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Chapter 294: This pair is not to be spared

“Who dares to touch her!?”

Before the voice that came from afar faded, a figure had dashed through the crowd at an extremely fast speed.

The figure was a black-haired youth with delicate facial features. His eyes were like the stars, but they were filled with anger. A black and white sword was held in his hand.

The youth dashed over as fast as lightning, and in a blink of an eye, he was beside Sunless. That speed was staggering.

To the rookies present, this youth was no stranger.

To a number of them, he was the super dark horse officially ranked at zeroth place in the forecast that had clashed with Pulp Farmer with a psionic sword.

But to others, he was the instigator of the launch of a counteroffensive against the Demon City. He had led four hundred rookies to clear the second level. He had traversed through the plains filled with demonic beasts, making them involuntarily call him ‘City Destroyer Hero’.

“Tu Dahei!”

It was unknown who first shouted this name, but the rookies immediately erupted into chaos.

“Tu Dahei is here!”

“Perfect timing!”

“Wow, he came at just the perfect time. It’s like a hero coming to save a beauty!”

“I predict Tu Dahei will have a great flash of anger for a beauty!”

“Is this Tu Dahei? I came late for the selection and did not see… He looks alright, but how did Goddess Sunless fall for him?”

“Heh heh, this brother, stop eating sour grapes. I have nothing to say against Goddess Sunless liking Tu Dahei. You do not know how many young ladies were infatuated by Tu Dahei when we launched the counteroffensive on the Demonic City. He’s not called a City Destroyer Hero without reason!”

“City Destroyer Hero? What’s going on. Can this brother fill me in?”

“I’m not trying to dampen your enthusiasm, but so what if Tu Dahei is here? Look at how many guns there are. If they were shot at the same time, Tu Dahei might not even be able to save himself.”

“That’s right, to be able to become a hero who saves a beauty, he will need to succeed in rescuing her first. If he fails, he won’t be a hero but an idiot!”

“I don’t care. It’s so cool to have a hero save a beauty. Ah, if I were Sunless, I’d definitely be moved to death!”


The rookies burst into a flurry of discussion. At such a critical juncture, Tu Dahei’s appearance seemed to have changed the situation. The repressed atmosphere immediately seemed like a balloon that had a hole poked through, releasing the pressure.

Pulp Farmer also had a complicated look as he stared at Tu Dahei. Obviously, he could not bear watching Sunless be left in such a dangerous situation after being sneaked up upon. However, he was unable to have the resolve to prevent Sen Senyuan.

It was not that he was extremely loyal to Sen Senyuan. In fact, his respect for Sen Senyuan was just on the surface. He was extremely discontented and indignant in his heart, but if he were to stop Sen Senyuan, his loyal father and grandfather who had sacrificed themselves countless times would be punished. Even though his father and grandfather were foolishly loyal, it was no reason for Pulp Farmer to be unfilial.

Pulp Farmer struggled in his heart as he fell into a dilemma. As for Tu Dahei’s appearance seemingly turning things around, he could temporarily heave a sigh of relief.

Pulp Farmer did not like Tu Dahei because Tu Dahei had harmed Sunless from being purely fanatical with the way of the sword, but at this moment, he had to admit that he owed him one.

With Shi Xiaobai arriving, he immediately walked towards Sunless’ side. He could sense Sunless being extremely weak at the moment and realized that she was suffering from serious internal injuries.

Shi Xiaobai looked at the firearms in the sky and the bastard standing on a tree in the distance. Immediately, he understood the general situation.

Shi Xiaobai’s wrath could not be extinguished as he looked angrily at Sen Senyuan, while Sen Senyuan looked down coldly at him.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were burning like a belligerent inferno, while Sen Senyuan’s eyes were as cold as ice. They had just engaged in a conflict not long ago, and now it could be said that new hatred was added onto old hatred.

Just as Shi Xiaobai was about to say something, a gentle voice suddenly echoed in his ears.

“Right hand?”

They were two simple words without much vicissitudes in tone but it was full of concern.

Shi Xiaobai looked to his side and saw worry in Sunless’ eyes. When Sunless saw him holding a sword in his left hand, she was able to quickly tell that something was wrong with his right hand.

He knew that it was very rare for Sunless to reveal any emotions. She was seldom concerned about anything except swords, so he knew very well how precious her concern was.

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said, “It’s fine, it will recover in eleven hours.”

Sunless nodded when she heard this.

When Shi Xiaobai saw Sunless’ pale face, he sighed and suddenly thought of something. Lowering his head, he said to the black and white sword softly, “Both of you unfuse.”

With that said, a warm white light and a dark black light bloomed. The black and white colored mixture on the sword separated into two.

The black and white swords were eager to separate from each other, so in a second, they had separated into two swords. One was pure white, while the other was completely black.

Everyone was paying attention to Shi Xiaobai, so when they saw this scene, they were immediately astounded and began discussing.

Shi Xiaobai stabbed the black sword into the ground and using his left hand, he handed Holy Radiance to Sunless. He whispered, “Take it.”

Sunless immediately reached out to grab Holy Radiance’s hilt. A warm power of light immediately surged through her body, as though she was soaked in warm water.

Holy Radiance was condensed out of the world’s purest light. It had healing properties of light. Although it was unable to treat excessively heavy injuries, it could ease the pain and speed up one’s recovery.

Shi Xiaobai took a step forward and stretched out his empty left hand and pressed it on Sunless’ shoulder. Through her azure clothes, it was still a soft and cold touch.

Shi Xiaobai began using Massage Technique of God and helped raise Sunless’ self-recovery rate.

Faced with such a sudden massage, Sunless did not avoid or dodge. Instead, she took a step closer to Shi Xiaobai, making it easier for him to use Massage Technique of God.

The two were very close to each other, almost to the point of cuddling each other, and could sense the breathing of the other. There was no ambiguous feelings between the pair, but the breathing from each other made them feel calm and comfortable. They would not find it repulsive even if they were closer.

But in the eyes of others, their actions were so intimate like they were a couple that had been in love for a long time. It was so mature, as if they were a couple that had accompanied each other in the pugilistic world.

The crowd could not bear to destroy such a beautiful scene, but they could not stop themselves from saying something. They began engaging in whispers.

“Sigh, a bachelor dog like me has received 10,000 points of damage.”

“Why do they seem so compatible…?”

“This pairing is not to be forgiven.”

“I recall my first love. It was as pure as them.”


If it was possible, they wished that such a beautiful scene would last a little longer.

However, clearly there was someone who disagreed.

Sen Senyuan suddenly said with a cold tone, “Both of you still have ten seconds. Maybe the both of you should partake in a parting kiss.”

The triggers of the firearms in the sky were already half-squeezed. However, with Tu Dahei’s sudden arrival, Sen Senyuan had decided to ‘benevolently’ give them thirty seconds. And after ten seconds, he would shatter the beauty in front of him with harsh reality.

Everyone immediately quietened and felt tensed. What’s coming will come after all.

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he released his grip and took a step back. Pulling out the black sword from the ground, he turned towards Sen Senyuan and said coldly, “Shoot!”

Everyone looked at Shi Xiaobai in surprise, but they saw him appearing undaunted. He immediately shouted angrily, “Shoot!”

Another ten seconds?

No, what are you waiting for? Your fucking mother’s cunt? Quick, shoot!

Quickly shoot for This King!

Everyone was startled. Can you not be so crazy? Can you not be so domineering?

Sen Senyuan laughed from his extreme anger as he bellowed angrily, “Very well, then… go to hell!”

With that said, all the firearms in the sky had their triggers squeezed!

The sounds of gunshots created deafening booms like thunder. As bullets came flying over in droves that numbered thousands, it was like a black cloud was descending upon Sunless and Shi Xiaobai at a terrifying speed!

Instantly, some people covered their ears, closed their eyes, widened their mouths, or shouted loudly, “Run!” …

However, Shi Xiaobai and Sunless did not dodge, nor did they conjure a psionic barrier.

The first thing Shi Xiaobai did as the looming bullets shot at him was to seriously say to Sunless, “Don’t move!”

Sunless, who had just raised her sword, locked eyes with Shi Xiaobai and obediently lowered her hand.

He was afraid that her injuries would be aggravated, so the first thing he did when danger reared its head was to remind her to stay put.

She believed he could deal with the bullets in the sky, so even though the bullets were all heading straight for her, she did not hesitate to lower her hand.

An ordinary two words and an ordinary action displayed extraordinary courage and trust.

Shi Xiaobai obviously would not let down such a trust as he raised his sword towards the bullets in the sky!


Shi Xiaobai’s body suddenly began spinning like a top. Moving at an extremely fast speed throughout the hundred-meter zone, violent winds began to stir up!

The howling winds filled the lands, and with Shi Xiaobai’s spinning and motions, tornadoes began to shoot up towards the sky.

These tornadoes had a similar effect of Pulp Farmer’s tornado formed from the spinning of his spear. However, Pulp Farmer had used it based purely on his psionic power, while what was spinning in Shi Xiaobai’s tornado were savage sword beams!

Furthermore, the tornadoes Shi Xiaobai produced were not one or two. In an extremely short period of time, he had produced dozens of tornadoes!

Dozens of tornadoes imbued with sword beams filled the entire hundred-meter zone as they twirled towards the incoming bullets. Shattering sounds echoed as the rounds that came pounding on them were shattered or repelled by the tornadoes. They did not even come within a ten meter radius of Sunless!

Everyone watched in stunned silence as they rapidly retreated. They were afraid that they would be hit by the swirling winds of the savage tornadoes. All of them held their breaths as they stared intently at this amazing scene.

The sounds of gunfire did not stop while the firearms in the sky constantly had their triggers squeezed, shooting bullet after bullet at Shi Xiaobai!

Shi Xiaobai’s spinning motion did not stop either. He was like an inexhaustible top, and raising the black sword, he spun and spun! Darting around again and again!

Dozens of tornadoes did not have a moment of repose, so from beginning to end, not a single bullet managed to penetrate the tornadoes. There was not even a single bullet that came within ten meters of Sunless!

Sunless quietly stood there as her eyes were constantly locked onto Shi Xiaobai’s figure. The glow in her eyes brightened, as the tail winds blew up her hair. Her beauty was completely breathtaking.

Gradually, one gun was emptied of its bullets, followed by two, three… until all the firearms in the sky came to a stop. Only then, did Shi Xiaobai stop spinning.

He stood there majestically with eyes shimmering. He did not appear exhausted in any way. He raised his sword high and pointed at Sen Senyuan. He sneered and said, “Any more?”

His pose was charming and extremely domineering.

At that moment, a girl among the surrounding rookies screamed, “So cool!”

Then with her eyes closing, she fell backwards. She was so dazzled by Shi Xiaobai’s coolness that she fainted.

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