AC Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Last Minute

Shi Xiaobai had long guessed that the four sword techniques—Earth, Wind, Water, Fire—of the Kun Peng Sword Technique could be fused into one, so he naturally guessed that two of them could fuse as well.

As such, when he realized he was going to attack together as one with Sunless, Shi Xiaobai had a bright idea and used the Kun Peng Sword of Fire while their sword intents resonated!

The beams of the Sword of Wind and Sword of Fire intertwined with one another as they fused into one. Suddenly they formed a swirling vortex of fire that reached the skies!

This vortex of fire swirled in mid-air and was dazzling and as hot as a burning sun. Instantly, it completely illuminated the darkened sky. The darkness exuded by the Demon Calamity bullet was instantly dispelled!

When the gigantic outline of the demonic head clashed with the vortex of fire, a shrill boom resounded through the world as the demonic head was consumed in flames, turning into billowing black smoke that rose towards the sky!

The vortex of fire did not stop as it continued spinning like a top. Suddenly, it hurtled straight for Sen Senyuan’s location at an extremely fast speed!

The tree where Sen Senyuan was standing on was instantly consumed by the vortex of fire!


An explosion boomed as the vortex of fire erupted towards the sky, like a flaming pillar that stood erect between the heavens and earth. It was scattered moments later as plumes of flames began smashing to the ground!

The rookies hurriedly conjured their psionic barriers to protect themselves, but the surrounding trees could not have such a treatment. The flames burned all the trees and slowly there was an inferno that spread through the entire mountain!

“Holy shit, quickly put out the fire!”

The rookies screamed as they began working together to extinguish the fire. Thankfully, the fire was quickly stopped due to the large number of people.

Everyone looked at Shi Xiaobai and Sunless in shock.

“Their Sword Truths were combined in such perfection?”

“What a powerful strike. This strike is completely different from the sum of its parts!”

“Using both swords in unison. As expected for a couple!”

“It is not without reason that Goddess Sunless likes Tu Dahei. Using swords in unison requires the couple to have equal understanding in Sword Truths. Furthermore, they must be able to accommodate each other’s Sword Truths. Among peers, who else other than Tu Dahei can match Goddess Sunless when it comes to sword talent? Even Heartless is far from it!”

“The power of that one sword strike was extremely terrifying!”

“Where’s Sen Senyuan? Has he been burned to death?”


The crowd began to talk excitedly as they looked up to where Sen Senyuan was originally standing. The tree had long been burned to a crisp, and Sen Senyuan’s figure could not be seen through the billowing thick smoke.

Only when the smoke dispersed did a sharp-eyed person shout, “Look, over there!”

After that person shouted, he suddenly burst into laughter.

Far into the distance in mid-air, a short-haired teenager was standing on two floating machine guns. It was quite a cool thing, but his clothes were blackened everywhere. There were black smears on his face due to the smoke, making his state rather sorry. It was in stark contrast to the defiant image he had a moment before!

Sen Senyuan’s expression could be said to be rather wonderful. There was anger and also incredulity. There was even a bit of fear. It also formed a stark contrast from his cold iceberg expression from before.

A person could not help but burst out laughing, triggering the rest to laugh out. Immediately, everyone could not help but mock him.

“Pfft, that style is so funny!”

“Haha, Sen Senyuan must have been beaten silly!”

“Serves him right. I’ve seen arrogant people before, but this is truly the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant and despicable person!”


At this moment, Sen Senyuan’s appearance was as though a lofty noble scion was being thrown into a cave of beggars. The stark contrast felt weirdly funny and had strangely tickled the crowd.

As the mocking laughter continued, Sen Senyuan’s extremely ugly expression turned sullen and terrifying, as though he wanted to eat them all.

Shi Xiaobai laughed as well, but it was not because of the contrast of Sen Senyuan’s current funny appearance. In fact, Sen Senyuan had always looked very comedic to him.

The reason why he was laughing was because the perfect fusion of the previous strike had confirmed his guess. He turned to give Sunless a look and saw her staring intently back at him with bright eyes, as though her heart was somewhat heavy.

Shi Xiaobai sighed and said, “There’s something that This King has to tell you. This King… already has a girlfriend!”

Shi Xiaobai still knew that there could only be one girlfriend at a time. Although the coupling of Kali and him was rather baffling, he had very good affections for Kali and he had already made peace with the fact of having a girlfriend.

Hence, towards the ‘like’ Sunless previously said, he needed to give her a responsible reply.

Shi Xiaobai made a mental note.

Sigh, This King is truly too excellent.

When Sunless heard this, she gave a puzzled ‘huh?’, as though she did not understand what Shi Xiaobai was trying to express.

Shi Xiaobai gaped but did not speak further. Slowly, he revealed a smile.

From the looks of it, Sunless was just like the former him. She did not know what he meant by a girlfriend. Even if she knew, she probably did not understand that there could only be one girlfriend. She might not even fully understand what it meant to ‘like’.

Unless he consulted Yang Wei, Shi Xiaobai would not have understood either.

This was because he was the same kind of person as Sunless. They only cared about the things they were obsessed about, ignoring other things. Even if they noticed something, they would have selective amnesia.

Sunless’ ‘like’ was not considered a confession because she did not even know what a confession was. She was only expressing her will that she would not hide behind him.

When Shi Xiaobai thought of this, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He did not wish that his ability to form a mutual understanding with Sunless with just a glance would be broken as a result of this.

At this moment, the authoritative voice suddenly resounded.

“This round of Life and Death Assault has only one minute left!”

The assessment program gave a reminder. There was only one minute left!

The crowd hushed as they had complex expressions. They were gathered here in order to ‘kill’ Sunless together!

However, it ended with them being a popcorn-eating crowd for such a long period of time. Now with less than a minute left, were they going to give up on this Life and Death Assault?

There were people who began to stir up, but they were quickly held down by their shoulders by people around them who gave them a solemn shake of the head.

Did you not see how Sen Senyuan and Pulp Farmer had failed to take them down? Why are you ‘sending yourself to death’ for nothing!?

Finally, none of the rookies moved. Some people could not harden their hearts to do so, while a number of people no longer had the confidence.

How was Tu Dahei and Sunless’ sword unison attack something they could withstand!?

Even Sen Senyuan’s expression looked unsettled and grim. Although the Demon Calamity Gun was not his strongest attack, that was already an extremely precious trump card of his. Yet, it had failed to defeat the duo, and had even reduced him to such a wretched state.

He was hesitating if he should use the attack that required him to sacrifice a great deal. However, it was truly not worth it in exchange for a Death Epaulette. But if he were to retreat for now and spare Shi Xiaobai and Sunless, how would he able to appease his fury?

But in fact, while Sen Senyuan was hesitating if he should spare Shi Xiaobai, Shi Xiaobai was considering how to destroy him.

In order to protect Sunless, Shi Xiaobai was in a passive state of defense and did not take the initiative to attack. However, he was also suppressing his anger. He wanted to severely punish Sen Senyuan.

In another minute, at the instant Sunless left safely was the moment Shi Xiaobai would launch his counteroffensive.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s current physical situation was by no means optimal. He was only persisting purely on ‘Unleaking Turtle Aura’. Every second was extremely draining on his body.

And after Sunless slashed that strike with him, her face was significantly paler. She was in desperate need of resting. Forcibly using her strength would cause great harm to her body.

It could be said that although Shi Xiaobai and Sunless appeared like they still had strength left after using their sword unison attack, their bodies could no longer afford any more stress. How to withstand the attack in the last minute was probably a very big problem.

However, Shi Xiaobai would not cower in fear. On the contrary, it was such circumstances that he would consider how to strike back!

In order to protect Sunless, he had to diffuse any attack on her to put up an all-round defense. But once Sunless left, how could he endure any more?

Just a simple phrase, fuck him!

Both sides had thoughts on their minds as a strange silence pervaded the atmosphere.

However, everyone knew that this was the calm before the storm!

At this moment, a person that suddenly came broke the fragile tranquility!

The person was a white-clothed youth that looked warm like jade. He held a flute in hand as he walked from afar.

“Aiyah, there was a tiny delay along the way. Thankfully I reached here in the final minute. However, it seems I missed a good show?”

The white-dressed youth had an amiable smile as he looked up and saw Sen Senyuan. A strange look flashed in his eyes as he could not help but say, “Eh? Young Master Sen, is your style trying to set a new fashion trend?”

Everyone could not help but burst out laughing. Someone identified the white-dressed youth’s identity and said, “Isn’t this seventh on the official forecast, Young Master An Mo?”

An Mo addressing Sen Senyuan as ‘Young Master Sen’ implied that the two knew each other. And for An Mo to speak with Sen Senyuan in such an amiable tone, what was the relationship between the two.

Sen Senyuan, who had been teased, acted unexpectedly. Instead of showing the slightest bit of anger, his eyes lit up instead, as though he had thought of something.

Sen Senyuan looked at An Mo and said, “An Mo, if I remember correctly, you still owe me one.”

An Mo laughed with a nod. “Of course, I dare not forget the favor I owe you.”

Sen Senyuan said with a sneer, “It’s time for you to return the favor!”

As Sen Senyuan said this, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat as they felt a sense of foreboding.

Indeed, Sen Senyuan immediately turned to look at Pulp Farmer and said coldly, “Pulp Farmer, with my status as the Sen family’s young master, I’m commanding you to combine with An Mo to hold Tu Dahei back!”

Everyone drew a gasp.

Sen Senyuan was planning on using such unscrupulous means?

He even wanted to join forces with Pulp Farmer and An Mo to fight three against two? Furthermore, from what he meant, by letting Pulp Farmer and An Mo to hold Tu Dahei back and not make a head on confrontation, it appeared as though there were some insidious actions he was planning?

Would Tu Dahei and Sunless be able to withstand it?

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared. The figure arrived at an inexplicable speed. It was as though the figure had teleported where they were. The crowd could not even respond in time!

“Sorry, came late,” the person said.

Who was this?

How did this figure have such a terrifying speed?

How would this person’s arrival affect the situation?

At less than a kilometer away from where everyone was assembled, an ugly youth dressed in a black robe was slowly walking with a bloody sickle in hand.

“One minute. Want to kill them all.”

The ugly youth’s voice was hoarse with a sinister tone. “Master said, I can kill at most twenty people.”

“Could not help but kill nine people on the first level. Only eleven left?”

“Well, kill all the ones on the name list. The rest will depend on other factors…”

“The list doesn’t have Tu Dahei, but… there’s this urge to kill him…”

“Then he shall be killed!”

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