⚔️ Toiletpaper Emperor Invading WW + Shout-outs! ⚔️


I’ve finally invaded WW successfully! 😝

Well hello everyone, I’m InVader, and coming with me to WW is the tale of Chen Xi, the Talisman Emperor.

The synopsis (both official and custom) can be read by clicking HERE!

So what’s the story like? Well, in my opinion, the author,Xiao Jinyu, is a big fan of descriptions and details, and he goes to great lengths to allow the reader to better imagine and immerse themselves. This is also one of the reasons I decided to launch with so many chapters, as the first 5 or so lean more towards background and world building.

What’s the story about? A poor kid struck with a string of misfortune that’s forced to be the breadwinner of his family and bring home the bacon by crafting talismans. That’s the basic premise, I’ll let all of you read and find out how his life unfolds for yourselves! 😝

So what are you waiting for, come enter the world of Chen Xi!!

>>CLICK HERE FOR CHAPTER ONE<< or click on the read chapter button below!

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Launch Chapters: 43 + 1 teaser

Release Rate: 7 chapters per week


Shout-outs! (Click on their names to see what they do)

Insane — Thanks for all the help setting everything up!
GZ — I’ve named my first post Toiletpaper, I’m waiting for yours! 😏
DB & Etvo — Thanks for helping me with testing editors!
Qumu — I’m lost for words XD Thanks!
Jay — My cute editor!
Grenn — Thanks for the lovely poll!

P.S. Sean is noob, don’t read UTS 😞

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  1. I could use some toilet paper at the moment …
    Having a little “waiting war” with my flatmates, because I don’t want to be the one who mainly buys the toilet paper anymore. They don’t give or do anything in exchange after all!
    So we naturally already don’t have toilet paper for a week here. Bought some for myself and always store it in my room now …

    1. Lel… I can so totally relate to this. I did the exact same thing at my last apartment. Kept it in my room and just brought it in and out with me for a year until I moved. Wage the good war! <3

  2. Welcome invader, hope you love over here. I have always interested in talisman/sealing tecniques so i’m quite interested in this talisman emperor, thanks for bring it to us. ^^

  3. lel, if by “pulling shit” you mean “wanting to get paid for the work I do,” then sure, that was me. You’re very right, you don’t have all the information and it’s way more complicated than that. Also as an fyi, there was no legal contract, which was part of the problem. Judge what you will, though. My happiness does not depend on your misinformed opinions.

    1. Again, I conceded that, however making a public post in the way that you did was very unprofessional, also you have been making things very personal from the start from what I have seen, that is not good behaviour if you have any intention of being paid and treated as a professional, especially in a community like this that is only very recently booming enough to have any kind of money in it, in a “fans for fans” community, expected payment from the start without even clarifying that from the start is rather entitled and poor practice, even in a professional environment this would be unacceptable behaviour. Ps. I don’t care about your happiness.

      1. I made one post to clarify a falsehood. Then he responded and you know what? All you got was his side on that because I chose to move on and not create more drama. So as a completely uninvolved party, I hope you can do the same. You have unnecessarily caused drama to cloud the start of a new series.

        You really have no clue what happened or what you’re talking about, so move on with your life.

  4. Welcome to Wuxiaworld (wait, was the second w always uncapitalized?). This sounds like a fun novel to read, and that’s an awesome number of chapters you’ve launched with.

  5. Greetings Fellow Daoists, and thank you for sharing your path here on WuxiaWorld.

    P.S. To Jay, in regards to any hate on the site I offer you the following quote from Tao Te Ching: “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” Thank you for your hard work.

    -Daoist Red Sky

  6. Hello and welcome to Wuxiaworld!
    I’d love to check out the new novel, but with following ED, SOTR, SR, LOAR, HJC and TDG (and Doluo Dalu, if Bagelson published chapters again), and also trying to read the remaining 1500 chapters of ISSTH, I just couldn’t bear the daily readload of another novel. *sigh*

  7. I never thought I’d welcome an invader, but this InVader is worth it! A warm welcome from me and the rest of the community~! Talisman Emperor looks like a fascinating read, I’ll definitely check it out!

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