AC Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: The Bullet that Changed the Outcome

Somewhere in the mountains, three people were running. Right in front was a blond youth. Behind him was a cute girl with long orange-red hair. The girl was carrying another girl with short brown hair that had her eyes shut tightly.

The three were obviously Kevin, Mozzie and Mu Yuesheng. They had quickly gathered together after arriving at the fifth level.

However, Mu Yuesheng was currently unconscious, so Mozzie had to carry her.

For a petite girl to piggyback another girl, while the guy accompanying her was running ahead as though he had turned a blind eye to it, made other rookies that they occasionally pass curse.

Serves him right for being single his entire life.

But in fact, no one would believe that with the possession of a Titan bloodline, Mozzie’s strength was actually much higher than Kevin’s. Piggybacking the light Mu Yuesheng was as simple as an ordinary person holding a book.

Kevin obviously would not ask for a rebuff by requesting to carry her. Other than Mu Yuesheng refusing it, Mozzie would probably not agree to it as well.

At this moment, they were running through the mountains. Mozzie’s speed was rather slow, but the expression on her face was filled with anxiousness and worry. From the looks of it, she was already working hard at speeding.

Kevin was running in front and had deliberately slowed down. He turned back and said, “Don’t worry. Sunless will definitely be fine.”

Mozzie sighed and said, “Will we be able to make it in time?”

Kevin hesitated for a moment and said with a nod, “Our position was just too far away from Sunless. With our present speed, ten minutes will probably pass by the time we arrive.”

Mozzie said with an aggrieved look, “What shall we do? Sister Yuesheng suddenly fell unconscious when she made her breakthrough. Sister Sunless is now in danger, yet we can’t even help her…”

Kevin lowered his head slightly. He truly could not think of a solution to the problem at the moment. In fact, he was somewhat confused and bewildered.

Kevin could only console her, “Mu Yuesheng suddenly fell unconscious when she broke through to the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. It probably has something to do with her constitution. I think she will probably recover after resting for a while. Sunless and most of the rookies are on completely different levels. Even if she’s surrounded, I believe she will probably be able to handle it. What we can do now… is to do our best to rush over. Furthermore… Shi Xiaobai should have already reached the fifth level. He must have a solution!”

Kevin thought, if Shi Xiaobai was around, he would definitely be able to think of a solution very calmly in the present situation. As for him, he could only repeat the word ‘probably’… The gap between him and Shi Xiaobai was just too great.

Mozzie’s eyes lit up as a glimmer of hope flashed in them. She said softly, “Yea, Lord Shi Xiaobai must be rushing to help Sister Sunless. He will definitely be able to protect Sister Sunless. Maybe he will be able to treat Sister Yuesheng as well. Let’s hurry over there. I’m very worried about Sister Yuesheng’s physical condition.”

After Mozzie said this, she gritted her teeth and sped up. She secretly told herself that she had to work hard at cultivating movement techniques in the future.

At this moment, Mu Yuesheng’s eyes suddenly opened. An icy-blue lightning bolt flashed in her brown eyes.

Sunless slashed out and immediately the sword beams that were like a hurricane startled the surrounding rookies. They pondered for a moment and knew that they would not be able to withstand such a strike. Immediately there was an uproar.

However, Pulp Farmer did not appear powerless against the howling hurricane of sword beams. He was calm, and his eyes were cold. He stabbed straight at the hurricane with his spear!

“Tyrant Spear!”

Pulp Farmer was majestic and had an imposing aura. As he thrust out, it was as though space was torn apart. Sunlight was shattered into pieces of fragments as a gigantic spear image appeared, clashing right at the sword winds!


A deafening explosion occurred as dust flew up everywhere. Trees were toppled as though they had experienced explosions. The rookies that besieged the two had a drastic change in expressions as they conjured their psionic barriers to protect themselves.

This sword and spear’s power completely exceeded their expectations. This was just the first strike of this battle?

This was indeed the first strike. Furthermore, it appeared as though they had casually attacked, as though it was just a simple appetizer. This was because after slashing out, Sunless did not stop and immediately slashed again!

It was just a simple slash, but azure sword beams shot forward. Hundreds or thousands of azure sword beams headed straight for Pulp Farmer, as though they were angry azure birds.

Pulp Farmer remained expressionless. The row of rookies behind Pulp Farmer were scared silly. All they saw was azure sword beams that filled the sky raining down as though they were covering the entire world. Under the sunlight, they scintillated a cold luster. Every sword beam contained a sharp sword intent that others found unbearable to look straight at.

They hurriedly scattered because they did not even have the confidence that their psionic barriers were able to withstand the sword beams that filled the sky, even if it was just the fallout.

However, Pulp Farmer walked towards the azure sword beams. Suddenly he raised his spear and spun it above his head.

The rotations of the spear stirred up a tornado with him in the eye!

This was no ordinary tornado, but a storm of power. As the azure sword beams struck the tornado, sonorous sounds were constantly emitted as they were repelled and scattered to the ground.

As the sword beams flew randomly, it immediately affected the outlying regions. Explosions constantly boomed as the rookies cried out incessantly and conjured psionic barriers to resist the explosions or flee in panic. All of them looked to be in a sorry state.

“They are so powerful. How can these two be so strong?”

“These are third and fourth among the rookies? They are completely on a different plane of existence from us!”

“Phew, can a hundred of us really defeat the two of them?”

“Don’t sell yourselves short. Their attacks might appear relaxed, but they must have used all their strength. Although they are very powerful, that’s all to it. They can’t fight one against a hundred.”

“Really… they have used all their strength?”


The rookies were engaged in a flurry of discussion.

At this moment, Pulp Farmer had already used his tornado to walk to a distance fifty meters away from Sunless, but she did not immediately produce her third strike.

Pulp Farmer suddenly came to a stop as the tornado slowly dissipated. He raised his spear and bending his back with his right knee up, in a majestic pose, a domineering aura slowly stirred as though he was accumulating strength.

“Sunless, you defeated me years ago with just four strikes. So today, I will defeat you within three strikes. This is the third strike, and also the only offensive strike I have. However, it has to be the final strike. I have to take back the victory that belongs to me!”

Pulp Farmer retracted his right arm and began gathering strength. A domineering aura surged as the light around him began distorting. The rookies hurriedly retreated. They could sense the terrifying power emitted by Pulp Farmer despite the distance.

The following strike was Pulp Farmer’s full strength.

“Holy shit, who was the one who said they have already used all their strength? Fuck, this strike has yet to happen, but it’s already multiple times more terrifying than the exchange of moves from just now.”

“Gulp, I guess… I guess we should take a step back. I’m a bit afraid…”

“Hey, why is Sunless still motionless? By gathering strength for so long, if I were Sunless, I’d quickly interrupt him. If Pulp Farmer were to finish channeling his strength, who could withstand it?”

“That’s why you are destined never to be Sunless.”


The rookies retreated in horror as discussions broke out.

Sunless remained motionless. Against Pulp Farmer’s channeling strike, she did not channel her strength to produce a defensive strike. Her eyes remained calm, as though she did not care about Pulp Farmer’s strike at his full power.

Pulp Farmer was slightly surprised, but he was also a bit infuriated.

“Sunless, do you still think I’m that weakling that was defeated by you after four strikes years ago? In order to chase after you, the sweat, blood and hard work I have put in is not something you can even imagine. If you believe you can easily withstand my strike, I will use harsh reality to shatter your pride!”

Pulp Farmer continued channeling his strength as his eyes turned extremely cold. He said coldly, “I will not hold back at all for this strike!”

Sunless remained indifferent. She even lowered her head to look at her sword but she said softly, “Third strike, you lose.”

With this said, there was an uproar. No one could believe that not only had Sunless not gather strength to face Pulp Farmer’s strike that had gathered maximum strength, she had also thought of countering and defeating Pulp Farmer. Was this confidence or arrogance?

Pulp Farmer laughed from his extreme anger as he said, “Sunless, I never expected that not only has your Sword Truth weakened, even your intelligence has lowered. Indeed the matters of the heart have ruined you! Since you insist on refusing to realize the errors of your ways… receive my attack!”

Pulp Farmer angrily roared. The strike he had gathered strength for a long time finally was released!

A cold beam first burst forward as a dragon-like spear accompanied it from behind!

When the spear thrust out, a gigantic phantom image of a dragon dashed straight at Sunless!

The dragon roared while the world changed colors!

Everyone stared confounded. Seeing the gigantic dragon phantom, they suddenly had the feeling of worshiping it!

This dragon phantom was extremely terrifying. The amount of power it contained was beyond imagination. The rookies were sure that if they were struck by this dragon phantom, they would very likely die here even if they were hit only by the shockwaves.

This strike, which Pulp Farmer had gathered strength for so long, was truly extremely powerful!

However, Sunless still did not bat an eyelid while facing this gigantic dragon phantom. Raising her sword, she was as calm as ever.

Suddenly, an azure glow emitted out of Sunless!

When Pulp Farmer saw this, his pupils slightly contracted as he exclaimed, “This is… Sword Truth? Your Sword Truth… actually improved again!?”

The azure beam gathered extremely quickly in Sunless’ sword. She did not look at the gigantic dragon phantom that filled the sky which was about to smash downwards. Instead, she thrust straight at Pulp Farmer!

Pulp Farmer had a drastic change in expression. He immediately raised his spear while being on high alert!

Everyone held their breaths and did not dare to make a single sound!

However, a surprising scene unfolded. As they saw Sunless thrust forward, she suddenly forcefully changed her trajectory and stabbed into the ground!

As no one could comprehend what had happened, Sunless sudden stabbing of her sword into the ground caused the azure glow from her sword to transform into an azure barrier that wrapped around her.

The gigantic dragon phantom struck the azure barrier and at the same time, a purplish-gold bullet came flying behind Sunless with no one noticing when it was shot. It abruptly struck the azure barrier!

As though that second was stretched out, the gigantic dragon phantom and the purple bullet smashed into the azure barrier. Even space was distorted as though time came to a halt.

Sharp-sighted rookies hurriedly looked at the purplish-gold bullet. This purplish-gold bullet had suddenly shot from behind Sunless.

It was clearly… a sneak attack?


An explosion suddenly boomed as the gigantic dragon phantom disintegrated. The purplish-gold bullet was reduced to fragments. The azure barrier had managed to withstand two strikes, defeating the terrifying powers of two attacks that hit her from the front and back!


Sunless suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. As her body quivered, she had to hold onto her sword with both hands before she could barely find her footing.

Her face was extremely pale. The purplish-gold bullet that suddenly attacked her from behind forced her to change the trajectory of her sword, making her change from offense to defense.

How could her body withstand the sudden reversal in strength?

Sunless had very likely been severely injured!

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