☀LDK CH319☀

1/??? weekly + 18 debt + 2 bonus.


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Translator: jeff
Editors: mrblaze420

LDK Chapter 319

13 thoughts on “☀LDK CH319☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    omg @ that growing debt… I think you really need to start dropping 2 chapters a day now, to start clearing that before the end of the year.

  2. Aren’t you guys a bit too demanding? He does this for free, but i just finished with reading this and thanks for all those chapters that you have translated.

    1. He does not do this for free. He gets paid $2000 a month for five weekly chapters, chapters that are shorter than most of the novels on here, which he has not been meeting at all and has fallen behind since August, never making up the owed chapters.

      1. Ow didn’t know that, thanks for the info.

        Hopefully the translation speeds up a bit.

        Between douluo dalu 1, 2 en 3, i find this one the best if the translation of the first wasn’t such a big mess to read.

    2. I’m pretty sure he also gets paid by wuxiaworld per chapter. Regardless he has translated chapters but doesn’t post them on time here so what’s the point of even having a schedule.

    1. Wait just checked the other posts for this series,
      “Exams got me stressed as hell. Next chapter’s about halfway done. It might get added to the debt. Well, I’ll definitely clear the damn debt once my exams are over. Or something. We’ll see.”
      Exams are done this week and there should be a flood of chapters soon, or so I hope…

      1. he has said the same thing before and never did it all he did was change the debt number to a lower number and never flooded any chapters the real number that he actualy owes is 31 and i have spoken to a few people here to figure out that number

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