♔ SOTR Chapter 243 ♔


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And this, my friends, is how a would be villain who wanted to make a grand entrance trips… and falls flat on his face. I wish there was a way I could see this acted out in real life — as it was, I was cackling behind the screen at 1 am. XD

<3 etvo

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    1. Geh, another fool wanted to be trolled… 🙁

      First, do note many readers of this site doesn’t take kindly to fools that trolls translators to release more chapters than they’re able to.
      Second, recently Alyschu of ATG get sick from forcing herself translating in unlikely hours (3am or 5am), we really really don’t accept behaviour that may cause health degration to our beloved translators (and if you love their works you should at least rein yourself from pushing them, too!).
      Third, trolling translators have caused some translators to drop translating some series (remember Stellar Transformation), so rushing translators is like killing the goose to get the golden egg – do you want another chapter but getting the series abandoned?

      Last, if you really want to read the next chapter there’s still machine translation. Go get the raw (the chapter in original language) and translate it with google or yahoo or whatever translation service is available. They’re lousy but you can at least guess reading it, just stop nagging translators and do the deed yourself!

  1. 3 chapters a week is still (many times) faster than Doulou Dalu, and people are able to stand that speed.

    Thanks for the chapter! SOTR is deservedly in the top 5 of my reading list, which includes masterpieces like ISSTH and DLDL.

  2. Just watch Shingeki no Kyojin, the part where the giant titan looks over the wall and imagine he was just gonna say hi but tripped and accidentally kicked the gate open.

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