👑 Absolute Choice — 170 👑

Chapter 170

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Sponsored by: Cody Tracy, tue sterndorff

Translated by: CKtalon

3 thoughts on “👑 Absolute Choice — 170 👑” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Oh have you decided to stick with the crown from now on?? I personally think just using one of those symbols is the best instead of using many. That way a single symbol can represent the series. Like ☯ represents ISSTH and the little cloud represents Spirit Realm.

  2. Noooo don’t let the masses budge this king. This king does what he wants irrelevant of the ignorant masses. I want my ever changing icons that change in accordance with topic of the chapter. Damn you normality. Lol of course you can do whatever you want. Just some varying opinions here.

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