👑👑 Absolute Choice — 166 👑👑

Chapter 166

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Translated by: CKtalon

5 thoughts on “👑👑 Absolute Choice — 166 👑👑” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I know it might look like a childish and stupid complain, but i am not a fan of changing the emoji with every new article. Maybe there’s other people like me, who look at the ‘recent posts’ widget to identify immediately new chapters for their favorites novels based on the emoji. I kinda always have to do a double take to find Absolute Choice…

    Sorry and thanks for your work

    1. Actually XD I didnt notice the announcement for the latest update (166) because of the emoji lol. But i dont find it all that bad. what really gets me is how they are related to the chapters, you see. its like reading a list of the abilities and sometimes characters that will show up in the chapter. Of course its minor but my hype for the chapter gets a little deflated after that.

      But i do like seeing all the different emojis. It makes the “recent posts” tab look colorful and full of life. I wish all the novels here would have their own mark. That would be cool.

      but if i had to choose i would like the emoji for Absalute Choice to just stick to one thing. maybe a crown. To represent “This King” and all that. But not with a face. I dont like the one with the face and crown lol, just a crown is fine. XD

      1. Yeah sorry i wasn’t clear. I like the emojis. Just like you said, it bring a little color and personalisation to the list on the right. What i disliked was that it was changing a lot lately for Absolute Choice.

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