AC Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: This black sword is against him!

“Receive your punishment, youth!”

The Absolute Choice apparently liked to do ‘surprise attacks’. The moment of the punishment was just perfectly timed. It caught Shi Xiaobai off guard, with an accident nearly happening.

But thankfully, Shi Xiaobai reacted very quickly. He dazed for an instant after Holy Radiance fell, but he quickly squatted down and rolled towards the right. As he dodged Heartless’ strike, his left hand quickly picked up Holy Radiance.

Although his actions looked rather pathetic, it was still the best choice in a true battle.


At the moment Shi Xiaobai dodged, he suddenly heard the sound of a metallic sword hitting the ground. He quickly turned over and saw the black sword in Heartless’ hand drop to the ground as well!

Eh? What happened?

“What’s wrong with you?”

Shi Xiaobai and Heartless said the same thing in unison.

Shi Xiaobai, who was in a half-squat, stood up. He brandished Holy Radiance in his left hand twice and immediately felt a sense of ungainliness. Towards a right-handed person, using a sword in his left hand felt rather odd.

“It’s alright. This King’s right hand of a King is too powerful, so it would intermittently be sealed by the Evil Gods of various worlds. Now is a moment of the seal, so the right hand can’t be used. It’s alright. This King’s sword techniques with the left hand are equally awesome. It’s a piece of cake!”

Shi Xiaobai grinned. If this was a situation met by any other person, they would probably be flustered. They would grumble how the ‘Absolute Choice’ was such a scamming bitch, but Shi Xiaobai would not do so. He immediately thought of a solution!

If his right hand could not be used, couldn’t he use his left hand?

Such a solution looked very stupid and naive, and in fact, it truly was very stupid and naive.

However, from Shi Xiaobai’s point of view, this was the simplest and most straightforward solution.

Furthermore, challenging himself to use his left hand was rather interesting, wasn’t it?

The corner of Heartless’ mouth twitched. Things like Evil Gods of the various worlds or intermittent seals were not comprehensible for a person like him who had undergone formal education and become the top scholar at a provincial exam. From Shi Xiaobai’s conclusion, he was apparently going to use his sword with his left hand?

Was Tu Dahei’s left-handed use of swords equally awesome?

Heartless picked up the black sword from the ground, but he looked somewhat unsettled.

Shi Xiaobai asked in wonderment, “What’s wrong with you then?”

“It’s nothing.”

Heartless slowly shook his head. He lowered his head to glance at the black sword in his hand and could only give a wry smile.

He believed he had received the preliminary recognition of this nameless legendary black sword, but he never expected that the black sword would suddenly resist him at a critical moment. It was like an extremely obedient horse had suddenly kicked up a temper by lifting its forelimbs. As he was not mentally prepared for it, he was nearly thrown off the horse!

However, Heartless was not irritated. After all, this black sword had been passed down for several millennia, but few managed to control it. Only the original owner was able to fully control it.

Truly powerful swords all had a temper!

Instead, a desire for conquest was kindled in Heartless’ heart!

Heartless raised his black sword and said, “Come on, let’s continue!”

Shi Xiaobai nodded. With his left hand holding up Holy Radiance, he took the initiative to charge!

Shi Xiaobai used Beginner Sword with his left hand as he slashed at Heartless!

By holding a sword in his left hand, it was similar to writing with one’s left hand. The first attempt would produce squiggly and crooked text. Hence, the trajectory of Shi Xiaobai’s slash was also crooked. It looked like it was lacking in force, and most of its energy had been dissipated. It was unable to focus on a single point.

Heartless sneered in his heart and thought to himself that Tu Dahei was indeed just bragging. His swordplay with his left hand was clumsy!

Heartless charged forward. Against such a clumsy left-handed strike, he obviously would not use all his strength; hence, he was also using Beginner Sword!

Heartless slashed out!

Suddenly, Heartless’ facial expression drastically changed. He felt the black sword in his hand strongly resisting him again!

Fuck, why does it keep choosing such a critical juncture!

Heartless refused to accept the fact as he withstood the pressure from the black sword’s resistance as he forcefully slashed out!


The pure white sword and the pure black sword clashed. It was a collision of forces which produced a dazzling flare!


The black sword in Heartless’ hand suddenly flew out and landed on the ground a short distance away. Heartless’ expression drastically changed again as he rapidly retreated.

Shi Xiaobai’s slash looked somewhat awkward, but it was still a force to be reckoned with. After withstanding the black sword’s resistance, Heartless was only able to use 30% of his strength so this clash ended in defeat!

Shi Xiaobai did not continue pursuing him. He asked in wonderment, “Why does This King feel that your sword is resisting you?”

After the clash, Shi Xiaobai had quickly noticed the problem.

Heartless immediately turned embarrassed. After picking up the black sword, he faked a calm expression and said, “This sword is a holy sword, so it’s natural for it to have a bit of a temper. It was just an accident.”

Shi Xiaobai was feeling somewhat confused. The Holy Radiance in his hand was rather docile. However, he knew little about the concept of holy swords, so he could only say, “Shall we continue?”

Heartless took a deep breath and nodded. Raising the black sword, he charged at Shi Xiaobai.

Three minutes later, Heartless watched disappointedly as the black sword flew out of his hand again and again. His eyes were filled with disbelief. It was the fifth time. Up to the fifth time of his clash with Shi Xiaobai, the black sword would always resist him at the most critical moment. It was as though it was deliberately against him!

As a result, after the fifth short clash, Heartless had been defeated five times by Shi Xiaobai, who was clumsily using his left hand!

Shi Xiaobai frowned and asked, “Are you actually up for it? Shall we just use psionic swords?”

Heartless gaped and felt somewhat at a loss as to how to respond.

Heartless felt like that plot had been written backwards. Against Tu Dahei, who for some unknown reason could only use his left hand, he should have been able to defeat him easily one time after another, then he could spare him one time after another, before repeating the ‘magnanimous’ question, “Are you actually up for it?”

Why did the plot become what it was now?

Or should he… just accept Tu Dahei’s suggestion and use psionic swords?

“No, I can control it. I can definitely do it!”

Heartless raised his black sword once again and said with resolute-looking eyes.

Half an hour later, the black sword flew out once again as Heartless stared in silence.

Heartless had already forgotten how many times he had been defeated or how many times Tu Dahei had spared him. This black sword definitely had a grudge with him. It would resist violently at the most critical juncture every single time!

In fact, Heartless had begun to slowly see though the moment of the black sword’s resistance. He had also learned how to deal with the resistance and had managed to reduce the negative effects to a minimum. Hence, he was insisting on using the black sword because he believed he would control it sooner or later!

However, not only he was improving, Tu Dahei was also improving!

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