BTTH 600!

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Many of you guys might not know but I also run a site called Gravity Tales and its second anniversary was 20 days ago! Go check it out if you guys have time! There are 42 novels there with many of them well into the couple hundreds.

 Feburary: there will be 28 releases and 16/16 right now!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

Third chapter of this week is here!

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10 thoughts on “BTTH 600!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. congratulations on making it to 600th chapter of this web novel thank you for all your hard work wish all the luck and good health for you and your team in weather you keep translating or not.

  2. Ok, i am very curious how from 13/13 on 599 it became 16/16 on the 600th chapter is it me that can’t count or?
    Is that number of chapters in February or? Couse the way i count them they are 14 so far.

    Oh i forgot to say the most important thing and that is thanks for the translation it’s just curiosity got the better of me and i was quick to ask :).

    1. posted on his site

      Posts jumping numbers etc.

      I’ve been lazy and have been just copy and pasting the previous post whcih is why there were 2 posts saying that we were 13/13 chapters for the month and then the next post saying that we were 16/16. That was a typo on my part, it should have been 15/15 and I messed up since I stayed up so late finishing the chapter that the day had already changed. THus, you’ll see another 16/16 in today’s post.

  3. from what i can tell the patreon donation system seems to be flawed, people donate but also have the ability to remove the donation because they are only tallied up on the 1st of the month. The translator doesn’t release chapters until the tally is done because of people removing the donations at the last moment ….also means if you donate in good faith you don’t have access to material until the following month…was going to become a patreon but don’t like that system at all.

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