Wuxiaworld Welcomes Wu Dong Qian Kun & Yeow/Law!

Hey friends, the Singaporean contingent at Wuxiaworld just grew bigger as the talented duo at YellowLaw Translations and their translation of Wu Dong Qian Kun (武动乾坤 – Martial Arts Shaking the Heavens) joins Wuxiaworld!  Much like Tales of Demons & Gods, they were having some major server problems after leaving WordPress, and so I was very happy to offer them a home with us here at Wuxiaworld.  A hearty Wuxiaworld welcome, ‘YellowLaw’!  They are 116 chapters in (as of the time of this posting), so there’s plenty to dig into!

I’ll let them introduce themselves and the story, but this novel is another one by Tian Can Tu Dou (Heavenly Silkworm Potato), the author of two other Wuxiaworld projects, ‘Battle Through the Heavens’ and ‘The Great Ruler’.  It’s a fun read, and these are two great translators working on a great story by a great author, so enjoy!

123 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld Welcomes Wu Dong Qian Kun & Yeow/Law!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. darn even this novel is in wuxiaworld……
    if you could the pleeeeeaaaaseeeeee take the Light Novel called Arena to translate
    that would be awsome, cause it has huge potential and interesting plotline ( only read the first chapter, since the others arent translated…. oh and the summary )

    btw i have read almost every LN in wuxia world except all the wuxia ( irony not intended )
    and from xianxia not the : Battle through the heavens ( i have read the manga so i am borred to read the LN )
    and Child Of Light and Skyfire Avenue ( cause they dont seem that interesting too me )

    and a bunch whole other LN’s from other translator sites ( i have read )

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