👑 Absolute Choice — 143 👑

Chapter 143

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Who guessed the usage of Riko’s superpower in the grand scheme of things?


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Translated by: CKtalon

7 thoughts on “👑 Absolute Choice — 143 👑” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. The two swords in the announcement tricked me… not cool… now I have to provide an insult/criticism to the book…

    This book will only exceed common gag manga if the main character stops referring to himself in the third person (particularly as “this king”). I keep checking new chapters to see if his arrogance has subsided, but alas I just become more and more disappointed.

    Now stop changing the picture in the announcement title. Rebirth of the Thief is actually something I somewhat look forward to. You soured my mood with this trick.

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