🗡RT Chapter 145🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the sixth release of the week. I hope you enjoy! Thank you to Manuel P. for sponsoring this chapter!

Note: So, this is a little personal milestone of mine for most work I’ve done in a week. Remember, these chapters are 3.5k characters in length now. If we were still on shorter 2.2k chapters, then this would have been the 9th release of the week. Woo, me! Also, I’ll be starting a Patreon next week I guess. Hopefully, I’ll get the seventh release out before that happens, but to reiterate, I’ll probably just add the amount given through patrons into the queue. I’d like some ideas on what I can do for milestones or to give back though, if anyone has any. I’d prefer not to paywall chapters.

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7 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 145🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hidding a few chapters behind a paywall is the way to go, your just take you time ONCE to be ahead X amount of chapters, but get the “we want to be ahead” money from us on a monthly base.

    Besides, even a single chapter works fine, you just need to tease us a lil like Deathblade started a couple of days ago, just to see a ~200%+ increase in patreons (even at 1$ per patreon this adds up).

    Yes, paying is a nice way to say thanks, but lets be honest here: most of use readers prefer to say nice words only, money gets only spend on graspable benefits.

    Teasing us with “hidden away” chapters results in many paying to read them, this in return enables you to spend more time on your work without losing out, resulting in more chapters for everyone.
    => win win!

  2. Thank you very much for your hard Work!
    I#m looking forward to your Patron (It feels sad to sponsor single chapters with something like 5€, but be one of 100×5€ in a patreon looks way better 😉 )

  3. Ya I’d rather we did Patreon over paywall. First I hate subscriptions, I’d probably even prefer LNMTL over that. Second, I feel Patreon is better since it gives a better incentive to release more chapters.

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