⚔️Talisman Emperor — 51⚔️ Click Here to Read About the Prequel to the Most Unusual Treasure Hall!!

Oops! I meant read the chapter for the prequel. XD

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Chapter 51

Talisman Emperor Glossary

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        1. He souldn’t do it. There are already enough stories that after coming back from work I can’t tell if I’ve missed a chapter because the recent posts is too short now. Last thing we need is people taking up multiples lines constantly.

  1. It might be stupid to ask this but can the people behind this novel stop with the clickbait. If had I any interest in trying this novel to see if it was good, now I certainly don’t because of your actions. Frankly, you’re annoying. That’s the kindest I can put it.

    And yes, my opinion doesn’t represent the majority and all that other stuff.

    1. Well I’m sorry that this annoyed you.
      I was just putting out legit promotion as the teaser(title of this post) is true, so I don’t consider this as 100% clickbait.
      The way you say it sounds like I’ve been spamming clickbait, but the post from yesterday was a factual reply to comments, and the post today is also a teaser based on true facts.
      But oh well, to each his own, i guess. 🙂

  2. I honestly don’t see where the click bait is, he puts the name of the book in front,and gives a short explanation afterwards. For someone getting so much hate over posting how he wants it’s crazy. Might as well go to qidian and take the freedom away from the translator

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