【TGR】Chapter 258 & 259

The two chapters were done a couple of days ago but couldn’t find the time to post it up.
Anyways, good news! It’s 12pm now and later, I’ll have my night shift work. Thereafter, I’ll be on leave for 1 entire week! I still remember the 2 chapters I owed you guys from 2 weeks ago!

Anyways, these two chapters are last week’s share of TGR!

Chapter 258 – Suppressed
Chapter 259 – Won’t Die

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. What the f**k guys?! Am I the only one wondering why there is no release?! I don’t care about the title!! I am pretty sure that Thyaeria is messing with us since every f***ng time he declares something he doesn’t do it… Is there anyone else who translate TGR?

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