☯ ISSTH Chapter 927 ☯

CHAPTER 900 CONTEST FINALISTS! First off I want to say that I read through the hundreds of entries for the contest, and there were so many good, well thought out entries. A lot of thought went into picking a handful of finalists, so if your character isn’t on the list, please don’t despair. That having been said, would the creators of the following characters please e-mail me ASAP at [email protected] so that I can ask some followup questions:

Fan Ying
Xuo Lingxi
Chong Zi
Maodun Renshu
Wu Lu

Chapter 927. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Courtrecords, GNE, and Lingson. Memes: Shu. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

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  1. I am a lazy person by nature, so can you possibly screenshot or create a link to all the finalist character descriptions? It’s a long shot, I know, but as a lazy person I need to at least attempt to be lazy otherwise, it would go against my very nature! But wait is a lazy person who tries to be lazy really lazy since they’re trying? Laziness sure is profound!

    1. This are 4 of the finalists… could not find Fan Ying, may be another name?

      Author: Rakan
      Real Name (optional): Xuo Lingxi
      Martial Name: Biggest Sister
      Preferred Weapon: Her fists
      Special Technique: Ten-Thousand Nagging Punches
      Physical Description (optional): Xuo Lingxi isn’t pretty, but big and generally happy, with a strong body comparable to lesser demonic beasts. She keeps her hair short, and dresses in a masculine fashion, but is unmistakably a very large woman.
      Backstory in a sentence: Eldest sister to a whole bunch of weak brothers, she decided that the best way to protect her family was to fight better than anyone else, and be stronger than anyone else

      Author: Zasgard
      Chong Zi
      Martial Name: Devouring Worm
      Preferred Weapon: Pickaxe
      Special Technique: Parasitic Consumption. Using threads of energy, it enters the opponent and consumes them from the inside. Doesn’t deal much damage at first but as time continues, it begins to eat away at the opponents core and then returns to him, boosting his strength as if the parasite threads were in a symbiotic relationship with him.
      Physical Description (optional): Because he doesn’t groom much, his appearance is extremely ugly. If he does groom, his appearance can make him look dashing in a emo way. However, it can quickly degrade back because of the Dao that he follows which gives him his special ability.
      Backstory in a sentence: Born with nothing, he was considered to be trash among his sect. After observing a leech eat a worm, he formulated his dao around it and was reborn.
      Note: he is probably not a nice person.

      Author: gByakko
      Real Name: Máodùn Renshu
      Martial Name: Errant Savior
      Preferred Weapon: Caestus
      Special Technique: Slaughterer’s Euphoria
      Physical Description (optional): A haggard, elderly man with bright eyes and a kind smile.
      Backstory in a sentence: A violent mercenary that sought redemption by walking the Buddhist path, but his wayward interpretation of the teachings led him to forcefully “release” victims of their worldly desires.

      Author: ciya
      Real Name (optional): Wu Lu
      Martial Name: Converging Paths
      Preferred Weapon: Thousand Forms
      Special Technique: Assimilation
      Physical Description (optional):
      Backstory in a sentence: As a boy an artifact split him into 12 copies; now as a man he must journey to find his clones and see who will assimilate who and who will stand at the top of the martial world.

      1. Creator: red4pain
        Martial Name: Fǎn Yìng
        Preferred Weapon: Life Mirror
        Special Technique: Shattered Glass
        Physical Description: His figure is indiscernible and illusionary except for his eyes that seem like they reflect everything he sees.
        Backstory in a sentence: A soul born from a mirror after countless years, that is on a journey to form a complete body.

        It was on the first page of comments, maybe you missed it

  2. Deathblade! I, Bjorn Dead-eye, will not accept this defeat! One day, I will make the world know my name!!! I will be back. And when I do, I will come in blazing glory!

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    After checking back the finalist entry, turns out the ones winning were those who keep their character simple (and also adhering to the rule of 1 sentence limit in their backstory), while still having the free space for further development.

    Actually kinda guess already after seeing the word ‘will be fleshed out’. I just couldn’t help myself to put in all little details as much as I can into my entry.. :p

  4. Ah Jiu Zhen wasn’t chosen, well congratulations to the winners, i can still roam the Jiang Hu in age of wulin with my character :P. Thanks for the chapter! Fang Clan arc is turning to be as good as Violet Fate arc.

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