🗡RT Chapter 70🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the fifth release of the week. This is a bonus chapter I’m releasing to somewhat make it up to you guys for not releasing last week. I can’t guarantee seven chapters this week, but I’ll still try my hardest. Though, I have to admit… I am a little burnt out. Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

7 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 70🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey man, a happy and healthy translator means happy readers! you have to think of yourself first, if you’re unwell take some rest.
    Forcing yourself can only be harmful in the future, it would be a shame to see this novel be dropped.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Hey man, just wanted to ask if there are any status screens just like the one in chapter 3 that shows stats, skills equipment etc.
    Thank you for your translation, i love this series

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