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  1. Honestly, the punishment for breaking it has kind of disappointed me. In my mind i pictured the sect being destroyed in a single night by some sort of calamity. Not having a few people killed each day, of which the first couple of days were non-imporant elders/sect members.

    In the end the people who actually broke the oath, the sect leader and his accomplise, even managed to survive and flee. They’ll obviously get what coming to them later, but this made breaking the heavely oath feel quite underwhelming.

    Still loving the story itself though. Thanks for all the doubles we’ve been getting lately, Etvo and team!!

  2. I liked that they weren’t able to just trick the heavenly tribulation, but it sucks for the sect members! Especially all the elders… what i thwre was a potential harem member? XD

    Is it just me or did it sound like the whole sect knew they were no longer the tristar sect, they were now a division of the skysun sect? And that they just accepted it?!

    Thank you for the chapter! And so many days of double chapter releases!

    1. But they did trick the heavenly tribulation in a way. The main culprits suffered no attacks at all, while the only things they lost to the judgement were a few geniuses and some useless elders.
      I’d say they got out rather fine :p

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