AC Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: You are actually a lefty, right?

Shi Xiaobai was also dumbfounded. He also realized that the two holy swords were being ‘jealous’ of each other. They were arguing over the right to be in his hand!

The sword hums from the black and white swords became harsher on the ears as they vibrated more intensely, as though they were about to come to a fight.

Shi Xiaobai obviously could no longer sit idle. With a cough, he said to the two swords, “This King has received the intentions of the both of you. There is no need for the both of you to argue any further. Doesn’t This King have two hands?”

The black and white swords apparently understood what he said as their sword hums came to a halt, but very quickly, they began buzzing again, as though they were arguing over who should be the right-handed sword and left-handed sword.

Shi Xiaobai stared at them as he stabbed the black sword in the ground and said, “No more fighting or This King will not use either of you!”

This sentence was certainly effective as the two swords immediately became like deflated balloons. The sword hums came to a stop and moments later, two ingratiating low hums were produced, as though they were two children who were admitting their faults.

Shi Xiaobai could not help but shake his head and sigh. “Sigh, it is not your fault. The fault lies with This King being too excellent!”

When Heartless saw this scene, the corner of his mouth could not help but twitch.

Can you not be so shameless?

When Heartless saw the ingratiating black and white swords, a trace of envy could be seen in his eyes.

These were holy swords!

Ordinary people, even sword geniuses like him would thank their lucky stars to obtain the recognition of a holy sword. Getting a holy sword to recognize it as its master was a thing of dreams.

Even the elderly God of Swords could only force a holy sword to make it to recognize him as its master. No one was like Tu Dahei. Not only was he the recipient of two holy swords taking the initiative to recognize him as their master, they even became ‘jealous’ over him!

If this matter was made public, it would probably cause a brouhaha in the swordplay community. An envious storm would immediately stir!

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai placed the two swords side by side and exhorted, “In the future, both of you are family. Learn how to get along together first!”

The black and white swords emitted a reluctant sword hum, but did not separate from each other, as though they were afraid of displeasing Shi Xiaobai.

Heartless was immediately unhappy about this.

Although the black sword had taken the initiative to recognize Tu Dahei as master, it did not mean it was his!

Heartless hurriedly said, “This black sword is my Ye family’s sacred heirloom. Brother Dahei, this black sword is only lent to you to try it out, and not as a gift!”

When Heartless said this, the black sword immediately issued a sharp protest in the form of a sword hum before Shi Xiaobai could even say a word. It had expressed its attitude.

When Shi Xiaobai saw this, he could only shrug his shoulders and say, “This black sword seems be a sword of This King’s destiny. As you can see, it does not want to leave This King at this moment. Of course, This King will similarly not engage in forcefully robbing items from someone else. Let’s do it this way. If you can defeat This King in battle, this black sword will be given back to you temporarily. If you were to lose, the black sword would be temporarily be kept with This King. This King will specially visit your family in the following days and give a sacred item of equivalent value as compensation for your family’s loss!”

When Shi Xiaobai said this, psionic power surged out from his left hand and instantly constructed a psionic sword. He added on, “To make it fair, This King will not use either of the holy swords!”

When Heartless heard this, his face looked unsettled. This black sword was extremely important to the Ye family. How did he dare to use the black sword as a bet? However, with the current situation, it appeared to be the only way.

Furthermore, there was no reason for him to lose to Tu Dahei, who was using his left hand, in a battle of psionic swords!

Heartless hesitated for a long time before taking a deep breath to say, “Regardless of the battle’s outcome, this black sword cannot be given to you. But since the holy sword has initiated recognizing you as its master, and you have a relationship with my sister, you would have to visit the Ye family at the end of the selection regardless of the outcome! Let’s do it this way. If you can win this duel, this black sword can be lent till the end of the selection. But once the selection is over, you have to hand it back. Whether you are able to get this sword from the Ye family after this will depend on yourself. How about it?”

Heartless languished in thought for a long while before finally thinking of a compromising solution.

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai nodded and said, “Alright!”

Shi Xiaobai could also read the tough situation Heartless was in. Furthermore, Shi Xiaobai would not forcefully steal the heirlooms of others.

Heartless’ eyes turned serious as a psionic sword appeared in his right hand as sword intent surged.

Heartless said in a deep voice, “For the holy sword, I will do my best even if you are using your inept left hand.”

Shi Xiaobai grinned and said, “This King can’t wish for anything better!”

Heartless did not speak further and walked towards Shi Xiaobai with his sword raised. The true battle was going to begin from this moment!

Both sides were using psionic swords, so the external interference was eliminated. The key to victory depended on their sword techniques and sword abilities, as well as their understanding of sword truth!

Heartless was hailed as the second best sword genius in the younger generation. Other than Sunless, he had never been defeated by any of his peers!

Hence, there was no reason for him to be defeated by Tu Dahei, who was only using his left hand!

“Watch it!”

Heartless slashed out and the sword technique he used was the pride of the Ye family—Homecoming Sword!

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up and met the strike with the sword in his left hand. What he used was a return to simplicity, Beginner Sword combined with the essence of the Kun Peng Sword Technique!


Shi Xiaobai was forced to take a step back when the swords clashed. Immediately, Heartless charged over with another slash!

Shi Xiaobai calmly faced him and with a block, he took another step back!

Heartless followed up with his third strike, but Shi Xiaobai did not dare to take it on. He retreated three big steps!

Just three strikes placed Shi Xiaobai completely at a disadvantage!

The Beginner Sword Shi Xiaobai used was extraordinary, but Heartless’ Homecoming Sword was far superior. Furthermore, Heartless’ comprehension of sword truths were also in the lead.

Furthermore, the power of Shi Xiaobai’s sword techniques were greatly reduced by using his left hand!

However, Shi Xiaobai did not look upset after being restrained by the three strikes. Instead, his eyes turned brighter. The flames of fighting spirit in his eyes burned intensely!

He saw Sunless’ figure in Heartless. It was as though he had returned to the night when their sword intents resonated. They had a spiritual connection and engaged in a swordplay exchange!

That night, he suffered defeat six hundred and fifty-three times and from that, he understood the difference of sword truths.

However, he slowly improved from suffering an abject defeat in one strike till he could withstand dozens of strikes. His comprehension of sword truths also went from nothing to something!

Shi Xiaobai had always found it regretful that his swordplay exchange with Sunless ended too soon. This was because the formation of his sword truth was just short by a tiny bit!

And at this moment, the Heartless in front of him gave him a similar pressure!

Although this pressure was not as great as the one Sunless gave him, it was a real pressure!

Shi Xiaobai liked pressure because pressure could allow him to challenge his limits, so that he could constantly improve and exceed his limits!


Shi Xiaobai greeted it with a beaming smile!

Three strikes and Shi Xiaobai nearly lost!

Ten strikes and Shi Xiaobai managed to barely continue!

Thirty strikes and Shi Xiaobai was still struggling!

Fifty strikes and Shi Xiaobai had yet to be defeated!

A hundred strikes, Shi Xiaobai was like an indestructible cockroach. He would always hold out at the final most critical moment!

Two hundred strikes, Shi Xiaobai gradually grasped the pattern of the pressure. As Heartless attacked him more and more violently, he finally managed to not retreat in a pathetic manner!

Three hundred strikes and Shi Xiaobai found a chance to launch a counterattack while defending. Slashing out, he forced Heartless to take a step back!

Heartless caught his breath as he looked unsettled. He looked with a face of excitement at Shi Xiaobai and suddenly said with a deep voice, “Tu Dahei, you are actually a lefty, right!?”

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