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Hey all, FYI – the Linode cluster of thousands and thousands of servers in Newark has been under a large, on-and-off DDOS attack the past few days, which has resulted in all of the servers within that node intermittently going down. Since that’s the cluster the WW database and servers are in, we’re having some issues as well. Just keeping you guys in the loop!

Also, DE queue cleared, so no chapter today. Woot! Going to sleep! Wait, crap, missed a donation. Shoot, guess I’ll have to stay up and finish this thing after all 🙁

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  1. WHAT!!!!! I was so hopeful that there would be an extra chapter today when you said this is the first chapter for today in the previous chapter announcement. When will the next chapter be released? :'(

    EDIT – Damn you playing with my feelings like that -_-

    EDIT EDIT – I have never really thanked you for this, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This series has been one of my favorites and bringing a chapter day after day really fills me with joy and gratitude.

  2. Thank you for the update my man and I wish i had some insights into the grand dao of time so I can read some more DE

    P.s you should really get some rest you really need it

  3. I’ve got a question here: How is it that the ISSTH queue has 785€ in it but the DE queue ist empty? I mean ISSTH gets release every day, doesnt that meant if there are chapters in the queue for ISSTH, there should be the same amount in the one for DE too right? :O Just asking since i don’t get it.

    1. When you make a donation you have to let REN know about it. check the donations tab to find out how. No notification and the DE donation bar doesn’t grow. Also Deathblade is doing about 7 free chapters of ISSTH per week, so it is harder for him to reduce his donations bar.

    2. I think people are supposed to mail/ or notify ren after they do donation for ISSTH or sth like that.
      “Want more chapters of Desolate Era? If so, the only way to contribute to the Desolate Era queue is to donate to the other awesome translators of Wuxiaworld! Once you do so, you simply need to forward me the paypal confirmation email (you can reach me at rwx(at)wuxiaworld.com), and your donation will be mirrored to DE’s queue as well!”

      1. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to link the different novel accounts together to create a DE account in such way? Just a suggestion, since my impression is that the current system isn’t working properly … well or atleast ad this tiny piece of information about how you have to send that mail to Ren to the donation sidebar of the DE chapters, since the news of how to do it right doesnt seem to have spread yet. Well, just my two cents. 🙂

        1. No. The system is working perfectly. The whole point of this system is to encourage people to donate MORE to the other translations. Obviously all the other translations added together will have more donations than I can clear, in which case the entire system is meaningless.

          1. Hi Ren, goes the same for the second suggestion too? That way only the people that read DE would get better informed. 🙂 Ofc you will do as u see fit, i just thought it might help. And if the workload would get rly way too much i’d still think an all novel account might be cool even if you’d only translate every 2nd 3rd or 4th sponsored chapter (not trying to annoy you here, just thinking..since sooner or later ppl will understand and use the “new” system anywayz 😉 ). Thx 4 the lightning fast chapter btw. 😀

          2. You don’t get the point. The point of the system of Ren is that people who wish to donate for DE, donate to other translators instead, and that would count for DE queue. Some people donates for other novels and doesn’t care at all about DE, so those donations doesn’t count.

            As Ren said, if you add all the donations to the other works, DE queue will always stay full no matter what, making the system something stupid, so it’s better to only count those who forward messages to Ren, unless you want him to change, because the increasing number of novels, the system to something like “A chapter of DE for each 200$ you donate towards others novels.”

    3. The one who donated 1000 for ISSTH didn’t send the message to RWX. In order for a donation to count towards DE, you have to forward it to him, otherwise is as if you are donating only to ISSTH.

      1. Since the reply button went missing on your comment above i will answer you here: I’m not sure if my english is so bad that it’s simply not possible for you to get what i was talking about…ill try to clarify:

        “unless you want him to change, because the increasing number of novels, the system to something like “A chapter of DE for each 200$ you donate towards others novels.””

        ..is exactly what i was talking about when i wrote

        “even if you’d only translate every 2nd 3rd or 4th sponsored chapter ”

        … isn’t it? And if they add the information about sending an email to Ren only on the DE donation info on the sidebar of the DE chapters, wouldn’t that only inform the people that ARE interested in DE and donate to other novels? That way there would be less misunderstandings. But it’s ok i’ll shut my mouth.. just do what ever you guys think is best and i’ll continue to enjoy in silence without making stupid suggestions that no one seems to like and/or get. 😉

        1. Chill out dude, there’s no stupid suggestions, don’t take it too personal. Ren came up with this system near the end of Coiling Dragon, and since then is working perfectly fine. Each time he says “queue bar is empty” 2 or 3 hours later he edits the post saying he is being slaved because someone submitted a donation email, it was and it is quite amusing, and if I remember correctly at that time it was only MGA, CD, ATG, SFA, ISSTH and BTTH that were on WW, now the number of translated novels on the site has almost been tripled. I’m not currently reading DE, but… has been there shortage of releases because of donations? I think not, meaning that Ren system works.

          1. The releases became less frequent. Comparing up to three Chapters a day, after CD ended down to ~1 chapter a day, so i was just wondering if i was because of miscommunication/lacking infomation. Well probably thats how it was intended to be, but that option just didn’t cross my mind b4 .. since im addicted~ 😉

          2. @colateral your reply button doesn’t show up for some reason. also, DE was only getting 3 chapters a day in the beginning because ren wanted to go hard in the beginning. he did 3 chapters per day for the first month or so of translating DE. after that it went down to 2, with weekends off and no chapters after book ends. if he is busy, which he seems to have been recently with the flights and stuff, or sick or something, he might do only 1 chapter but he usually gets 2 out or makes up for it on the weekend or something. he’s been pretty consistent IMO. it might just feel like 1 a day because you are addicted lol

          3. One thing is less frequent releases because of real life reasons, and other is because of lack of donations. I haven’t seen the later to happen to be honest.

  4. Hey Ren, I also donated several chapters for ISSTH but couldn’t see those added to your DE queue. Did you change how donations for other novels are added to your DE queue?

  5. one good reason to not have cloudflare it is popular that is enough for me never to get it. once a security company becomes popular it becomes a target a big red target for attacks.

  6. Back Up WW ren :/ it seems this site already skyrocketed since many wonderful novel been place here. but thanks always fast respond for the maintence. TYVM

  7. hello i would like to know what is happening with USAW plz was reading it stop for more then a month now and wondering if it will be continue or if it is cancel

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