AC Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: I’ll just quietly watch you posture

Shanghai City, Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Main Auditorium

At this moment, everyone in the auditorium had a face as though they had seen a ghost, especially the elderly God of Swords and the middle-aged Zeus couple which recently arrived. Their expressions were already indescribable with words.

The elderly God of Swords was still alright. In order to maintain his awesomeness, he forced himself to remain calm. However, the middle-aged couple could not hide the gloom, disbelief, anger and disappointment on their faces…

In the last thirty minutes, everyone was watching the stone monument, focusing on the five Zeus rookies on the fifth level. Sunless was the fastest to obtain victory and head to the fifth level, but soon, news of three defeats appeared!

The female whopper was defeated by that cute girl from Gaia, Mozzie!

The burly teenager had been defeated by the blond youth from Gaia, Kevin!

The pigtailed youth had been defeated by the short-haired girl from Gaia, Mu Yuesheng!

The outcome of the three battles was displayed on the stone monument for all to see!

The people who were discussing how long the three Gaia rookies could last a moment ago had all shut their mouths.

The middle-aged couple that wanted to make snide remarks at Yama Minamiya and Riko felt as though they had eaten a fly. They could not produce a single sound for a long time!

This result was too sudden and too incredulous!

A bizarre but silent atmosphere pervaded the entire auditorium. The crowd that had been smacked ruthlessly in the face no longer knew what to say.

The rookies of Gaia, a second-tier organization, against rookies of Zeus, a first-tier organization ended up in three out of three victories?

Two of these lineups had their duels end in less than ten seconds in the recent battle exchange. And at this moment, the outcome was completely reversed?

What had just happened?

No, it should be said, what drugs did those three Gaia rookies eat?

How was it possible for them to make such an amazing reversal?

Without being able to use words and comments to express their feelings of shock and distraught, everyone could only remain silent. Even if their faces had swollen from being smacked, there was no way to retort stubbornly.

The first person to break the silence was Riko. Flowers were already blooming in her heart from the joy she was experiencing. The beaming smile on her beautiful face could melt the eyes of everyone, but even so she said with a smile, “At Gaia and Zeus’s battle exchange, Tu Dahei once said—Gaia is filled with hidden talents! In fact, these three rookies are hidden talents. The performance at the battle exchange was just to hide their true strength, but now, having met an old rival, they could not spare them since it was an elimination duel. So everyone, there’s no need to be shocked. The matter is just like that, nothing much.”

Riko sat down after saying those words. Her eyes were narrowed into the shape of crescents as she commended Mozzie and company for producing such impressive results.

This was the most pleasant moment in years before she could vent her unhappiness in public as a person from Gaia.

Yama Minamiya helplessly shook his head. His daughter’s actions were beginning to resemble Shi Xiaobai’s. This was problematic!

Yama Minamiya coughed slightly and said, “I wish everyone will not over-emphasize this matter. I believe everyone knows that Gaia has been keeping a low profile all these years, so this matter is truly nothing. It’s only defeating Zeus, just three victories out of three. Nothing much.”

After Yama Minamiya said this, he immediately felt exceedingly cool.

Fuck, the word ‘only’ is truly artistic!

Everyone was at a loss for words. They only had one thought in their minds:

You are awesome, I’ll just quietly watch you posture.

The middle-aged couple had livid expressions. They could not remain silent and just as they wanted to stir up a storm, the elderly God of Swords immediately stared at them. He gave a repressed shout, “Aren’t you going to the medical ward to check on the children?”

The middle-aged couple could only nod their heads and leave the auditorium filled with indignation. They did not even dare to say any redeeming words before they left. There was no other way. With three victories out of three, especially against Gaia, which they taunted so much, their faces had been smacked so much that they swelled into pigs’ heads.

The silence in the auditorium remained for a few moments before someone suddenly said, “Look, Shi Xiaobai and Heartless’ battle is not over! Anyone has any guesses how their fight is going?”

Immediately, someone responded, “It has to be abnormally fiery, with both sides pushing hard at it, fighting a desperate battle, constantly exceeding their limits and surpassing each other. A battle of the century which no one is willing to lag behind!”

People in the auditorium began to discuss immediately.

There was no other way. Their faces hurt from the smacking. There was a need to change subjects!

Fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Battle Arena #2

“Tu Dahei, you are actually a lefty, right!?”

When Heartless said this, his expression looked serious. However, his tone was mostly being jovial and feeling helplessness.

He obviously knew that Tu Dahei was not a lefty. The clumsiness at the beginning could not be faked, but at this moment, Tu Dahei’s use of his left hand was smooth, without even the slightest delay. He was more lefty than a lefty.

This dramatic improvement only took him about thirty minutes!

Such terrifying adaptability was completely unheard of!

Shi Xiaobai grinned and said in high spirits, “What a joke. How can This King be compared to mortals like you. This King is ambidextrous, proficient with both left and right hands!”

Heartless could not help but roll his eyes. This Tu Dahei actually acknowledged his praise for him.

Heartless took a deep breath and said seriously, “Tu Dahei, I only used 60% of my strength during the three hundred strikes. It is also to repay you for the mercy you showed me. From now on, I’ll be using my full strength.”

Homecoming Sword was the most basic sword technique for Heartless. It was equivalent to his ‘Beginner Sword’.

He only used Homecoming Sword three hundred times as a form of repaying Shi Xiaobai’s mercy when he was defeated because of the “black sword’s rebellion”.

But in the three hundred clashes, Shi Xiaobai had went from ‘barely struggling’ to ‘seizing the opportunity to counterattack’. Such terrifying learning capacity made Heartless fear holding back.

This was a monster that would surpass you if you were a little inattentive!

“Come on!”

Shi Xiaobai nodded as his eyes became brighter. The fighting spirit in his eyes burned hotter.

Heartless’ Homecoming Sword was after all his ‘Beginner Sword’, but wasn’t Shi Xiaobai also using Beginner Sword all this time?

After the three hundred clashes, Shi Xiaobai had conquered the unfamiliarity of using his left hand. After gaining the quintessence of using his left hand was the best time for him to use Kun Peng Sword Technique with his left hand!

The two lifted their swords and faced each other once again.

This duel did not seem like there was an obsession towards victory, but more like a sword exchange with mutual respect!


Heartless suddenly boomed with a low pitch. The white psionic sword in his hand was immediately enveloped by azure rings. The azure aura was like layers of condensate film, reflective and crystalline. When the sword moved, it would produce ripples, just like ripples that appeared on an azure water surface.

A light azure glow suddenly enveloped Heartless’ body. His entire body was wrapped in an azure liquid membrane as it emitted a cold aura outwards. Heartless was extremely handsome to begin with, and now with him shrouded in the azure glow, his mortality seemed extinguished, making him as striking as an immortal that had descended.

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  1. Heartless was extremely handsome to begin with, and now with him shrouded in the azure glow, his mortality seemed extinguished, making him as striking as an immortal that had descended.
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