♔ SOTR Chapter 236 ♔

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This chapter is brought to us by Matthias S. of Germany! I’d also like to thank Matthias and Drew from the last sponsored chapter for being so generous as to clear one chapter by themselves. A round of applause for these fabulous folks please guys, you have my utmost appreciation!

Major shout out to my friend LittleShanks, welcome to WW! I’ve seen the start of his journey and am truly excited that he’s here on WW as well. Please check out his novel, and best wishes for everything going on in his life right now.

I think I may need to write this particular announcement in all my announcement posts for a while, since I properly expressed myself back in August when I mentioned I was going back to work full time. 🙂 The truth is, SOTR is on a 3x a week schedule. I’ve published chapters regardless of whether or not the queue was full since day one of being on WW, because I was so excited about being here and I love the story. Recent absurd negativity in comments and working full time means I’m not adhering to that anymore, and so I’m spreading the regular chapters out over the week. It doesn’t make sense to publish M, T, W and then nothing until the next week. Alrighty now?

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  1. hey etvo you know I really love you right? like really love you and your translation of this amazing story but this next chapter is exactly what i warned you about a while back. now you have to spend the entire novel translating everyone who has the Tie (iron) name into literally iron :/ sounds kinda silly when you have names like Iron Can no? anyways up to you to decide how to tackle this problem if at all and please remember i’m only trying to help make even more people love your story.

    cheers etvo and stay beautiful <3

    1. I actually thought about your comment when I translated his father’s name! 😀 I totally appreciate your comments, not what I’m thinking about when I said absurd negativity at all.

      But really, we had Eastern Long, Eastern Zhiruo, and now Eastern Gouyu. Is that really any much different? They just give some more meaning to the names, don’t you think? As opposed to Dongfang Zhiruo and Dongfang Gouyu. For me, I decided to go with Iron because their personalities seem as hard and unyielding as iron. What do you think?

      1. I think eastern Long or Eastern Zhirou sounds better than Iron Long or Iron Can but yeah it’s kinda nitpicking, I’m sure people will just ignore it as most haven’t read the lmntl raws and aren’t gonna make a fuss like me. good to see a translator sticking with her gut and I look forward to reading more of you work 😉

        keep up the top notch translation!

  2. [negative comments] –> ⬜ (its a box)
    ⬜ –> ?(train)
    ⬜ –> ✈(airplane)
    ⬜ –> ?(boat)
    ⬜ –> ?(rocket ship)
    ⬜ –> ☀(the sun)
    No negative comments allowed
    Thanks for the chapter etvo

  3. Etvo, thanks alot for translating this wonderful story and don’t mind the nasty comments. Remember that they are just edgy teenagers, who can’t do shit but freeload and then whine on the internet, like the absolute dogs they are. You and all translators on this site are amazing, and yet again thanks so much.

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