♔ SOTR Chapter 245 ♔

My apologies, this chapter is unedited!

Apologies all, I’ve been refraining from publishing when chapters aren’t fully edited but I really didn’t want to delay a chapter for any longer. I’ve been dead on my feet translating past 1am for the past couple of weeks and I’m really tired at work these days too. @[email protected] Can’t stay up until it’s edited…

A fully edited chapter will be up in 12 hours from this post.

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  1. thanks for the chapters……guess you’re busy with a lot of things. Not that im blaming you or anyone. But Since chapters are slow to come out these days i think il stop reading for awhile and let it grow. Il binge reading later on. Hope Jiang chen makes this precious tree sect kneel and grovel unto his feet.

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