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    1. I give this choice a +1 without a doubt.

      I haven’t read it but from what I’ve seen it’s about history from long, long ago up to nowish. I won’t lie it seems interesting. But. now this is a big but. When I get books that are about history they tend to pile up dust for months until I actually read them.

      1. As for games. For me I’m a game addict of sorts. If it’s a physical game (as in not on a computer) then I would love to play it with anyone who wants to play. But again that’s just me.

        As for other people they like to have a game every now and again. Ffor example it can be a routine thing just for fun such as one day a week you have a night where you play games. That would be a good gift then.

        And the last thing. Exploding cats is a great game but think about how many people he has nearby to play the game with. cause exploding cats (like most games) is more fun to play with more people.

        That’s all I got. The rest is on you to decide.

  1. Sapiens is a nice book I would say. It tells us briefly about various important stages of homo sapien’s history; not about important historical points of civilizations/kingdoms, but rather important points of development of our species. It’s written in an easy to understand way and is very intriguing. Makes me think deeply.
    But then, however interesting it may be, it is still an ‘interesting book about homo sapiens’.
    So keep in mind whether the recipient will even show interest in such types of books 😂

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