AC Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: For Lord Shi Xiaobai!

Fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Battle Arena #3

The female whopper’s skin had turned bronze-colored, with a pair of horns growing on her head. Her face twisted and turned into an ox head. She had transformed into a massive bronze Minotaur!


The female whopper took a step forward fissuring the ground as the ground began to shake!

Her eyes which were the size of bells had already turned red. Staring at Mozzie, she had surging killing intent that felt suffocating.

The female whopper was thoroughly enraged. An ant she thought she could easily trample had taken advantage of her carelessness to burn her soles and clothes, making her appear wretched. The ant was not to be forgiven and deserved death for her sin!

The female whopper walked towards Mozzie. The flames produced by Grilling Hammer did not blaze any further when they struck her bronze body. Even the high temperatures of Stewing Wok Hammer were useless.

Mozzie could only constantly retreat, but her speed was extremely slow as well. Soon, she was cornered by the female whopper.


The female whopper bellowed angrily as her right hand that had transformed into a metallic hoof came smashing down at Mozzie!

“Magical Silver Shield!”

Mozzie managed to conjure a dark silver shield just in time!


The metallic hoof that brought with it devastating power smacked down, causing the magical silver shield to vibrate violently, as a tiny crack appeared.

For a B-class defensive skill to barely withstand a single strike, it was evident how powerful the female whopper was.

But thankfully, the female whopper’s speed had become more retarded after transforming into a bronze Minotaur despite having her strength and defense enhanced.

At this moment, the female whopper resembled the Titan Ape!

“This Mosquito might not be stronger, but can’t she hide?”

Mozzie did not forcefully use Magical Silver Shield to resist the next strike but found an opportunity to run to the side.

From previously kiting the Titan Ape, Mozzie had finally rounded up the methods of fleeing. The way she dodged the female whopper’s retarded hoof looked extremely proficient.

“You can’t run!”

After the female whopper missed with her hoof, she immediately turned around to look angrily at Mozzie. Suddenly, she raised her metallic hooves and slammed down on the ground!


As the metallic hooves struck the hard earth, a rift opened in front of her. This rift spread forward like a snake that was rapidly crawling towards Mozzie.

Alarms sounded in Mozzie’s heart as she hurriedly ran.

The rift barely missed Mozzie’s feet, but suddenly, like grapefruit skin that split apart, it turned in a ravine a meter wide and three meters deep.

Mozzie rolled on the ground in a wretched state, narrowly avoiding falling into the ravine.

“You can’t run!”

The female whopper’s expression was ferocious. Her sharp voice sounded frightening as she continued trampling forward like a behemoth towards Mozzie. From time to time, she would slam on the ground with her metallic hooves, spreading tiny rifts before opening them up into ravines that crossed throughout the arena.

Mozzie gritted her teeth while constantly on the run. She was like a rabbit that was being hunted relentlessly by a wolf.

But soon, ravines filled the ground as a result of the female whopper’s wanton destruction. The amount of space Mozzie had to escape to was shrinking, and slowly, she was forced into a corner.

“You won’t be able to run now!”

The female whopper sneered at the cornered Mozzie. Three ravines formed a triangle, sealing off all routes of retreat for Mozzie!

There was nowhere for Mozzie to run!

“I’ll crush you to death, shattering each and every bone of yours!”

The female whopper said such vicious words as she approached step by step.

Mozzie wheezed as she tried to catch her breath while fragrant sweat poured down her pale face. The battle with the Titan Ape had drained her greatly, and with her escaping in panic, her stamina was depleted.

Mozzie stared at the female whopper and said with a sneer, “You want to crush This Mosquito with those crappy hooves of yours? Do you even have any common sense? Furthermore, This Mosquito can use the exit command at any time. You don’t even let your vicious words go through your brain. Oh right, you don’t have a brain. A cow’s brain is filled with fat! Hmph!”

The female whopper’s face turned increasingly ugly. She had realized that she probably did not have a chance to vent her anger.

The female whopper stopped and stared angrily at Mozzie. She cursed, “Darn exit command! Get lost. Count yourself lucky. The next time I grab the chance, I’ll crush all your bones!”

Mozzie stubbornly stared at the female whopper. She had been forced into a corner and there was no way for her to challenge such a frightening Minotaur in a head-on fight. The only option for her was to escape with the exit command.

Since this selection was only a form of training herself, she did not plan on going that far. She was already lucky enough to reach the fourth level, so what more was there to wish for?

With her strength, it was only right for her to be eliminated at this moment. As long as she said the exit command, she would not need to remain so exhausted and forcefully persist on. She could lie in bed and have a good night’s sleep. She could have a sumptuous meal to celebrate her reaching of the fourth level.

No one would believe that she could defeat a Zeus rookie anyway. Even she did not think so highly of herself. Hence, no one would mock her for failing at this moment. No one would feel disappointed either. It was a trivial matter.

“Is that really true?”

Mozzie went into a daze for a moment as her pupils slightly contracted.

“No, that’s not true!”

There was still one person, a person who believed that she could go further and that she was not a weakling. That person even believed she had a chance of entering the top 10.

That person had selflessly contributed and seriously guided her. That person had taken great risks in order for her to become stronger.

That person had never obtained anything from her, but that person had allowed her to mature and be moved time and again. It was all very precious.

Did that person hold any hopes for her?

If she were to run now, would that person… be disappointed?

“No, I can’t disappoint Lord Shi Xiaobai!”

Even if there was a one percent chance, she could absolutely not disappoint Lord Shi Xiaobai!

Mozzie’s eyes turned red. The cowardliness and confusion in her eyes disappeared at that moment, leaving behind resolve and determination.

Mozzie suddenly took out a dark red bead from her pocket and put it into her mouth before swallowing it!


Mozzie cried out. Her delicate skin suddenly turned red as though she was being consumed by fire. Her face tightened as though she was experiencing excruciating pain.

This dark bead was the blood essence of the Titan Ape obtained as a reward after clearing a ‘hell’ difficulty stone door by collectively killing the Titan Ape!

The Titan Ape’s blood essence contained the power of the Titan bloodline; hence, Sunless and company naturally left the blood bead for her.

This was a treasure meant to enhance the purity of her bloodline when she was strong enough, but Mozzie had swallowed it at this moment!

This was actually extremely dangerous, and could even be considered a life-threatening move!

This was because Mozzie’s body might not be able to withstand the power contained within the blood essence. It was very likely she would explode to her death from swallowing the blood bead!

However, Mozzie was prepared to go for broke!

It was not for victory, nor was it a wager, but to not disappoint Lord Shi Xiaobai!

It was to not let the effort Lord Shi Xiaobai spent on her go to waste!

It was all to vindicate Lord Shi Xiaobai!

Hence, she wanted to win!

She had to win!

Mozzie swallowed the Titan Ape’s blood essence and immediately felt her blood boiling. A pain surged across her body and shot straight to her head. She screamed and nearly lost consciousness.

When the female whopper saw that Mozzie did not say the exit command but suddenly turned red as though she was in excruciating pain, her eyes immediately lit up. She walked towards Mozzie with cold and terrifying eyes.

At times, the thoughts of women could be more vicious than men’s!

“Go to hell!”

The female whopper roared angrily and slammed down at Mozzie with her metallic hoof, straight at Mozzie’s cute and delicate face!


A delicate hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the female whopper’s metallic hoof.

The strike had come to an abrupt halt!

“How can this be possible!?”

The female whopper’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Despite exerting her strength till her face turned red, her hoof failed to inch forward. She could not retract it either!

The fingers that clasped her metallic hoof looked like tender fingers, but they contained infinite power!

“How are you…”

The female whopper lowered her head to look at the cute girl in front of her. At this moment, her skin and eyes were both red. There was a demonic and sinister look on her adorable face.

An innate fear suddenly arose in the fat whopper’s heart.

Mozzie looked up, revealing her red eyes. With a hoarse voice, she said, “How dare a bronze ox offend the mighty Titan?”

Mozzie raised her hand gently, easily lifting the female whopper up by her metallic hoof!

The female whopper screamed in extreme fear!

Mozzie hurled her lightly!


The female whopper was helpless as she flew out like a cannonball before slamming into a wall. She penetrated wall after wall, but the arena’s walls did not seem to have an end. The female whopper did not stop as she continued crashing through the walls.

The female whopper’s eyes rolled over as she could not withstand such immense power. Soon, she fainted.

The red glow around Mozzie gradually dissipated. As she shook her head in a trance, she slowly regained her proper state of mind. She saw a hole in the wall that appeared to have no end in sight. The hole was no different in size to the female whopper. There was even the shape of a pair of large horns.

“Eh… What happened?”

Mozzie’s mind was filled with questions as she frowned.

At this moment, the authoritative voice resounded above the arena:

“The duel is over with Wen Hezheng emerging victorious. The victor will be sent to the fifth level in ten seconds and the loser will be sent out of the training ground!”

Mozzie immediately stared widely.

She had won?

How did she win?

She only remembered feeling extreme discomfort all over her after swallowing the blood bead. She fell unconscious from the pain, but after that, the situation turned into this.

Mozzie felt some lingering fear over the period of pain she had when she swallowed the blood bead. However, she was overjoyed over having somehow won the battle.

She had won, proving that Lord Shi Xiaobai’s hard work had not been in vain.

That was enough!


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