♔ SOTR Chapter 390 🌸

Does that look any better? *squints*

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This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Stephen O. of the UK and Matthew W. of Australia! Thank you so much for participating in the great sponsor special of 2016, I hope you’ve been enjoying the chapters!

Today begins the lofty goal of having a stockpile again! Still deciding what I want to do with the post title. Some liked the moons, some didn’t. Is this a good compromise?? XD I just want some color all of a sudden..

There will be another chapter today! It’s early enough that I can promise that. 😀

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  1. Thanks for the release~~

    For what it is worth, I am enjoying the color you brought and I would like to completely encourage you to either change it up often, or keep it the same for a week or few weeks, then change it up again.


  2. Also, he’s supposed to be a Sovereign, so those crowns are a perfect match. However, it’s not that important to me and more importantly your announcements, so do as you wish.

          1. Thank you very much~~
            My interest got piqued with the ch 391 title! The head is swimming with many different possibilities of what 2 factors have been changed; somehow I got a feeling that one of them might have something to do with currently there is not a restriction on how many points you can bet.

            I can’t wait to see how Jiang Chen handles this~

  3. Hey, thanks for the chapter~~
    With regards to the moons and such, I do like the moons, with that being said, I would enjoy seeing what you would choose if you did something with the moons different.

    If you are having trouble deciding, you can always poll us readers, and help you choose.

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