AC Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: What goes around comes around!

Fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Battle Arena #4

“Alright, it’s time to say goodbye to you.”

The burly teenager was somewhat bored and planned to mercifully end this unilateral abuse.

The blond youth in front of him was covered in injuries. His eyes looked glazed over and he had almost lost all ‘torture’ value.

The burly teenager briskly walked towards Kevin. He wanted to pluck the nearly-ripe fruit of victory!

The burly teenager was planning to use the most stylish posture to end this duel. As he briskly walked, he suddenly accelerated towards Kevin, like a cheetah that had noticed its prey.

Kevin’s eyes that looked glazed over suddenly recovered and stared angrily. With a roar, he smacked out with his right palm at the burly teenager!

“Black Bear Dominating Palm!”

That palm strike was still the unrepentant Black Bear Dominating Palm!

“Are you still trying to put up a last struggle? It’s already been dozens of times, but you still don’t realize that such a foolish offensive skill will never succeed?”

The burly teenager sneered in his heart. He instantly stepped away and easily dodged the extremely destructive Black Bear Dominating Palm, that unfortunately had too much precursory movements!

After dodging, he could sense that the blond youth who had just struck could not help but stiffen his body.

“It’s over!”

The burly teenager turned around and came behind Kevin. Seizing the one second of Kevin’s stiffness, he chopped at Kevin’s neck!

The burly teenager was relaxed and happy. This victory was indeed too easy.

Suddenly, the burly teenager’s pupils violently shrank. His raised right hand came to a halt as he looked incredulously at his abdomen—a palm impression was left on his abdomen!

Time seemed to stretch out at that very moment. At the moment the palm imprint appeared on his abdomen, the burly teenager’s mind went blank. Immediately following that, the pain of his internal organs rupturing spread across his body!


The burly teenager flew backwards like a cannonball. He flew out more than ten meters at an extremely fast speed. By the time he was in mid-air, his eyes had turned white as hot blood spewed from his mouth.


The burly teenager crashed to the ground and convulsed twice. He appeared to struggle to stand up but immediately collapsed to the ground weakly. Blood was pouring out from his mouth as his eyes glazed over.

Sounds of soft footsteps slowly approached him as the burly teenager endured the pain to look up. He said with a tremble, “How… How is this possible? How did you do it?”

Kevin lowered his head at the burly teenager and said, “Guess?”

The corners of the burly teenager’s mouth twitched. Kevin’s sudden destructive power had struck his abdomen without any warning. He was seriously injured and was quickly losing his ability to fight. He was bound to lose the battle.

But why did this happen? Why did the fool from before that was being beaten into a pulp suddenly was able to make such an effective counterattack?

“You had clearly… stiffened… because of your superpower… Why… Why could you turn around and hit me?” the burly teenager said amid coughs.

Kevin shrugged and said, “Think about it slowly.”

The burly teenager’s eyes were filled with rage. He struggled to get up but Kevin struck at him!


This palm strike hit the burly teenager in the back. Even though the burly teenager had used Psionic Hardening, he was still directly sent sinking into the ground. With a cry, he spat out another mouthful of blood!

Kevin showed no mercy nor did he provide the burly teenager any respite. Instead, he was beating on the downtrodden burly teenager till he lost all his combat strength.

The burly teenager gave a wry smile. The difference in strength between them was clearly immense, yet he had lost to a single strike out of carelessness, losing him the entire battle.

The burly teenager began recalling the entire duel and gradually understood something. As he was plastered to the sunken ground, he turned his head with great difficulty. He said in disbelief, “You… have always… been acting?”

A smile suffused across Kevin’s lips. Yes, he was of course acting all along!

By playing the role of a fool from the beginning, he took the initiative to bear the ridicule and beatings, all to seize that opportunity to launch a surprise attack!

The stubborn usage of Black Bear Dominating Palm was to make the burly teenager discover the weakness of the Price of Might, making him convinced of that weakness. All of that was to lay the foundation for this sudden palm strike!

Kevin did not use his superpower for the final Black Bear Dominating Palm. The stiffness was faked so as to let the burly teenager turn careless before he seized the opportunity to strike out at an extremely fast speed with his palm!

This palm was not any offensive skill. It was simple and fast, but with the augmentation of the Price of Might and the burly teenager not putting up any defense, this strike caused immense damage!

This was a successful deceit, allowing him to make an absolute comeback in one move!

All of this was taught to him by Shi Xiaobai—the essence of a deceptive assassin!

Kevin said with a sneer, “I forgot to tell you, This Genius is now an assassin.”

The burly teenager’s eyes widened as he gave a wry smile. Back at the battle exchange, he had said something similar, but he never expected for it to be returned to him so quickly.

However, he had indeed lost. Kevin had endured the humiliation and trampling, completing a near-perfect deceit. This was a textbook example of the weak beating the strong. He had lost without a cause, but it was also understandable!

“What goes around comes around.”

Kevin crouched down and raised his palm. “Then, it’s time to say goodbye.”

Kevin chopped the burly teenager’s neck forcefully. With a cry of indignation, the burly teenager fainted after all the serious injuries had reached the point of not being able to move!

At the next moment, the authoritative voice resounded above the arena:

“The duel is over with Kevin emerging victorious. The victor will be sent to the fifth level in ten seconds and the loser will be sent out of the training ground!”

Kevin looked up. His eyes were slightly red.

He had won. He had defeated a mighty Zeus rookie!

He had avenged himself, avenging the humiliation of the seven-second defeat!

He had changed. He had gone from a pathetic worm that indulged in his vanity, maturing to become a deceptive assassin who could endure humiliation.

And all of this was because of that one person.

That person clearly ought to have hated him, but he had given him help and guidance. He had made him understand the absurdity of vanity and had made him know what was true mightiness. That person had made him see a path filled with true light!

That person was someone he previously hated and later was jealous of. But now, all that was left was admiration and gratitude. That person had never changed. He was always that person who you hated and loved, but he was able to change your opinion, mind and even your values!

Without that person, this victory would have been impossible!

“Shi Xiaobai!”

Kevin looked up into the sky and shouted, “This Genius knew from the beginning that the term deceptive assassin is something you invented, but… This Genius still likes it a lot!”

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  1. The burly teenager was planning to use the most stylish posture to end this duel. As he briskly walked, he suddenly accelerated towards Kevin, like a cheetah that had noticed its prey… and waited for the full chapter.
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