♟ WMW Chapter 1040 ♟

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Theo: Hey guys. OMA is busting his ass off on finals(wish him luck), and I have my own exams going on right now. The rest of the team is otherwise occupied as well, so OMA and I are basically going at it whenever we can. Posting will be erratic for a while, so don’t depend on any set time of releases. It’ll take a month to get back to regularity. Thanks for being patient and understanding. Still three chaps a day

Chapter 1040 | Chapter 1041 (Teaser)

Translated by: Trina
Edited by: Theo
TLCed by: Trina, OMA

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*** After the end of this arc at chapter 1043, we will be taking a 3-day respite (1 chapter per day) to prepare for the final arc! ***

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  1. other people will complain about this but I don’t feel you need to worry so much about getting 3 chapters per day if its cutting into your real life matters like exams and finals. I had some exams earlier this week (only 2 that I really studied for) but even just that killed my time. I don’t know about WW’s policy on chapters per day or other peoples feelings but you can drop down to 1-2 or if you really need to for a day or two down to 0.

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