AC Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: How do you wish to die?

The two images in his head only lasted for ten seconds, but Shi Xiaobai had confirmed that the Ye Sheng, who had been chosen as the fugitive, was heading towards him. According to his speed, he would arrive in about a minute.

Shi Xiaobai immediately jumped up to a tree and looked towards the direction where Ye Sheng was.

Where he was situated was probably in a mountain. However, the vegetation was sparse and the trees were not thickset. Hence, a single glance made the area abnormally expansive.

Shi Xiaobai surveyed his surroundings. He immediately noticed figures appearing along the horizon. The nearby trial-takers were rushing here in an attempt to intercept Ye Sheng.

A few seconds later, a freckled youth was running in panic at the ends of the horizon. There were seven or eight trial-takers behind him in pursuit. From time to time, someone would shoot a psionic arrow at Ye Sheng, who could only dodge in a sorry state while running desperately.

On a careful look, he noticed that there was a white crystal covering Ye Sheng’s shoulder. Clearly, he had used psionic power to protect the Death Epaulette.

Ye Sheng was blindly running and did not know that people were weltering towards him from all directions. They had completely surrounded him. Regardless of the direction in which he went, he would eventually meet pursuers.

How difficult was it to last ten minutes against a hundred or two hundred trial-takers’ combined efforts?

Of course, it was not easy to snatch the outcome of shattering the Death Epaulette out of a hundred or two hundred people.

Shi Xiaobai did not wait. This was a bonus that came to his doorstep. He obviously would not give it away.

Shi Xiaobai leaped down from the tree and used Crab Steps and headed towards Ye Sheng at a blistering speed.

The ground beneath his feet was soft. Every step left a deep depression into the ground. There were noisy sounds sounding off from everywhere in the sparse forest. The sounds of the pursuers’ footsteps were closing in.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up slightly. In front of him, he could see Ye Sheng!

Ye Sheng clearly saw Shi Xiaobai approaching him as well. Immediately, he screamed as though he had seen a ghost.

“Tu Dahei!”

Ye Sheng’s face paled. He hurriedly did a reversal by changing his direction to the right. He apparently knew that it was impossible for him to escape Tu Dahei in a head on clash!

“Don’t you go running!”

Shi Xiaobai laughed loudly. With an extremely fast speed, he chased after him and instantly, the gap between them shrank.

Ye Sheng turned his head and his eyes were filled with horror.

Fuck, how exaggerated was this speed?

In just a few seconds, the distance between Shi Xiaobai and Ye Sheng was less than five meters. He would be caught at the very next moment. Shi Xiaobai had already reached out his left arm. The sword that was switching black and white colors seemed extremely strange in his left hand, but Ye Sheng knew without a doubt that the sword could instantly cut his arm off.

In this pursuit, although the Life Epaulette represented ‘life’, the Life Epaulette was just the size of a coin. Furthermore, it was adhered tightly attached to the shoulder. In the bid to grab an opportunity, few trial-takers would show any mercy.

Ye Sheng had witnessed several fugitives guarding the epaulettes with their lives. Their shoulders ended being cleaved, penetrated, exploded and various tragic outcomes.

In this “Life and Death” Assault, it did not seem like life would be a problem on the surface, but reality was frequently cruel.


At this moment, the sound of a gunshot was heard from a distance!

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows twitched as he slashed out with his sword five meters away from Ye Sheng!

A transparent sword beam shot straight at Ye Sheng’s shoulder!


Ye Sheng screamed as he crouched down to the ground in fright. But all he saw was a bullet that had been split into half dropping on his shoulder.

The bullet emitted boiling hot gasses with the smell of gunpowder.

At the next moment, gunshots, that resembled the sound of a rainstorm pattering the ground, were heard.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The terrifying sounds of the gunshots did not resemble the constant shots from a machine gun. Instead, it was as though hundreds, if not thousands of guns had shot at the same moment in succession.

Ye Sheng hurriedly turned his head over and nearly peed his pants. He saw bullets that filled the sky pouring down on him at an extremely fast speed!

The bullets were like dark clouds that shrouded the sky. The speed was so fast that the naked eye could not discern them. Ye Sheng could not react in time as his eyes glazed over. A look of despair suffused his eyes.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him almost instantaneously.

A black and white sword slashed out at the bullets that filled the sky!

As the sword fell, a strong wind howled!

“Keng! Keng! Keng! …”

The violent sword wind scattered the dense rain of bullets. Each bullet was shattered as it fell down.

“Peng! Peng! Peng! …”

The rain of bullets that was blown into two pelted down on the soft ground, riddling it with holes. The ground immediately appeared to fill with crevices.

Ye Sheng’s body had curled up. He looked at the figure that had suddenly appeared to sweep the rain of bullets away. A look of disbelief appeared in his blank expression.

It was Tu Dahei!

Tu Dahei had saved him!

At this moment, seven other rookies that were chasing him came surrounding him. There were also figures that began appearing at the end of one’s vision!

Ye Sheng finally realized that he had been surrounded!

He was surrounded by pursuers. Furthermore, the rain of bullets might fall once again. He was in a hopeless situation.

Ye Sheng recalled the terrible states of the last few pursuers. His lips turned pale as they shivered.

“To last ten minutes? That’s impossible…”

As Ye Sheng ruminated, a look of resoluteness flashed in his eyes. He suddenly looked up and shouted, “All you bunch of madmen. You want to shatter my epaulette? Dream on! I’ll rather be eliminated than to give it to you!”

Ye Sheng seemed to be in a frenzy and his voice sounded hysteric.

When the rookies surrounding him heard this, they realized something and shouted, “No!”

However, no one could prevent Ye Sheng, who had been scared out of his wits. He yelled with his throat hoarsened, “Open Sesame!”

The two words were the exit command!

Shi Xiaobai turned his head in astonishment as he saw Ye Sheng transform into a golden beam of light that shot towards the sky. He had vanished from the trials.

At the same time, the authoritative voice resounded through the entire world:

“The fugitive has exited the trials. This round’s Life and Death Assault is null and void. The next Life and Death Assault will begin in seven minutes.”

The rookies that came in pursuit stopped and looked at each other. They began grumbling.

“Sigh, another coward that used the exit command!”

“This won’t do. If every fugitive were to use the exit command at their last struggling moment, how are we to clear the level before the Level Lord descends?”

“We can only do it by surprise. We have to sneak up on the fugitives before they can even react and destroy their Death Epaulettes. However, that is very difficult as well.”

“The main reason is because the previous fugitives ended up in a terrible state. All of them were stubbornly persisting to the point of suffering grievous injuries. One of them even died a terrible death. So now when the fugitive is surrounded, the fugitive would hurriedly exit the trials. We would do the same if we were in their shoes. The scene was just too bloody and gross. If you aren’t careful, your shoulder might disappear as well. In short, it is very difficult for a pursuer to clear the level.”

“Sigh, it’s difficult for a pursuer to clear, but it’s even more difficult for a fugitive. With so many people chasing after the fugitive, it’s just too difficult to last ten minutes!”


The rookies that came in pursuit discussed as they left separately. They were waiting for the next round to begin in seven minutes.

Shi Xiaobai fell silent for a moment. Suddenly he turned towards where the rain of bullets came.

Clearly, he had missed a chance of clearing the level by a sliver.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not regret it. He could have indeed chosen to shatter the Death Epaulette on Ye Sheng’s shoulder, but Ye Sheng would very likely be riddled in holes by the rain of bullets.

Shi Xiaobai obviously would not choose to do such a despicable act that was oblivious of life in order to clear the level. Therefore, he had rushed in front of Ye Sheng immediately, using the Sword of Wind from the Kun Peng Sword Technique against the rain of bullets.

However, Shi Xiaobai was furious. The bastard who had shot the rain of bullets had shown complete disregard for Ye Sheng’s life. Such a ruthless act infuriated Shi Xiaobai. And the crux of the matter was, that the thing that was in the bag flew away just like that. How could Shi Xiaobai tolerate this!?

Shi Xiaobai was extremely fast as he quickly traversed through the forest. Soon, a figure entered his vision.

He was a lanky short-haired teenager, wearing black clothes, but his eyes were cold. Both of his hands were in his pockets, but his expression looked somewhat incensed.

Shi Xiaobai stopped and frowned slightly. “It’s you?”

Shi Xiaobai’s nose twitched and smelt the faint and dissipating smell of gunpowder. Immediately staring at the short-haired teenager, he coldly said, “It’s you!”

Shi Xiaobai never expected that the bastard who had ruined his plan dared to stand at his original spot.

The short-haired teenager squinted his eyes slightly. His slender single eyelids narrowed into a slit, while his expression looked somewhat cold. With a cold tone, he said, “How do you want to die?”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai immediately laughed.

Yo, this bastard is rather overbearing!

Shi Xiaobai slowly raised his black and white sword. Although he had just used Excalibur a short while ago, the little amount of psionic power he had regained was enough to beat the shit out of the bastard in front of him.

Shi Xiaobai was seldom angered, but the bastard in front of him had truly angered him.

At this moment, circular rings of yellow light began to light up as guns of all sorts—shapes and sizes—appeared out of the circular rings of light.

Densely packed guns filled the sky as they distributed all around Shi Xiaobai. Even the sky above his head was filled with guns.

“How do you want to die?”

The short-haired teenager’s hands were still in his pockets as he leered at him. He looked insufferably arrogant.

It was the same sentence, but the extent of its terror was completely different. The first sentence of ‘How do you want to die’ was like a threatening scare, but when the densely packed guns appeared out of thin air, this sentence sounded like the declaration of a death sentence.

If it were any ordinary person facing all these guns, they would probably pee themselves and hurriedly shout the exit command.

However, the person the short-haired teenager was currently talking to and had all the gun barrels pointed at was Shi Xiaobai. He was Shi Xiaobai, who remained intrepid even when facing the legion of skeletons soldiers, the bat riders that shrouded the sky, and the demonic army that filled Demon City.

“This King loves to teach a lesson to foolish mortals who think that they are better than others.”

Shi Xiaobai said coldly as he took a step forward.

At this moment, the triggers of all the guns that filled the sky were automatically squeezed!

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