🗡RT Chapter 139🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the third release of the week. I hope you enjoy! Thank you to Christopher B. for sponsoring this chapter.

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  1. Finally I noticed what triggers me at this one: NOTHING HAPPENS!

    I like this light novel. Yes it has its logical flaws. Yes, it has its loopholes and mistakes, we all know it. But what annoys me is, that I read a single chapter which seems long: Littleshanks updated us at some point, that the character amount doubled or something. And my browser tab is really filled with words. But just nothing happens. In this chapter Nie Yi buys a couple of properties, notices that he can tackle the next quest since his uber skill is ready now and is logging out of the game getting picked up Tang Yao to meet the group in a high class club. This is a whopping amount of 3 events happening in a single chapter.
    Now, I know that alot of details are provided. I did not miss them, no need to list them here. But they don’t fill the hole in the tooth, as the german would say.
    Maybe Littleshanks can open a patreon page, as many of his colleagues do. Maybe he can get another translator join in. But I need more chapters translated, faster!
    Of course, One could wait for a week and read all in one go, but lets not kid ourselves: nobody wants to do that and for me it’s really impossible to not read, knowing another chapter is out. So please, listen to this one fella who is sure, not to be the only one having these feelings. Release more chapters.

  2. I don’t wanna be that guy but you did it again. No third normal chapter this week. But we did one sponsored chapter.

    I appreciate your work shanks keep it up but consistency is nice.

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