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A few nights ago I hit my right big toe VERY hard in the middle of the night while carrying a crying Baby Deathblade around. At first I thought I broke my toe, but after a couple days it seemed fine except for the toenail, which looked pretty ugly. An hour or two ago when I was closing the refrigerator, I somehow managed to slam the door really hard exactly onto the injured toe. There was a lot of blood, and the toenail seems loose. I suspected from the beginning that it was going to fall off, and now that seems even more likely. I’m debating whether or not to go to see a doctor. Frankly, Chinese hospitals frighten me…. Anyway, has anyone out there experienced the loss of a big toe-nail through injury? Any grisly tales to tell, or advice to give? Let me know in the comments. This is the 4th chapter of the week. Please enjoy:

Chapter 1289. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreader: GNE and Courtrecords. Memes: Shu and CyanR. Meme Archives: JerryDaBaws. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter !
    As for you toe, it’s already happened several time to me, either broken toenail or the toe, the nail will fall after several days/weeks and a new one will grow, I don’t think there’s any need to see a doctor !
    It hurts a lot and after it falls, you toe is very sensible, but you’ll get used to it :p
    Thanks again !

    1. Agreed. In my experience the only thing to take note of is if the new nail starts growing down into the soft flesh of your toe which can happen in some cases – but if it doesn’t everything will be taken care of by itself!

  2. Ah… it will fall off… don’t worry about. One time when I was a child a stuck my finer somewhere I shouldn’t and my finger was destroyed! ugh… bad memories. Time is the answer.

  3. medical student here. if you can put weight on the big toe immediately after the trauma, then most likely there is no fracture. in this case, without examining it, i would say the biggest issue you will have is infection.

    1. I agree with him, the biggest issue is infection. I think you should seek medical help for drugs like NSAID to relieve your pain and inflammation or take an antibioic for infection issues. Keep wound dry and use disinfectan like povidone iodine after clean the wound. You can clean the wound with normal saline 0,9%, and wrap it with gauze after you clean it. you can get it all in medical store. Oh dont forget to wash your hand before touch the wound. I hope there is no fracture 🙂 if you can walk normally i think there isnt any

  4. well… there was this time when I was walking and used the right big toe to kick the sidewalk… it didnt move 🙁 , but my toe hurt for two months or so, after that, it makes some sounds of cracking when I stretch… aside from this, I’m alright.

  5. I’m from a Chinese background and I’ve had my big toe toenail fall off once.

    It started in a swimming pool where I was tiptoeing from being too short and somehow slammed my toe in a weird angle into the swimming pool floor. The toe nail came lose and a few days later it fell off.

    Being of an Asian background, my mother said no worries and applied the infamous chinese yellow solution onto where my toenail used to be and the toenail grew back, don’t remember in how long. Though through using that method my toenail was yellow for the next few years..

  6. It happened to me too years ago. The toenail totally separated from my toe but the nail will grow back again. Nothing to worry about. Didn’t even go to a Doctor. Just wrapped the affected toe with gauze so it won’t get infected and since without the nail, the area will be sensitive and may be a bit painful when hit with anything.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  7. I slammed my finger in a car door when I was young. I’d actually locked the door just before closing it, so I needed someone to Unlock it from the inside first. The fingernail fell off before the end of the week and when the new nail grew back it had a big dent in it that took weeks to grow out. It does sound like you are going to lose the toenail, I suggest using disinfectant on it before, during & after that process. My sympathies.

  8. Keep it clean at all times. If it was a freak accident like my toenail where half of it bent 90 degrees upwards, then cut it short so the new nail grows properly. If it’s damaged from the plate, then a new one will be regrowing from under it to replace your damaged one. Hope it gets better ?

  9. Hasn’t happened to me personally, but it happened to my wife a couple of times. Once when someone stomped on her bare foot by accident and once where her foot got caught under a door as it was opened and ripped the toenail off. She presently has all her toenails, so needless to say, they grow back 🙂 I’m sure you’ve already done so, but I would recommend disinfecting your toe and keeping it clean at least until the actual injury heals.

  10. I had something very similar happen to me. It was the night before we were going to move houses, so I was taking apart the beds. I was dismantling my sister’s bed which is made of steel, and was trying to pull the heavy headboard out of it’s socket. It wouldn’t come loose, so I really put my back into it and yanked. It came loose violently and left my grip, falling squarely on the big toenail of my right foot. Immediately, I started bleeding. It’s a tiny bedroom, and I quickly stepped out to avoid getting blood on the carpet – but even so, that short breathe of time was enough for a thick trail of blood to have formed on the carpet. My foot got really hot and started shaking uncontrollably, I had to sit down for the rest of the night and put ice on it. I woke up, and my toe wasn’t much better – the toenail had gone black at this stage.

    I spent the rest of the day limping as I helped load things onto / off the moving truck. As I was helping to carry a desk through our new home, I dropped it RIGHT onto my injured toe. Good times. Luckily I had family helping me move, otherwise it would’ve been a massive headache.

    Regarding the healing process. At first I thought the nail would need to be removed, or it would just fall off by itself. It certainly was loose at first. But I left it alone, and over time it toughened up. It remained black/red in colour (I suspect mostly cause of the dried blood under the nail), it took on a thicker, more grizzled appearance – in stark contrast to the fresh, white piece of nail growing from the bottom of the nail-bed. Gradually as the new nail grew, I would cut the top off the old nail, until it was eventually all gone. If it’s sounds similar to my case and there isn’t risk of infection/ the nail isn’t TOO loose, you should be fine. Otherwise, a short trip to the doc is a good idea.

    P.S. I hate moving.

  11. I’ve experienced this before. Best thing to do is wrap it up so you don’t hit it anymore as well as help moisten it up to speed up the process of it falling of. Continue to wrap it after the toenail has fallen off because the skin underneath the toenail is VERY sensitive. It will harden over after a week or so and it will just be a matter of waiting for the new toenail to start growing. Best of luck DB. I feel for you!

  12. never happened to me but i watched a video on youtube about it. some guy smashed his finger in a car door or something (idk what happened but i assume it was something like that), it was swollen and under the nail was completely black from blood. he heated up a needle/nail and burned a hole through his nail. the blood oozed out and the swelling noticeably lessened and his nail color was pretty much back to normal the next day.

    yours might be different though and the nail will probably fall of on its own. just something i thought i would share.

  13. Funny story…
    When I was a teenager,
    while playing soccer on the beach with my classmates,
    I hit the ball wrong.
    Didn’t have a big toe-nail by the end of that week. <_<

  14. Happened a lot in my childhood (liked to kicking around) and still happened sometimes now (stumbles). It hurts but if the toenails are loose all you needs is just to remove it, it will grow again. Simple medical care is all you need (gauges etc).

  15. Got my toe nail Infected…Half of it was loose(removed from the flesh)…Went to a doctor with my dad…She made me lay on a bed.
    I couldn’t see my leg as I was facing the ceiling…Then she said it wouldn’t hurt…Even before I can react she just pulled the nail of using a cutting blade like thingy.
    A sec of pain…Then nothing.
    The new nail grows pretty fast…But when it grows you have to keep applying anti infectants (?) From time to time..And keep changing the bandage regularly~

    Thanks for the chapter…Take care~

  16. When I was 6 I went to a birthday party. How it happened is foggy to me now but what happened was that a boy threw a floor tile piece and hit my left index finger on the nail. There was a lot of blood and I lost my nail. In the hospital doctor sewed up the wound and said that we will had to wait and see if the fingernail would grow back, thankfully it did though it’s a little wierd looking and I have a big scar on my digit.

  17. I’ve also had my big toe nail have this occur quite a few times now so its just normal for me now hahaha. Mine usually happens when someone stands on my foot really hard while playing basketball (even though my shoe is on). I thought it was just gonna be bruised as it was really sore but then when I took my sock off when I finished playing it was bleeding really bad and my big toe nail was loose but still connected to my toe. That actually really annoyed me that it was still connected, especially when trying to put on news socks the next day, so I started to try and twist my nail to break it off (it was really sore but worth it when I got it off). The big toe nail slowly grows back but the toe nail itself will be thicker when it grows back which will make it a bit harder to clip your toe nails when trying to make them shorter.

    Now I always have this phobia whenever anyone stands on my big toe nail and it starts feeling sore, I’m just hoping that my toe nail is not bleeding and about to fall off again.

  18. Is the whole toenail completely pilled off? It will grow back eventually.
    In asia, we never go to visit doctor for this kind injury. 😀

    Wish you heal fast and take care also. clean it in evening to avoid infection.

  19. Lost my big toe’s toenail a while ago because I wore bad shoes while playing soccer for a few hours. If you stub your toe/finger/whatever and you get that pulsating feeling, one thing you can do (it’s too late for you now probably) is take a sterilized needle, heat it up (with a burner of some kind), and poke your nail through to bleed out your toenail. It’ll lessen the pressure on your nail and MAY prevent it from falling off.

    Anyways, it’s not a doctor-worthy injury in my opinion. The nail just falls off and grows back. Just be sure to keep the area clean. DO go to the doctor though if you suspect anything like an infection. The healing process should be painless once your toe recovers from the huge stub

    1. Ouch. A burning needle?!?!? Sounds extreme lol. I’ve had purple/black toenails from playing soccer (too many times to count) and from wearing undersized shoes (for a long period of time) as well. I never treated them and just gave them time to grow out. That was a while ago during my childhood / teen years, but my toes / toenails are completely fine now.

      1. Not extreme, really. The needle will lance it quickly, and you want to heat it up to a) sterilize it, and b) help partially cauterize the wound you make, so it doesn’t keep bleeding; you’re just trying to pop the blood sac (basically, a bruise) that’s filling up beneath it, in those situations where this advice is applicable.

  20. Happened to me as a kid, but with a finger tail. I was playing and my finger got slammed hard by a closing door. I remember bandaging it / cleaning it regularly to prevent infection I guess. Mostly it was just waiting for the nail to fall off / grow back. It’ll be black / purple for a while, but giving the nail time to grow back should be good enough assuming you didn’t break your toe. Also, it’s weird to be able to touch the area underneath the fingernail (when the nail falls off and new one isn’t grown yet).

  21. Oww… Honestly, I’m surprised that that hasn’t happened to me yet, considering that I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do for sixteen years. But it should be fine and the nail should grow back, just make sure that you keep it from getting infected.

    Good luck!

  22. Never happened to me, I hope you’ll be all right and that you won’t hurt too much during your daily tasks.

    Also, the point where you decided to stop your teaser… I have to say, I rather admire your sense of humor here 🙂 Good luck to you, be well soon!

  23. It should be fine unless you actually hit it hard enough to break your bone, which I feel is unlikely. I stubbed my toe into a door hard and my toe was bleeding and the nail was falling off, I pulled the remnants of it off and within two weeks I couldn’t tell the difference between it and my other toe nails.

  24. If it gets so loose that it keeps getting caught on things, pop some painkillers and slowly chip it off with a fingernail clipper then wrap it and always keep it in a sock for a week or two.

  25. Dont worry it will fall off… it happened to me a couple years ago and was no big deal… if you want some advice …well when it starts to grow the new nail start to cut little bits of the old nail it worked for me…

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