AC Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Fusing as one

“He’s just too strong. How is Tu Dahei this strong? It has already completely exceeded what counts as a ‘rookie’, right?”

“What sort of sword technique is this?”

“Let me tell you something very horrifying. Back when Tu Dahei was launching the counteroffensive on the Demon City, he was using his right hand, but now…”

“Holy shit, I wouldn’t have realized it if you didn’t say. Tu Dahei is actually using his left hand now?”

“Is there a difference with using the left or right hand? Isn’t it just holding swords up and drawing circles?”

“Drawing circles? Your intelligence may be lacking, but no one would call you a fool if you didn’t speak! Do you think drawing circles can produce such powerful sword winds? Where do you think those sword beams come from? While Tu Dahei was spinning, his left hand was constantly in motion. Furthermore, it was moved in a fluid and rapid manner, preventing you from being able to discern it, understand? To slash out so many sword beams with his left hand, while he was using his right hand during his attack on the Demonic Tree means that Tu Dahei had reached a high attainment in swords, be it his left or right hand!”

“This is still not the most terrifying thing. Look carefully at Tu Dahei. For him to spin so quickly and slash out so many sword beams, yet he does not look dizzy or exhausted at all. He did not even break out a sweat. Fuck, is he even still human?”

“Wow. After hearing all these analyses of you gods, I suddenly feel like kneeling before Tu Dahei.”

“How is this still called a ‘mudslide’ of rookies? I think it’s more like a ‘tsunami’.”


The rookies were shaken by the scene from before. They could only vent the shock in their hearts by exclaiming.

Pulp Farmer was silent. Tu Dahei’s strength had completely taken him by surprise, but soon it ignited a fighting spirit in his eyes. He wanted to fight Tu Dahei, even if the outcome would end with him being defeated.

There was a strange splendor in Sunless’ eyes. Unlike others who were surprised about Shi Xiaobai’s usage of his left hand, she was more surprised because the Sword of Wind that Shi Xiaobai used was something she had taught him not long ago.

That’s not right. It could not even be considered teaching. Shi Xiaobai had only seen her swordplay, but he had already managed to gain deep insights into the Kun Peng Sword of Wind in such a short period of time. Furthermore, he had created his own unique sword moves. Shi Xiaobai’s talent in swords was one she had never seen before. Even she felt inferior.

Sen Senyuan was silent. The yellow circles of light slowly disappeared as the firearms also vanished.

Sen Senyuan had realized that Tu Dahei was not a weakling he could crush using a rain of bullets. However, his confidence and arrogance was not shaken at all. This was because the array of guns was just his most inferior means of attack. Only by pulling the trigger himself would he be able to demonstrate the true strength of all these priceless guns.

Upon hearing Shi Xiaobai’s taunt, “Any more?”, the coldness in Sen Senyuan’s eyes intensified. He took his right hand out from his pocket once again. This time, a red circle of light lit up, as a flaming-red wheel gun appeared in his hand.

Sen Senyuan said with a sneer, “Do you think that was all to the barrage of attacks from before? What a joke. That was just an appetizer.”

Everyone burst out into an uproar.

The vast number of bullets was just an appetizer?

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes turned slightly stern. Just like the blackish-gold gun from before, this flaming-red wheel gun gave him a similar sense of danger.

In fact, Shi Xiaobai’s current state was not as relaxed as he appeared on the surface. After his battle with Heartless on the fourth level, he was suffering from a serious deficit of psionic power. After reaching the fifth level, he did not have much time to recover before having to rush here at full speed. Furthermore, he had used the extremely powerful Bladestorm. His psionic power was about to be fully expended, and he was persisting on only because of ‘Unleaking Turtle Aura’.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not back down because of this. He raised his sword as a golden vortex suddenly appeared in his pupils.

At the same time, golden points of light began emerging out of the ground as they quickly gathered towards Shi Xiaobai’s body.

An instant later, Shi Xiaobai’s body was completely enveloped in a golden glow. From the looks of it, he was as majestic and powerful as a god.

The crowd immediately exclaimed.

“Fuck, what is this?”

“Heavens, that’s just too cool!”

“Sword Truth… This seems to be Sword Truth mode?”

“To be able to comprehend a Sword Truth at this age, his talent in swords can be comparable to the Ye siblings. Why have we never heard rumors of him before?”


Shi Xiaobai activated his Sword Truth, ‘Excalibur’!

A strange glint bloomed in Sunless’ eyes. She was dazed just watching this. Back when she was sparring with Shi Xiaobai in her consciousness, she knew that Shi Xiaobai would soon comprehend his own Sword Truth. She was also certain that his Sword Truth would definitely be very ‘beautiful’.

However, Sunless never expected for Shi Xiaobai’s Sword Truth to be this ‘beautiful’! Every ray of the resplendent golden light seemed to represent the ‘stubborness’ Shi Xiaobai had for victory. This ‘stubborness’ could tolerate failure and senseless sacrifice. It did not have any negative energies that came with victory. All it contained was positive energies that had a zeal for improvement.

It was an obsession for victory, but one that could be easily abandoned as well. Such a perfect contradiction was so beautiful that it was intoxicating.

Sen Senyuan’s eyes turned slightly stern, but he did not express much shock. A mere Sword Truth was not something that could waver his confidence.

Sen Senyuan did not speak a word as he suddenly squeezed the trigger without any warning!

Without the sound of a gunshot, a flaming red bullet shot straight at Shi Xiaobai.

The flaming red bullet suddenly transformed into a burning inferno that smashed at Shi Xiaobai like a flaming meteorite!

Air seemed to boil over as crackling sounds were heard.

A cold smile suffused across Sen Senyuan’s mouth. If Shi Xiaobai dared to continue using the sword attack that used sword winds, this blazing bullet would turn into an even more violent inferno due to the wind!

Shi Xiaobai obviously could think of whatever Sen Senyuan was thinking. After having deduced the cyclic restraint on the four sword techniques of the Kun Peng, he knew very well that Wind was restrained by Fire!

Therefore, it was impossible for Shi Xiaobai to use the Kun Peng Sword of Wind. His eyes lit up as the golden vortices in his pupils completed a rotation!

“Kun Peng… Sword of Water!”

Shi Xiaobai slashed out!

This strike was the Sword of Water. He had never attempted using the Sword of Water after his recent observation of Heartless!

An azure blue sword beam shot forward. Suddenly, it transformed into a towering wave that overwhelmed the flaming bullet. Billows of white smoke began appearing as the gigantic wave suddenly turned to ice, freezing all the flames. As the gigantic block of ice plummeted from mid-air to the ground, it shattered into ice fragments, forming a tiny river flow that wound through the clearing…

This scene made everyone fall into a stupor for a second.

They had seen parrying of moves, but this was really their first time seeing the parrying of a move in such a manner!

Even Sen Senyuan’s eyes momentarily glazed over, but it was accompanied by the first birth of furious emotions.

His thoughts of using the cyclic restraint properties of this shot had been seen through, and a perfect parry that restrained his attack was performed. This was the most undisguised and merciless smack in the face!

“You have successfully infuriated me!”

Sen Senyuan could no longer maintain his composure as he took his left hand out of his pocket.

At the same time, circular lights lit up in front of him. All sorts of expensive or even priceless firearms were lined up in rows!

Sen Senyuan stretched both his hands out and griped two guns as he pulled the triggers at Shi Xiaobai!

At the moment bullets shot out, Sen Senyuan had thrown the guns in his hands and grabbed another two guns from the rows of guns!

Sen Senyuan began a crazy shooting spree. Every gun was not used again as every bullet that shot out at Shi Xiaobai was augmented by different effects. It was as though a colorful storm was raining down at him!

The golden vortex in Shi Xiaobai’s pupils began to swirl incessantly as he constantly brandished the sword in his left hand. He slashed one golden sword beam after another!

Shi Xiaobai’s Sword Truth mode was completely different from other ordinary Sword Truth modes. Every golden sword beam he slashed out was extremely domineering. Regardless of what property the bullets shot by Sen Senyuan had, they were shattered by the golden sword beams without any pressure!

Not a single bullet managed to penetrate Shi Xiaobai’s golden sword beams. Sen Senyuan did not stop shooting while Shi Xiaobai did not stop slashing. Sen Senyuan’s row after row of priceless guns were ineffective against Shi Xiaobai!

The crowd was astounded. They felt that Shi Xiaobai, who was covered in golden light, was like a god that had descended. He was practically invincible!

Only after he shot his last row of guns did Sen Senyuan stop.

At that moment, Sen Senyuan laughed. It was a hysterical laugh, as though he had gone mad.


Sen Senyuan’s laughter resonated throughout the skies, giving people the creeps.

The crowd was startled.

Had Sen Senyuan gone mad because of Tu Dahei?

Sen Senyuan’s laughter gradually came to a stop as he coldly said, “I never expected that there’s such an interesting bastard like you other than Speechless… You leave me no choice but to use it!”

Sen Senyuan’s eyes were filled with killing intent as a black circular light lit up. A black gun that exuded a black aura appeared in his hand.

“This gun’s name is Demonic Calamity. It only has three bullets left. Although only Speechless had the chance of enjoying one of the bullets… you have succeeded in completely infuriating me!”

Sen Senyuan’s expression turned somewhat sinister as his voice sounded fearsome, “However, this shot will be targeted at Sunless!”

With this said, the people in the crowd were immediately taken aback. However, they quickly came round. Sen Senyuan was forcing Tu Dahei to forcefully receive the shot. If Tu Dahei dodged, Sunless would suffer. And with Tu Dahei’s character, it was impossible for him to dodge!

“Despicable!” the crowd cursed.

But at the same time, their hearts tugged.

How terrifying was a gun called Demonic Calamity? Was it so terrifying that it worried Sen Senyuan enough about Tu Dahei dodging because of the irresistible pressure?

Shi Xiaobai’s choice did not surprise them. He adjusted his position and sheltered Sunless behind him!

Even though the black gun gave him a great sense of danger.

Even though defending against the round of heavy bombardment had made it difficult for him to stand!

Shi Xiaobai still did it without hesitation. He sheltered Sunless without any fear!

This was Shi Xiaobai, a Shi Xiaobai who would not have his faith and will shaken because of fear!

Sunless looked at Shi Xiaobai’s back as she fell into a daze. Suddenly she took a step forward and stood side by side with Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai turned his head in surprise.

An extremely gentle voice resounded in his ear.


Sunless turned her head to lock eyes with Shi Xiaobai. After she said that single word, she raised Holy Radiance.

Shi Xiaobai was surprised but did not speak further. He knew that it was impossible for Sunless to choose to hide behind him.

The word ‘like’ was a simple word, but it could express a multitude of meanings. For example, liking to court death or liking to die together. All of these were forms of “like”.

However, Shi Xiaobai knew what Sunless meant by “like” and the reason why she said the word.

Shi Xiaobai raised the black sword. His left shoulder was tightly adhered to Sunless’ right shoulder. The black and white swords appeared to blend together.

“What a bitter romance, then die together!”

Sen Senyuan angrily laughed as he pulled the trigger!

A bullet that exuded a black aura shot out as the entire sky was dyed black. In the darkness, the outline of a gigantic demon head widened its jaws, as though it was devouring whatever stood in front of it!

Shi Xiaobai and Sunless looked each other in the eyes as they thrust forward!

The duo’s sword intent resonated and as their Sword Truths blended, golden and azure light began to swirl around them while the black and white swords merged into one!

Sunless had used the Kun Peng Sword of Wind, while Shi Xiaobai deliberately used the Kun Peng Sword of Fire!

Sword beams of Wind and Fire, with Sunless and Shi Xiaobai’s sword intents perfectly fused at that moment!

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