⚔️⚔️Talisman Emperor 3X Contest⚔️⚔️

Hi everyone!!
Book 5 of TE is starting tomorrow and Ch200 is just around the corner! So I’m starting a BIG contest to celebrate this!

How big? THREE CONTESTS HELD IN PARALLEL BIG! And you stand a chance to win 6 chapters plus MONTHS of FULL ACCESS to my gDocs stash!

Starting today until the 15th of March, you’ll have the opportunity to make creations related to TE.

The categories for these creations which also constitute the three contests are: ART, FANFIC, MANHUA!

What this means is that I’ll be choosing three(3) winners for each category, and everyone can submit up to two(2) works per category. Besides that, there will also be two(2) special mentions for each category.

The first place winner for each category will win three(3) months access to my private gdoc folder which contains everything on Patreon and any stock I have.

The second place winner for each category will win two(2) months access to my private gdoc folder.

The third place winner for each category will win one(1) months access to my private gdoc folder.

The winners of the special mentions for each category will get the ability to request the release of one(1) chapter to be posted on the site

The judges for this contest will be me(InVader), Jay, Insane(Doctor Technomancer Emeritus Insane), miraclerifle(RS), translationraven(TV).

Manhua submissions require a minimum of 4 panels.

Please send your submissions to [email protected]

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, why don’t you read Unrivaled Tang Sect and join in Sean’s art contest as well!

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