4 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 1186 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\
    **FOR THE SECT**

  2. Hmm… Isn’t there only 14 chapters left now? I’m just about to finish another novel, so if I pick this one up, doesn’t that mean I can read the entire thing in one go? Yeah, I think it’s time to pick it up today. Will still take about two weeks to finish reading it for me, at least, even if there’s only one chapter each day, it would still be translated before I finish it 😀

    Great, I’ve been looking forward to continuing to read this novel. I’ve missed that ruthlessness. Especially towards woman, he’s one of the few chinese main characters that just doesn’t make a distinction between men or women, it’s really refreshing.

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