♔ SOTR Chapter 241 ♔

Here ’tis!

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I’m here to share a travel horror story… I’m currently traveling for work and man, the second leg of my flight was crazy delayed yesterday. It went from 9:15pm takeoff to a 12:45am takeoff, I got to my hotel at 3am and have been sitting in meetings since 8:30am… *hurk* Definitely one of the most painful work travel experiences yet. On the other hand, I got a boatload of translating done for one of my paid gigs. 😀 So happiness all around? I have a deadline coming up at the end of this month for one of the computer games I translate for pay, so I’m pushing hard towards that deadline and will hopefully be able to pick up more speed with translations (SOTR & GDK) again when I finish it.

But *snickers* thanks to the meetings, I can quietly sneak in an early update thanks to a break.

Thank you all for the support in various ways, and the recent pickup in donations. We may be able to go back to a 7 chapter a week schedule if the queue keeps being filled up like this. 😀 (I owe you guys a triple release from the competition, I’m aware!)

<3 etvo

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    1. I’m uber scared right now, connecting through DTW. That airport is known for never getting in and out on time. *lesigh* More translating to happen on plane!

  1. Ugh traveling, you know it is supposed to be fun… but right now I am traveling across south America cause my mom works at home and she thought this would be fun for me (haha.. yeah) anyways there is a lot of 10 to 38 hour bus rides across the mountains and desert in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. All in the past month ugh still it is fun haha nothing beats going to bed in a actual bed after a long bus ride then reading some nice chapters in the morning ?

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