⚔️Talisman Emperor — 103⚔️ Good+Bad News

I have both good and potentially bad news today 🙁

Alright, so we’ll start off with the good news. There will be 9 weekly chapters starting from the 6th of November.

The bad news is there’s pretty bad rain over where I stay, and some places have already flooded. So I’m not affected right now, but I might lose net/electricity, or worse case scenario, get caught up in the flooding. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys and girls know not to panic in the event that I do disappear and don’t update the chapters. I will post them all ASAP if that happens. But for now, everything is fine and I’ll keep everyone updated. 😀

P.S. I probably won’t get affected, but I feel it’s better to just let everyone know instead of just vanishing.

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Chapter 103

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  1. Thank you for the chapter and the (hopefully not necessary) warning. We all know how fast people are cussing here, if they don’t get their dose of chapters at their expected time xD.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated. Don’t worry about us in case something does happen. Making sure that you and your loved ones are safe and unflooded is most important. Best of luck!

  3. First of all thanks for all the chapters that you are going to release! And second of all stay safe Sur translator, may the Force be with you 😀

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