☀LDK CH298☀

0/5 weekly + 9 debt + 2 bonus.

So, I’m absolutely getting fucked by school this week. Expect maybe 3 chapters more and the rest added to my debt. Q_Q

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Translator: Ruze
Editors: Moonclipse

LDK Chapter 298

5 thoughts on “☀LDK CH298☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. You clearly can’t keep up with the workload and have so many in debt and have done for months now, so how do you justify the gall of using patreon to sell extra releases at the same time?

    1. 100% agree, accepting that money when you cant deliver is straight out unethical, you should refund money, halt patreon untill you can keep up with the pace or slow it down utill the already “paid chapters” have been met with and then continue. It cant be fun for you either to always have to apologize, also it kinda lost it meaning long time ago.
      Apologies are something you give because you feel bad or guilty about doing wrong but if you keep doing it over and over then why even say it in the first place when your not actually sorry? if you were then you would’ve made some change by now.

  2. i can understand this “unforctunately i am also a studentand ,i dare say way younger than you”
    still my everyday survival depends on wuxiaworld and you ” i’m gonna die of boredom”

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