🗡RT Chapter 72🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the first release of the week. I’m releasing this in class while the prof. is still giving his lecture. *sniffle, sniffle* The things I do for you guys.

As per request, after mention of Candy, I present to you:

The Archies!!!

Enjoy your trip back to Nostalgia Land.

8 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 72🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’m truly hyped to read this novel because you are one of my favorites translators…

    but a little more than 70 chapters… It’s just too few…

    One you reach 100 chapters I’ll make sure to read all of them in one night… :]


  2. Ohhhh Shanks! Why would you go so far for us? I thank you and I am sure I speak for all your fans when we say, we appreciate all your effort and hard work that you put into this. May you have easiness in your translating and writing.

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