♔ SOTR Chapter 380 ♔

I am here! The chapter is here!

I am also incredibly pooped and will catch up on the chapter I owe you guys tomorrow. GDK readers, I’ll catch up on the week’s worth of chapters this weekend. <3

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    1. Maybe he’s going to do a triple release akachunu, since he missed 2/2/17 and 2/4/17 then with the regular scheduled chapter. I don’t know, although I’m fine with just one chapter being released, since he has his own personal life to attend to as well 😛

  1. I´m sorry, I know you´re probably still pooped, but I have to know…
    will there be a chapter today???
    I´m hitting F5 like a labrat!!!
    Please if there won´t be one today just say it so I can go to sleep

    Also thank you for all your hard work, Wuxiaworld makes my day

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