AC Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: Jealousy

Heartless was improving but so was Tu Dahei!

Furthermore, Tu Dahei’s improvement was more apparent than his. It went from crooked slashes from the beginning to the point of mastering the essentials of using sword techniques with his left hand. In just half an hour, Tu Dahei’s usage of sword techniques with his left hand looked as skilled as a lefty!

Without a doubt, Tu Dahei was a genius, a mind-boggling genius. He had spent only half an hour to conquer the unfamiliarity of using his left hand. Furthermore, he gained an understanding of how to use sword techniques with his left hand.

Heartless was extremely taken aback and similarly, he was rendered very speechless. In this ‘duel’, he had played the role of a pathetic training partner. Furthermore, it was the kind that kept being defeated. No, this plot must have been written backwards!

Heartless looked at the black sword in his hand. Most of the time, it was rather docile, but it would resist violently only during a clash. This black sword was the culprit of everything!

How good would it be if they had begun with psionic swords?

Heartless had such a thought as he began to feel a baffling sense of resentment towards the black sword.

“Are you actually up for it? Let’s just use psionic swords. This King does not like to bully others.”

Shi Xiaobai inquired once again. He had used a trick in his victory at the battle exchange, so despite him not being able to use his full strength due to the Absolute Choice’s punishment, Shi Xiaobai still wished to be able to defeat Heartless while he was using his full strength.

Heartless gaped but did not say a word. It wasn’t him not being up for it, but because this black sword was too much of a dirty trickster. Anyone would know how bad this black sword was if they used it. No wonder few people in the Ye family could control it over the millennia. Its temper was too bad!

Heartless wanted to throw the black sword and use a psionic sword. He knew that even with the drop in quality of the sword, he would then be able to use his full strength. So despite this trade-off, it would be a cinch for him to defeat Tu Dahei, who could only use his left hand!

However, Tu Dahei had made a ‘good-will’ offer for him to use psionic sword every single time, so if he truly switched swords, Heartless felt that it was equivalent to telling Tu Dahei that he was not up for it.

A struggle appeared in Heartless’ eyes for a few moments before his eyes suddenly lit up. He had thought of something!

Heartless suddenly threw the black sword to the ground in front of Shi Xiaobai and said with a deep voice, “Why don’t you try?”

That’s right. By letting Tu Dahei experience the black sword’s temper, he would know why he was in such a pathetic state. Don’t be a fucking back seat driver!

Just a single sentence.

If you can’t do it then don’t even criticize!

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised but was more happy than alarmed. He was truly curious how bad the black sword’s temper was.

Shi Xiaobai was in no hurry to pick up the black sword as he only had one hand he could use at the moment in time. Thinking of something, Shi Xiaobai gently threw Holy Radiance from his hand to Heartless.

Heartless subconsciously caught Holy Radiance.

Shi Xiaobai said, “I’ll lend you this sword for now. It’s also a holy sword, but it has a rather mild temper.”

Heartless felt the warmth from the pure white sword in his palm. He was slightly alarmed. This pure-white sword was also a holy sword?

This rich aura of light exuded a warm sense of affinity.

This holy radiance was very docile!

Why were swords so disparate!?

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had picked up the entirely black sword from the ground.

Immediately, there was a look of anticipation in Heartless’ eyes. This black sword was rather unfriendly to strangers. There were very few people who obtained the black sword’s acknowledge in the Ye family throughout millennia. The black sword would crazily resist just from a single touch of most inheritors.

Heartless was anticipating the moment Tu Dahei embarrassed himself.

However, something Heartless found completely unexpected happened. At the moment Shi Xiaobai raised the black sword, the dull black sword suddenly emitted a blurry black halo!

The light black halo enveloped the black sword. The halo’s light black color stood in stark contrast with the sword’s dark black color. It was as though a film had suddenly developed around the sword, giving it a refined luster.


The black sword vibrated slightly as it reverberated a clear sword hum.

Shi Xiaobai was given a fright. He felt the black sword stuck to his left hand like suction cups. The sword’s hum seemed to express a form of ingratiating closeness at him.

This black sword’s temper was bad?

Shi Xiaobai felt it was the opposite. He had a nagging illusion that the black sword was prepared to cling onto him until death.

Heartless was confounded as he said with a tremble, “It initiated… the acknowledgment of you as master? How… How could this be!?”

Over the past millennia, a few people from the Ye family had managed to gain control over the bad-tempered black sword, but none of them managed to make it acknowledge them as master.

But now, it had taken the initiative to acknowledge Tu Dahei as master?

For a holy sword to take the initiative to acknowledge a master was an amazing matter. Furthermore, it was this black sword with an odd temper. What was going on!?

At this moment, a sharp sword hum resonated!

Heartless immediately felt the white holy sword in his hand shake violently.

Heartless looked down as the white holy sword’s creamy white luster was flickering.


Heartless suddenly screamed as his right hand quickly released. The holy sword’s hilt which was originally extremely warm to the touch suddenly became extremely cold, a cold colder than the dead winter’s ice. It had frozen his palm numb instantly!

Holy Radiance fell from Heartless’ hand but did not drop to the ground. Instead, it floated in mid-air and rapidly flew towards Shi Xiaobai!

As Holy Radiance shot out, it stopped in front of Shi Xiaobai. A frantic sword hum was emitted from Holy Radiance, as though it was an aggrieved child’s crying complaints.

At the same time, the black sword in Shi Xiaobai’s left hand produced a sword hum.

Holy Radiance’s blade switched directions and by angling itself at the black sword, it began to vibrate.

The two swords’ hums began to interlock as though they were quarreling children.

Heartless was dumbfounded as he stared at this scene. As he felt his slightly frostbitten palm, he thought to himself that the white sword’s temper was clearly worse than the black sword’s!

Furthermore, why were these two swords appearing to be ‘jealous’ over Tu Dahei?

It wasn’t just appearance, it was definitely ‘jealousy’!

Heartless finally figured out the reason why the black sword would resist him at a critical juncture despite him obtaining a preliminary recognition of the black sword. It was not because black sword suddenly had a bad mood and its temper flared.

It was because it had met Tu Dahei. Every time he slashed it at Tu Dahei, it would resist vigorously. It was resisting him because of Tu Dahei!

“What… what’s the meaning of this?”

Heartless was too deep for tears.

What sort of charm did Tu Dahei have? How did Tu Dahei make the black sword initiate the acknowledgment as master to the point of making the white sword feel insecure, resulting in the two holy swords ‘quarreling’ over him?

This was never seen or even heard of before!

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