? SOTR Chapter 389 ?

Yesterday’s chapter!

Edited by: Deyna

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Oliver B. of the UK! Thank you so much for participating in the great sponsor special of 2016, I hope you’ve been enjoying the chapters!

Ish late, but I will press on to bring you guys today’s chapter as well!

<3 etvo

13 thoughts on “? SOTR Chapter 389 ?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. no. I like the crowns ;-;
        and the moon is gray and darker gray… not colorful
        dang’t etvo *flips table* use something relevant to the chapter if you gonna mimic AC *flips another table*

        1. WOAH WOAH WOAH. Dont give etvo any funny ideas! fist of all! i like that the moon isnt as colorful as the rest of them. it gives it its own unique look to it. i felt a little surprised to see it and it even make me come to take a look too (ive never looked at this before either.)

          Etvo, i think the moons are a wonderful idea. once you choose something you have to take pride in it and not change it a lot…. unlike.. well anyway lol. i like the moons. they give a unique look to SOTR 🙂

          PS. TGR and TDG are both translated by the same person. so its like a unique tag by the translator. i think its acceptable.

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