AC Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: That night, she shattered several toilets squatting

Shanghai City, Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Main Auditorium

As everyone was in heated discussion over the matter of Shi Xiaobai conquering the Level Lord, the stone monument finally returned to its ordinary feed after a few minutes.

Immediately, a keen-eyed member of the audience noticed something as he exclaimed, “Everyone, look at the fourth level!”

Everyone immediately turned their heads and revealed shocked expressions. They saw that on the stone monument’s fourth level zone, which only had one name on it, there were suddenly nine more names. And most interesting of all, out of the nine names, five of them were Zeus rookies, three Gaia rookies and one Shi Xiaobai!

Some people had originally speculated that ‘Shi Xiaobai’ was a rookie from Gaia, but the data they later obtained was that Gaia’s ‘Shi Xiaobai’ had yet to begin psionic cultivation when he entered Gaia. After the matter of Shi Xiaobai conquering the Level Lord, many people immediately debunked the theory of Shi Xiaobai coming from Gaia.

Yama Minamiya did not try to forcefully prove the matter because he realized that using facts was more useful than words. He began imagining what everyone’s expressions would be when Shi Xiaobai came out and everyone realized Shi Xiaobai was Tu Dahei.

However, Yama Minamiya found it extremely uninteresting for what was happening now!

The fourth level was in between the third level which had the most number of people and the fifth level. It should have been a level with many people, but reality was just the opposite. There were constantly few people on the fourth level. This meant that the fourth level was likely randomly selected to be a ‘duel elimination’.

Nearly everyone had deduced this conclusion. ‘Duel elimination’ was one of the most cruel forms of survival of the fittest. It was something no one wished to encounter.

And now, on the fourth level, out of the ten people, five were Zeus rookies, three were Gaia rookies, and a single Shi Xiaobai. Furthermore, according to the order, it appeared as though Heartless was matched with Shi Xiaobai. The three Zeus rookies were matched with three Gaia rookies. Sunless was matched with an unknown rookie.

“Heartless versus Shi Xiaobai. This match would be cruel. One is a super rookie, and the other is a dark horse that created a divine miracle. Both of them have what it takes to be in the top ten, but one of them will be forced to stop at the fourth level.”

“That’s why duel elimination mode is the most worrisome. In past years, many genius rookies who could clearly go far encountered a more talented trial-taker than them in duel elimination, resulting in them coming to a regretful end of their trial. Heartless and Shi Xiaobai, one of them will end in regret!”

“Although I’m a fan of Heartless… I do not wish for Shi Xiaobai to be eliminated.”

“Pfft, you are speaking as though Heartless can eliminate Shi Xiaobai…”

“Eh? Did you notice that three of the Zeus rookies are facing three of the Gaia rookies. Two of them have apparently met each other in a battle exchange not long ago?

“Heh, what you said is true. I paid attention to the battle exchange. I remember that Gaia’s Wen Hezheng and Kevin did not even last ten seconds in battle. Now, they are facing the same opponents, and should it be said that enemies often cross each other’s path or that Gaia’s luck is really bad?”

“It can’t be? Not even ten seconds?”

“Ten seconds is just a euphemism. In fact, it ended in six or seven seconds. The gap between the two sides is just too great. There is no point in focusing on such a battle that is overwhelmingly advantageous to one side. The outcome is already decided.”

“Pitying Gaia.”


Everyone was in a flurry of discussion.

Yama Minamiya and Riko’s emotions were experiencing the twists and turns of a rollercoaster. They were still extremely excited for Shi Xiaobai previously, but now they felt worried. This wasn’t called enemies often crossing each other’s path, it was called colliding with a ghost!

They were already nearly certain that Mozzie and Kevin would be eliminated. Mu Yuesheng might need to endure a bitter fight with the outcome unpredictable. She was similarly in danger.

It was not that they chose to lack trust in their rookies, but it was because the outcome at the battle exchange was just too terrible. It was even called one of the most one-sided battle exchanges in recent years. If not for Shi Xiaobai changing the tides at the very end, the battle exchange would probably give Gaia flake for many years.

The elderly God of Swords looked somewhat complicated. The five Zeus rookies had reached the fourth level and had encountered the Gaia rookies that they could easily crush. That was obviously a good thing, but with Heartless meeting Shi Xiaobai, it made the elderly God of Swords worry.

Could his disciple beat the mysterious Shi Xiaobai, who had just created a divine miracle?

This duel elimination that seemed to be arranged by ‘fate’ had aroused the concern of many people.

Fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, Battle Arena #3

Mozzie’s pale face finally turned for the better through the use of her endurance technique. The female whopper’s appearance had panicked her for a moment, but she quickly calmed down.

She had been training in the third level for more than ten hours. Furthermore, she had received advice from Lord Shi Xiaobai. She was no longer an ignorant girl. At least, she would not be defeated in a few seconds like last time.

Mozzie slowly constructed a psionic warhammer as her eyes revealed courage and fighting spirit.

The female whopper saw the change in stance of Mozzie and immediately said scornfully, “I thought you would immediately escape. Who knew that you were naive enough to attempt resisting. It looks like you still haven’t realized the difference between us!”

Mozzie smacked her lips and said, “The difference between us? Are you talking about the difference of This Mosquito being cute and endearing and you being fat and old-fashioned?”

“You’re courting death!”

The female whopper immediately widened her bell-like eyes as her nostrils spewed hot gasses. Angrily, she said, “I’ll beat you flat!”

Mozzie brandished her warhammer and shouted without fear, “Come on, let’s see who’s afraid of whom!”

At this moment, a mechanical voice resounded in the arena:

“The duel is about to begin. Countdown in ten seconds, ten, nine, eight…”

Mozzie took a slow deep breath. Although she was not afraid, she was still somewhat nervous. The fat whopper’s body looked somewhat frightening as though she was a tiny mountain.

The fat face of the female whopper had an oily shine to it, making her even more ferocious looking. All her life, she had hated petite and cute girls that attracted the stares of boys the moment they appeared, just like Mozzie!

Furthermore, this cute girl was from the same organization as the evil Tu Dahei!

Only the heavens knew how many toilets she shattered that night from squatting!

“Three, two, one, begin!”

The moment the voice disappeared, the translucent domain separating the two participants immediately vanished!


The female whopper thundered and ran at full speed towards Mozzie. Her speed was extremely slow, but every step caused the ground to shake. She was like a rumbling heavy-armored vehicle that came smashing at Mozzie!

This time, Mozzie did not rush up to clash with the female whopper with her body, like at the battle exchange. Instead, she slowly raised her psionic warhammer!

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