AC Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Tolerated you for a long while!

In a boundless darkness of silence, there was a glimmer of light. The light was about the size of a room, bright but not glaring.

Inside the light sat a purple-haired girl dressed in a gothic style dress. The girl was sitting in an idle and casual manner. Her look was as pretty and exquisite as a pixie. There was a transparent screen in front of her about the size of a mirror. And in it, a black-haired youth’s figure was projected.

The purple-haired girl was staring intently at the youth, as her beautiful eyes were surging with mixed emotions.

“Should I also learn swords?”

Kali sighed. With her status and experience, she should have been indifferent and tolerating, but surprisingly, she was prone to jealousy.

It was probably because she had no experience in love between a man and woman, so when it came to this, she was like a girl in her teens. She was simple, naive and easily felt her emotions stirred. She would even feel pangs of jealousy.

To Kali, this may be somewhat odd, but it was a most valuable experience. The sour feelings she had inside her had never appeared ever since she received the World Tree’s heritage, as though they were sealed.

She was very thankful to Shi Xiaobai for allowing her to regain the girly emotions that were already lost to her.

In this long and boring period of time, she could see everything that Shi Xiaobai was experiencing through this tiny transparent screen of light. What delighted her was that Shi Xiaobai’s experiences were always extremely interesting. Although she would break out into sweat at times for him, or barely tolerate the urge to smack beyond oblivion the random characters around Shi Xiaobai. Shi Xiaobai’s performance would frequently move her and make her feel proud.

Even though he was still young and weak up to this point, with his talent and character, he was bound to become a stunning force sooner or later. Kali had traveled thousands of worlds and she had seen numerous geniuses, but Shi Xiaobai was still the only person who surprised her greatly.

She was unable to estimate how far Shi Xiaobai could go in the future. This filled her with anticipation. She felt it was a blissful matter for her to be able to witness Shi Xiaobai’s growth.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s excellence was as bright and hot as the sun. Even she was attracted by it, so how could other members of the opposite sex be able to withstand it? Interacting too long with Shi Xiaobai would lead to them being inadvertently touched, such as the present Sunless.

In summary, her young boyfriend was too ‘attractive’, and she was the kind that easily became jealous…

“Should I be a bit more magnanimous…?”

Kali bit on her lower lip and gently sighed.

Suddenly, Kali’s eyebrows pricked up slightly. With a light wave of her hand, the scene in the screen of light switched. The ugly youth in a black robe appeared on the screen.

At this moment, the ugly youth was a few hundred meters away from Shi Xiaobai.

“Oh? What a strong demonic presence?”

Kali hurriedly stretched out her hand to tap on the screen. A beam of light penetrated the screen and arrived in the world where the ugly youth was. When the ugly youth was enveloped by the light, his body seemed to burn up as he screamed in pain while rolling constantly on the ground.

But at the same time, the world where the ugly youth was began stirring, as though the entire world was going to shatter.

Kali frowned and retracted her finger. The beam of light returned to her finger and the world finally fell silent. The ugly youth lay on ground, breathing in fear, like a wounded animal.

“Self-destruct sequence.” Kali sighed helplessly.

The Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower’s assessment program limited the strength of the trial-takers. If any force that exceeded the Psionic Mortal Realm entered the world, it would begin its self-destruct sequence in order to protect its heritage items.

Humans naturally lacked the ability to forcibly enter the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, but Kali could do it. However, if she were to forcibly enter the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, a self-destruct sequence would be activated, something that even she could not stop.

Having forcibly injected a bit of her power, the assessment program had immediately taken actions to self-destruct.

“Sigh, looks like even if I wish to, I can no longer tolerate it.” Kali sighed. Shi Xiaobai’s body was presently in a dire condition. She could restrain herself from destroying Sen Senyuan immediately, because of the danger Shi Xiaobai had always encountered, Sen Senyuan was not even considered a drizzle.

However, if the black-robed youth were to appear, Shi Xiaobai would definitely pay an immense price in order to successfully escape danger. Therefore, Kali could not help but interject. She wanted to destroy this danger before it arrived in a way Shi Xiaobai would never know.

But from the looks of it, if she were to destroy the black-robed youth, the entire Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower would be destroyed. Although Kali did not mind a mere assessment program, nor did she care about the lives of those rookies, she did not want to forcibly change Shi Xiaobai’s life trajectory because of her destruction of this selection.

She could be a spectator that witnessed the life of Shi Xiaobai, but she could not use her powers to change the trajectory of his life.

This was a karmic process. If she were to forcible provide a reason for cause, the fruits of suffering from the final effect would be born by Shi Xiaobai.

Kali began feeling concerned. The trial appeared to be almost beyond her control.

Suddenly, Kali felt something jump in her heart. She stretched out her hand and waved across the screen of light. The scene inside it changed, as a figure shrouded in black light appeared!

It was a tiny black-lit person that was reduced to a third the size of an ordinary human. The tiny black-lit person was floating in a particular world while constantly devouring everything around it. Suddenly, the tiny black-lit person stopped and opened its mouth, tearing a rift in space in front of it. Its entire being went through it as it moved through chaotic spatial tunnels at a very fast speed!

“Oh? Gluttony has finally began to make a move? Did it sense the existence of other Deadly Sins? Or could it be that it has finally discovered the Original Sin of Calamity?”

Kali was wondering in her mind as her eyes began to light up. She had not killed Gluttony because she was waiting for it to act, in a bid to catch a bigger fish.

Kali carefully observed Gluttony’s direction when her pupils suddenly contracted slightly.

She was appalled to discover that the spatial trajectory Gluttony was taking was towards the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower where the rookies were!

“A coincidence?”

Kali muttered to herself, “Or could it be… that a particular Deadly Sin or the Original Sin of Calamity itself is in the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower?”

Fifth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower

The person who appeared to teleport into the venue was a girl with short brown hair. To most rookies, this girl was very unfamiliar, but the way she appeared was shocking.

“That was fast. Did you see how she appeared?”

“Was it my imagination? Why did I seem to see a lightning flash?”

“Who is she? With such terrifying speed, it can’t be that she isn’t famous at all, right?”

“Short, brown hair… never heard of it. Sigh, why are there so many dark horses for this selection?””


Most of the rookies did not know the brown-haired girl, but Shi Xiaobai and Sunless were extremely familiar with her.

The person was none other than Mu Yuesheng.

Mu Yuesheng said extremely apologetically, “Sorry, came late.”

Shi Xiaobai grinned and said, “It’s fine, coming in time is better than coming early.”

Mu Yuesheng’s timing was indeed perfect. With the present physical condition he and Sunless was in, it was indeed tough for them to simultaneously resist three people who were on the level of super-rookies.

The situation had become three-on-three!

Sen Senyuan’s expression that had just recovered turned gloomy immediately.

At this moment, a youth dressed in Daoist attire walked out of the crowd. With a whisk in hand, he looked at An Mo and said, “Young Master Mo, it appears we are destined to fight. And just nice, I also owe Tu Dahei a favor!”

While defending the city, the Tree of Life had been in danger. Shi Xiaobai could have easily been the first to clear the second level, but he had spent 500 points to cure the Tree of Life. Back then, the Daoist-attired Liu Yu was in City #1.

There was an instantaneous reversal of the situation. It became four against three! Sen Senyuan’s brows frowned deeply.

At this moment, Pulp Farmer suddenly said loudly, “Young master, I can’t stop you because the moment I make any moves against you, my family clan would be regarded as traitors by the Sen family. My father and grandfather’s loyalty and hard work from all their lives would be destroyed through my hands. I cannot be this unfilial. But it does not mean I would be fully obedient to your commands. Your actions have already disgraced the Sen family. Your command is wrong, so I can never listen to it.”

When Pulp Farmer said this, he turned around and retreated into the crowd. He had expressed his attitude!

The situation immediately turned to four against two. Blue veins began protruding on Sen Senyuan’s neck.

An Mo looked at Sen Senyuan and said with a shrug, “Young master Sen, it appears I temporarily will not be able to return the favor I owe you, because… the favor I owe Liu Yu can never be returned! Even this seventh ranking on the official forecast was a result of Liu Yu’s uplifting of me with his boast. How can I attack him?”

When An Mo said this, he walked over to Liu Yu with a smile. Liu Yu nodded in satisfaction, giving him an expression of ‘you did well’!

The situation instantly became four against one! Sen Senyuan’s expression was as ugly as it could be!

At the same time, Feng Yuanlin, who was amid the crowd, suddenly pinched his throat and shouted, “You want to touch our Goddess Sunless, then first step over our corpses!”

Immediately there was someone who understood the meaning as he quickly echoed, “Right, we can’t let this darn retard who only knows how to snipe get away!”

Everyone hurriedly echoed.

“How can so many of us be afraid of a single person?”

“Destroy Sen Senyuan!”

“This time, I’m standing on the side of justice!”


The drama of how monkeys dispersed when the tree falls unfolded. The situation was completely reversed, becoming a crowd against a single person.

Sen Senyuan immediately felt as grossed out as eating a fly. He cursed in his heart.

What a bunch of idiots. Have they fucking forgotten that they were gathered here to ‘kill’ Sunless?

He felt infuriated and instantly lost his mind.

“All of you deserve death!”

Sen Senyuan roared and prepared to use his strongest attack. After using this attack, the entire region would be reduced to ruins, and he too would pay a heavy price.

However, Sen Senyuan no longer cared. He felt like he had been utterly humiliated. His anger had made him lose his reason!

At this moment, an angry bellow was heard, instantly awakening Sen Senyuan.

“This King has tolerated you for long enough!”

Sen Senyuan turned his head in horror as he saw Tu Dahei had burst up into the sky and come to his side!

The black sword was slashing at him with furious sword intent!

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    3. You posted an interesting question, so I ended up turning a simple reply into a short write-up when I thought about it. tl;dr – SXB isn’t in any ‘real’ danger. Worst case scenario, he cheats on Kali and she goes yandere on him. kek

      To answer your first question, no. SXB has at least 4 layers of plot armor. First as you said is the fact Kali seems to be watching over him as she’s even noted his ability to stir up danger far above his level. While the chances of her rescuing him aren’t perfect if she were late or slipped up, this is still a very strong level of protection against unexpectedly high-level foes appearing. Only (minor) downside to this one is she’s hesitant to jump into same-level fights as it may impede/affect his personal growth. Basically, someone fairly close to SXB’s level would have to sneak in a deathblow and lop his head off or something. Unsure if she has any means to resurrect/heal fatal injuries after that, but she is ridiculously OP so who knows? She seems to be nearly omniscient and able to travel in her shadow-portal-thing at ridiculous speeds, so I still doubt she’d fail to rescue SXB.

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    I am loving this story so far. Keep up the great work!

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