AC Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Always Ready

Kevin was sent flying with a kick and fell to the ground in a humorous manner like he was a dog eating shit. The burly teenager immediately laughed. He did not use any offensive skills for this kick, and had just relied on his strength. It did not deal much damage to Kevin, but it would cause physical pain, as well as produce comedic effects!

The burly teenager immediately felt better. Since he wanted to vent his flames of anger, he could not immediately finish the battle. He had to slowly torture his opponent and torment his opponent psychologically. Only then could he fully enjoy the fun.

Kevin crawled up from a wretched posture and turned his head to say angrily, “You deserve death!”

Seeing Kevin’s annoyed expression, the burly teenager felt delighted. He charged up once again. He could see the terror in the blond youth’s eyes. He wanted the pleasure of making him feel like he was a prey that was being toyed with!

After suppressing so much anger, it was truly great to encounter such a blond youth with a worrisome intellect!

The burly teenager acted as usual and appeared behind Kevin in a flash!

“Black Bear Dominating Palm!”

Kevin immediately appeared as though he could not restrain his anger and hit out with Black Bear Dominating Palm again!

However, the burly teenager easily dodged this strike once again. The explosive power missed completely!

The burly teenager kicked Kevin in the buttocks once again as Kevin fell to the ground in a pathetic manner!

This scene felt like a playback of the previous scene!


Kevin angrily cursed and after standing up, he charged at the burly teenager, sending another palm strike!

The palm was, as usual, done without any planning, with no emphasis on timing. It looked funny and laughable.

The sense of pleasure in the burly teenager’s eyes intensified. He easily dodged Kevin’s Black Bear Dominating Palm once again and kicked Kevin in the buttocks. Again, he only used a bit of strength, inflicting pain on Kevin but prevented him from becoming immobile.

Just as he previously said, he wished he could ‘have some fun a little longer’!

After being kicked to the ground a third time, Kevin stood up and questioned angrily, “Why is this happening? How can you dodge This Genius’s Black Bear Dominating Palm every single time? Why would you always dodge behind This Genius? It’s impossible! Impossible!”

Hearing Kevin’s hysteric questions, the smile suffused across the burly teenager’s lips. With a teasing voice, he said, “Fool, you are the first person I’ve seen to use your superpower in such a foolish manner!”

Kevin immediately had a drastic change in expression. He said in a panic, “How… How did you tell!?”

The burly teenager’s expression looked speechless as he said with a sneer, “Your stupidity is really incurable. There is no way you can possess such power with your strength. It’s obvious you augment it with your superpower. Every time you use Black Bear Dominating Palm, your body will stiffen. It’s obvious it’s a limitation of your superpower. There’s no one else who would reveal the weakness of their superpower so obviously like you.”

Kevin’s face suddenly turned pale as he said trembling, “No, there’s no way you could figure that out. You must be specifically targeting This Genius. You must have covertly investigated This Genius, or else, how would you be able to see through the weakness of This Genius’s superpower? That’s not right. That’s not This Genius’s weakness. You guessed wrongly. You guessed wrongly…”

Kevin hurriedly waved his hands as his eyes exposed a look of panic.

The burly teenager glanced at Kevin as though he was looking at a retard. He hissed, “Speaking with you only lowers my intellect. Fine, I’ll let you understand how foolish you are to reveal the weakness of your superpower!”

The burly teenager rushed forward once again.

What followed was a unilateral abuse that was unbearable to watch. The burly teenager would dodge Kevin’s Black Bear Dominating Palm every time, and use the moment of stiffness Kevin suffered from his superpower to strike. However, he would hold back and make Kevin suffer physical pain but prevented him from losing the ability to continue fighting.

As for Kevin, he looked extremely flustered. He would use Black Bear Dominating Palm again and again blindly. He would be assaulted every time his body stiffened, but he never realized his mistake. He was like a fool trying to use Black Bear Dominating Palm augmented with his superpower to strike the extremely fast burly teenager, but would end up in a wretched state every time.

The contempt in the burly teenager’s eyes turned more intense. Only when Kevin was covered with injuries to the point of not being able to stand straight did he find it boring. He said with a sneer, “Alright, it’s time to say goodbye to you.”

Kevin staggered a few times. His body was completely bruised and his eyes looked glazed over, as though he had been beaten silly.

The burly teenager’s unhappiness was mostly gone. He was planning on giving the blond youth in front of him a ‘quick, enjoyable one’. Obviously, he would not deal a fatal blow, but it was likely it would leave an indelible memory on the blond youth.

The burly teenager did not realize that although Kevin’s eyes were glazed over, the cold glimmer in his eyes was calm and resolute. His five fingers had never separated from beginning to end. His right palm appeared to be always ready!

Fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Battle Arena #2

Heartless looked at the black-haired youth with delicate facial features in front of him. His eyes looked as though he was in a trance. He had recalled the day of the battle exchange. The strike that he was helpless against, and the power from that strike that clearly did not belong to a person of this level.

“Tu Dahei.”

Heartless never expected to encounter the opponent he absolutely did not want to meet in the ‘duel elimination’. But similarly, the pride of being a super rookie made him unafraid to face the battle!

Heartless slowly pulled a black sword from his back. This sword was more valuable than the previous one he used. The Ye family’s head had sent him this sword in anger after learning that Heartless’ sword that had accompanied him for a decade had been shattered.

This sword did not have a name. It was entirely black in color and was one of the sacred items passed down in Ye family for countless years.

However, this black sword once belonged to a legendary figure, so this black sword did not easily recognize a master. Although the Ye family had lasted for several millennia, few could truly control this black sword.

Heartless had yet to be able to fully control the sword, but his sword talent was astounding, so he had obtained a preliminary recognition of the black sword!

When the Ye family head sent the black sword over, an angry message came along with it—If you were to shatter this black sword, you are no longer part of the Ye family!

Heartless raised the black sword as fighting spirit gradually ignited in his eyes. He would not lose this time, nor could he lose!

Shi Xiaobai smiled slightly as he was rather happy. To be able to meet Heartless at the fourth level’s duel of elimination was an extremely good thing for him!

Back at the battle exchange, in order to help Gaia, he had used ‘One Second Shura’. In fact, it was not Shi Xiaobai’s usual style. It did not conform to his kingly ways!

Shi Xiaobai was still nursing a grievance over the matter. Hence, to be able to fight Heartless with his true strength was something Shi Xiaobai anticipated greatly!

Shi Xiaobai slowly stretched out his right hand. White light bloomed as a pure-white Holy Radiance appeared in his hand.

The two of them faced each other in silence, but their eyes were filled with burning fighting spirit. It only professed a single word—battle!

“Three, two, one, begin!”

Once the mechanical voice was done, Heartless immediately charged at Shi Xiaobai!

Shi Xiaobai raised Holy Radiance and gradually lifted his right foot, as he was prepared to charge head on!

At this moment, a fiery voice suddenly resounded in Shi Xiaobai’s mind:

“Daily-style Absolute Choice is over. Twelve hours have passed. Massage Technique of God has yet to reached the Exemplary Mastery realm. You will experience a D-level punishment! From this moment forth, your right hand will completely and absolutely lose all feeling for the next twelve hours!”

“Receive your punishment, youth!”

The moment the voice was done, the right hand Shi Xiaobai had raised immediately lost all feeling. His five fingers that held Holy Radiance immediately stiffened.


Holy Radiance fell out of Shi Xiaobai’s right hand and dropped to the ground.

At the same time, Heartless’ black sword slashed over!

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