AC Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: You can scold anyone but Tu Dahei!

Fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Battle Arena #5

The pigtailed youth held a dagger in hand while feeling short of breath. He looked exhausted.

That’s not right. Describing him as pigtailed youth was no longer correct because his pigtail had already disappeared!

The pigtail youth’s pigtail had been cut off at its roots. There was not even a tiny tail left!

And the person who did such a sordid (beautiful) job was the pigtailed youth himself!

This was because at this very moment, thirty minutes had passed since the pigtailed youth said the words—”One minute. If I’m unable to finish this battle after one minute, I’ll cut my pigtail!”

Without being able to finish the battle even after thirty minutes, with an inkling that it would drag even longer, the pigtailed youth eventually cut his pigtail out of anger!

“You sure can run. You may not be strong, but your running skill is the best I’ve ever seen.”

In his rage, the pigtailed youth cackled. The girl with brown, short hair in front of him had a heaven-defying superpower. The ‘Lightning Flashstep’ was completely unreasonable. Every time he was about to catch up to her, she would transform into a bolt of lightning and appear elsewhere. That speed was something that left him in the dust!

And what was most infuriating for him was that the girl had her eyes closed the entire time. She ran from beginning to end and did not even counterattack once.

The pigtailed youth was young and arrogant, so how could he endure such disregard? He had really blown his top!

If the pigtailed youth knew that Mu Yuesheng was not only closing her eyes, but was in Cogitation in a multitasking manner, he would probably tear up!

Mu Yuesheng ignored the pigtailed youth’s mockery and continued her Cogitation. Shi Xiaobai’s Massage Technique of God had improved her Cogitation cultivation greatly, but such an improvement had a limited duration. Mu Yuesheng did not want to waste a single second!

Therefore, even in the midst of a duel, Mu Yuesheng prioritized Cogitation. This was because her goal was not the fourth or fifth level, but to be in the selection’s top ten!

For this, she had to reach the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm as soon as possible!

The pigtailed youth took a deep breath as he tiptoed towards Mu Yuesheng without a sound.

At a distance of about six meters away from her, a cold flash appeared in the pigtailed youth’s eyes. He suddenly burst forward with a staggering speed, and closed the distance instantly. Raising the dagger, he stabbed at Mu Yuesheng’s back!

“Go to hell!”

The pigtailed youth stared angrily, his face somewhat hideous, as though he was a cornered wolf!


The sounds of electric current buzzed as icy-blue bolts sparked around. Mu Yuesheng shot forward and instantly opened up a gap of more than a hundred meters. Without any suspense, the pigtailed youth’s sneak attack missed!

“Fuck! Are you fucking only able to run?”

The pigtailed youth cursed angrily. He nearly threw away his novel. This was not the way things worked!

Mu Yuesheng continued ignoring him. She did not even open her eyes. Her Cogitation was at a critical moment. She felt that she was beginning to come into contact with the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. She was just short of a tiny bit to make a breakthrough!

As for the pigtailed youth’s attacks?

Mu Yuesheng simply ignored him. Thinking back to that night during her fight with Shi Xiaobai, even Shi Xiaobai’s surprisingly fast Crab Steps was helpless against her. He had finally managed to wear her out with his strong endurance.

If her opponent at the battle exchange was anyone else but Sunless, who completely inhibited her, she would not have been easily defeated, even if it was Heartless!

In terms of psionic cultivation realm, damage or defense, Mu Yuesheng knew that she was still far inferior compared to the rookies in the selection. But in terms of speed and dodging, Mu Yuesheng believed she was one of the best!

Maybe there would be a rookie who would be able to catch her in her bolt form, or there would be a rookie who had enough strength to corner her, or a rookie like Sunless, who possessed a method to inhibit her, but that person was definitely not the pigtailed youth in front of her!

Mu Yuesheng continued her Cogitation without any worry. She knew that the fifth and sixth levels determined if she would be able to enter the top ten. As for the fourth level, it was the last time she could catch her breath!

The pigtailed youth, who was disregarded, felt incensed. There was truly nothing he could do to this brown haired-girl!

“Gaia is indeed the trashiest organization. All it nurtures are trash like you that only know how to run?”

As the pigtailed youth could not hit Mu Yuesheng, he began launching verbal invectives!

Mu Yuesheng continued ignoring and disregarding him. She felt that she was about to breakthrough. Just a little bit more!

The pigtailed youth had given up attacking as he began to taunt to vent his anger, “Trash that cannot last longer than ten seconds in the battle exchange. Look at the trash that participated in the selection. A retard calling himself a genius? A humanoid pet that only knows how to act cute? And you, a coward that can only run away?”

Mu Yuesheng’s eyes remained calm. Such a pointless and weak taunts could not make her heart quiver at all.

“Just a bit… a bit more…”

Mu Yuesheng felt that she was already about to touch the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm with her fingertips. She felt like a pupa being restricted in a cocoon. She had already broken out a tiny crack, and light was seeping through the crack. The desire to break out of it grew intensely as no one could prevent her from taking that resolute step forward!

The pigtailed youth said with a grim look, “The funniest person is Tu Dahei. He’s just a scum at the seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, yet he calls himself king? He’s just a retard with eight-grader syndrome. He must have used a forbidden method with an extremely high price on the day of the battle exchange to increase his strength. He’s just a dog that will go to despicable means raised by Gaia. That forbidden method must have emptied his body, so he will not progress any further in the future. With his character, that doesn’t know any better, I can already foresee the horrible outcome of him dying out on the street…”

When the pigtailed youth mentioned Tu Dahei, his eyes were filled with hatred, so he spoke with even more vicious words.

“Just a bit more…”

Mu Yuesheng sighed and suddenly opened her eyes. She turned to look at the pigtailed youth, while her brown pupils looked as cold as snow. Mu Yuesheng coldly said, “You made a very bad choice.”

He could launch invectives at Gaia, he could taunt her, but cursing Shi Xiaobai, that was intolerable!

Icy-blue bolts flashed around vibrantly around Mu Yuesheng like testy pixies. The sizzling sounds of electric currents were intermixed with angry explosions.

The pigtailed youth said angrily, “How can trash that only knows how to run do anything to me? I’ll let you know how wide the gap is between me as an elite of Zeus and a Gaia trash like you!”

Ten minutes later.

A pigtailed youth who was charred black all over lay on the ground as though he was dying. Electric currents snaked around his body as they buzzed.

The pigtailed youth convulsed from time to time as his eyes looked glazed over. He said trembling, “You… You should not be a Gaia rookie… How can a trash organization like Gaia… have such a… powerful rookie like you? Im-Impossible…”

Mu Yuesheng stood afar with a calm look in her eyes. “Gaia will soon surprise everyone.”

No, Gaia has Shi Xiaobai. It will probably not be as simple as a surprise!

Mu Yuesheng seemed to think of something as a smile suffused across her lips.

When the pigtailed youth heard this, his eyes were filled with contempt while he wanted to say something derisive about Gaia.

At this moment, an icy-blue current flashed and with a sizzling sound, the pigtailed youth convulsed once as his eyes rolled back. With a terrible cry, he fainted!

An authoritative voice immediately resounded above the arena:

“The duel is over with Mu Yuesheng emerging victorious. The victor will be sent to the fifth level in ten seconds and the loser will be sent out of the training ground!”

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