♟ WMW Chapter 396 ♟

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Chapter 396

Edited by Theo

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  1. “Today, our Patreon sits at 91 patrons, $766 per month. This means that for the month of February, the number of regular chapters per week will be increased to five! Furthermore, there were also bonus chapters unlocked, which came from the combined effort of readers!

    Bonus Chapters Unlocked: 17

    1st milestone: 3 chapters
    2nd milestone: 5 chapters
    91 Patrons: 9 chapters”

    No 2 more bonus chapters for 110 patreons this time? 😛
    Can’t wait the 1st of March 😀

  2. Bonus Chapters Unlocked: 25
    So we will get 25 bonus chaps at the beginning of the next month, moreover 10 regular chapters per week. Tell me please, did you quit your work/university or whatever?
    Will you be able to take on such a load?

  3. Having a patreon is nice and all but be sure not to overwork yourself.
    I have seen way too many translators taking on more than they can chew and stopping the translations in a fit of frustration. I really like all the extra chapters but take care of yourself.

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