearer has been randomly chosen. The wearer’s name is Shi Xiaobai!”

Translator’s Note: Shi Xiaobai’s standing position is something like this. Not sure if there’s an English term for it.

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